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August 3, 2009

say no to traffic jam

I don’t know if this is just me, but I think the recent street demo to call for the repeal of ISA is just so lame and uncalled for.

I know I may get a lot of flak for saying this but hey, this is just my opinion. If you think I’m wrong, well, you can fuck yourself with your opinion too. You know why I think it is so fucking lame? Think of it like stabbing yourself with a knife to quell a headache. The pain from the stab wound would overwhelm the headache and voila, no more headache. That’s how I see the whole fracas as. But sadly, some of these demonstrators are taking it as if they’re ‘sacrificing’ themselves like a martyr for a great cause, whilst they’ve achieved nothing but to create a nuisance that riled many.

If I were to be given the choice to prioritize the problems we have in the country, hell, I’d give ‘traffic jam’ a higher priority than having the ISA repealed. Can’t you see that this is so fucking senseless? Taking to the streets, halting the entire city, and endangering the safety of others (some morons even brought their kids to the demonstration) for something that’s not going to affect their life at all? Sure, there are elements of abuse in the judiciary/ISA system, but SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GOVERNMENT! We’ve seen the basic human rights getting violated in broad daylight like a cheap prostitute (stuffs that affect everyone directly), and yet these dickwads are worried about ISA?? You’ve got to be shitting me!

For me, taking to the streets = bad idea. It lends credence to your enemy to call you the ‘bad guy’. I think this is nothing but a cheap call for some attention and if that’s the case, there are certainly much better ways to achieve the same result without inconveniencing others. Now, not only the ISA stays, but we all have to contend with the bullshit expenses that the government’s going to come up next, which I’m sure a large portion of it is going to end up in the pocket of certain quarters i.e. the cost for spent tear gas canisters, riot gears, water by thousands of gallons, medical expenses for sprained FRU dicks, fuel claim for the black marias, etc – all bled from the taxes we paid.

If those moronic demonstrators had used a wee bit of their common sense, they would have saved the energy and used it to convince every damn person they know to VOTE OUT those whom they think are too incompetent to run the country. Not enough votes to oust them? Well too bad then, maybe your cause isn’t as popular as you thought it is. Try again next round. Just stay off the goddamn roads.

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