August 21, 2009

lost my shit

Today, I lost my shit and yelled at my daughter’s nursery principal through the phone.

It all started with the decision to stop my daughter from attending that nursery. I was trying to get back the extra 1 month deposit which I had with them, but was denied the payment on the ground that I did not give them an ‘ample ONE MONTH NOTICE’ (yeah, as if they’re running a Fortune 500 company).

But that was not in the agreement when I first enrolled Regine into that nursery a few years ago. The principal then added further that this has all along been their practice, and she needed the ‘ample ONE MONTH NOTICE’ to pay her staffs – which I thought was the most retarded excuse ever. I thought – I fucking paid an extra month as a collateral, and what has that got to do with her not being able to pay her staff? And why the fuck is that my problem now?? So I protested and gave her a piece of my mind (done in a diplomatic way of course). She eventually folded and agreed to pay me back HALF of the deposit – which I was content enough to accept (don’t ask).

That was 1 week ago. I was supposed to pick up the check today, but the principal called Emily in the afternoon and asked for the original receipt to be able to redeem our deposit. When Emily told her we lost the receipt, the principal bluntly said that our deposit will be forfeited because she needed it as a proof that we indeed paid a deposit. When Emily relaid the news to me, I lost my shit. One, because that cocksucking bitch hadn’t got the cheek to call me about this. Two, she was not sporting enough to fulfill the agreement. She acknowledged before that I had indeed paid for the deposit (it was compulsory anyway). She even admitted that she had a copy of the receipt. But she’s not giving my money back because I lost my receipt. She was obviously trying to fleece me off.

That was why I had to call the principal to straighten things up. I ditched all the formality and started to bark at her non-stop as the bitch picked up the phone. I forgot what I actually said because I was half zoned out when I was lashing at her… but from the way she stammered and countered with incomplete senseless remarks? I reckon it must be something close enough to be regarded as the darkest day of her post menopausal life. She should have seen that coming before she messes up with the biological father of the Little Samseng

I finally got my check alright. That’s why I said ‘it is nice and rewarding to be nasty sometimes’. The principal was conveniently missing when I was there to collect the check (she got one of her staffs to pass it to me). Probably was afraid that I’m gonna jam the nursery plastic slide up her ass so high that she sees her own shit sliding out from her mouth. And oh, the amount was short of 15 bucks. Fucking cheap skate cunt.

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11 Comments to “lost my shit”

  1. wils0n says:

    You might want to consider filing a complaint to NCCC. It’s free and can be done online.

  2. Raymond says:

    Hope you got back 15 bucks short of the FULL amount though :/

  3. moo_t says:

    sounds like the government : if you don’t fight, shout and act out, they will take things for granted.

  4. EinsamSoldat says:

    it is good to be evil assertive :D

  5. mott says:

    Your wife.. sounds nice. She doesn’t get upset with shit like this?

  6. michaelooi says:

    wils0n – Nah. I’m cool now. However fucking unethical they are in conducting business, that won’t change the fact that I am still grateful for the good things they taught my kid. Those are priceless.

    Raymond – It was actually 420 bucks, they reimbursed me 195.

    moo_t – Sadly, it’s the way our world works now… You’ve got to be able to stand up for yourself to not lose.

    EinsamSoldat – Sometimes.

    mott – Well, she knows jolly well that she didn’t marry a wimpy ass skinny fuck who meditates and fart rainbows… but me.

  7. mer vyn says:

    its cheque…not check…”)

  8. michaelooi says:

    check  /tʃɛk/ [chek]
    Also, British, cheque. Banking. a written order, usually on a standard printed form, directing a bank to pay money.


    It’s American vs British spelling. If you do not know that, you should probably kill yourself. (god I fucking hate spelling nazis)

  9. toothless says:

    i’d actually fell off my chair laughing when i read this article over

  10. toothless says:

    oppss… commented on the wrong screen..

  11. bongkersz says:

    Same thing happened to me last 2 months, while asking for deposit back from my ex landlady. I started nice and diplomatic and the 60 years old hag just wanted to make things difficult, so I gave her a very nice talk down. I feel you man.

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