August 20, 2009

the best looking guy in Barisan Nasional

It is said that the girls are swooning over this National Front fielded ‘handsome’ man… check out this funny article in TheStar below…

Barisan man looking good – to the women
BUKIT MERTAJAM: Barisan Nasional’s Rohaizat Othman is looking good before the Permatang Pasir by-election. At least, some women think so.

The by-election is the third in the Permatang Pauh parliamentary constituency since last year’s general election and some villages think Rohaizat is the best-looking candidate so far.

Tanah Liat villager Salmah Ismail, 53, who will be voting for the third time since the general election, said Rohaizat was kacak (handsome).

“I have seen many politicians but he is among the more handsome ones — boleh jadi pelakon (he can be an actor). He is also very friendly,” said the masseuse.

Another villager, Maznah Said, 65 said she had known Rohaizat since he was a child.

“He grew up well and looks pleasant. He was a good kid. I know his family too,” she said.

Penang Puteri Umno deputy chairman Idamoerni Zakaria said Rohaizat’s good looks had not gone unnoticed.

“When our Puteri members go around campaigning, the female voters comment on his youth and looks. They say he is handsome and dynamic,” she added.

Khairul Niza Abd Razak, 38, Rohaizat’s wife, said the family tried to maintain their daily routine so their only child, Aiman Hidayat, nine, would not be affected.

“Of course Rohaizat is busier now with the campaigning but he tries his best to make it back for dinner. Every morning, he will help Aiman to get ready for school,” she said.

Speaking to reporters later, Rohaizat said voter feedback has been good so far.

I was like, expecting the guy to look like some Hindustan hunk or something, you know, like the young Amitabh Bachan… but then, I was shocked when I saw the actual photo of this ‘Rohaizat Othman’…

I don’t know what to say, man. ‘Best looking candidate’ so far. That’s totally not I would describe of this guy. (in case you couldn’t tell – no, he does not look anything like Amitabh Bachan alive/run-over-by-a-truck-dead). ‘Fit to be an actor’ – Only if he were to play a zombie (without the need of makeups)… otherwise, no I don’t think so. The guy looks like a Gremlin monster dipped in shit sauce.

I mean, if those people are really serious about the comment (that he’s handsome), either that implies that the whole National Front party must be full of shit ugly people, or these people who pimped him in front of the media must be marginally blind or retarded…

Or it could be that the comments were sarcastic in nature, and not to be taken literally – which makes more sense to me. (if he’s really good, he does not need to look like Amitabh Bachan to win votes. duh.)

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13 Comments to “the best looking guy in Barisan Nasional”

  1. iwan cmn says:

    Wow, I never thought that the UMNO’s propaganda machine would be this desperate. They just don’t care how stupid they sound anymore.

  2. MT says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha! Good looking?!?!? Hahahahahahahaha!!!! :lol: Michael Ooi, you are truly THE MAN! Thanks for posting this and making my shitty day a bit better! A good laugh for 5 minutes always cures most problems! :lol:

    My neighbour’s dog’s backside looks better than this mofo! But no, your simile is still better i.e. a Gremlin dipped in shit sauce! Hahahaha!!!! :lol:

  3. Arkane says:

    omg, at least put on an amitabh bachan mask on him before pimping him lah.

  4. bongkersz says:

    Hoi!! He’s good looking alright!?! Look at that charming, sexy smile. It will even make straight men considering turning gay after looking at his photo. ROTFLMAO! The Star must be really awesome at sarcasm or yeah, marginally blind or retarded.

  5. pah says:

    husam musa better looking.. :P

  6. Quinn says:

    He looks disgusting and what has kacak-ness gotta do with his campaign????

  7. michaelooi says:

    Quinn – Maybe his supporters wanted to paint him a ‘tough dude’ image by quoting Bruce Lee “Kacaaaakkkk! Kacakkkkkkkk! Kaaaaacaaaaakkk!”. And then some stupid fucker mistaken the word as ‘handsome’ in Malay…

  8. mott says:

    the real kacak look better than this species.

  9. Jimmy Foo says:

    Wahahahahaha…but “handsome” fellas aside, The Star got no better news to write about ah?

  10. michaelooi says:

    mott – Perhaps they also meant ‘kacuak’, which is Hokkien for cockroach…

    Jimmy – TheStar maa… what else is new…

  11. Suessy says:

    whattt… thisss?

    i image-googled him before i scrolled down to finish ur entry and none pun yang eye catching so i gave up on image-googling and finish reading ur entry and now im like… whattt?

    this is not even anti-climax, okae… this is… *i’m wordless* celah mana kacak nih? okae, maybe he has the auuura or whatever when u’re finally in person w him but nahhh, i’ll pass.

    dehelll …!

  12. michaelooi says:

    ‘Aura’?? WTF!? Aura of making people keel over got lar…

  13. jeff lee says:

    damn man, you are such a riot..hahahaha
    now, where the hell have i been? havent stopped laughing the past couple of hours reading your posts…hehehehe

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