August 19, 2009

non value added

One of the shittiest thing about working in a large corporate is the amount of bureaucracy one has to put up with. If you do not know what’s a ‘bureaucracy’, well, it’s a word to describe the need to do a whole fucking lot for the simplest of things.

Take for example, in order for me to mail an item out from the company, I’ll have to fill some fine details in a complex electronic form, which calls for a string of approvals from a bunch of douche bags who don’t give a flying fuck about what I wanted to mail (In the real world, I’d just need to fill in an address, pay the fuck up and bail). And the form itself is so complex, that it is comparable to the chore of filling out an application to obtain a working permit in Pentagon. Complex stuff that involves filling out hieroglyphics grade codes.

More often than not, I find myself at lost when it comes to assigning the proper codes for the form (if not the tardy approval from the afore said douche bags). The codes, understood by only a few in the whole corporate, is not something general like filling out your IC number or your mailing address, but is a comprehensive list that is cross referenced with hundreds of possible locations that one needs to mail to. Yes, that’s right – one code, one location. You can imagine how stupid this is.

That’s why I had to email some people asking about the codes yesterday. The question’s easy – what code should I put if I wanted to mail something to location XXX? It has been 2 days now. My mail has been forwarded to at least 6 different people (who are suppose to be the motherfuckers governing the fucking stupid form and wanting us to fill in the right codes). The problem now is? None of them seems to know either (which code should I use). Fucking redundant shit.

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