August 13, 2009

stupidity redefined

I wanted to change the ownership of my existing Astro account from my cousin’s name to mine (the Astro account is in his name), so I called Astro to inquire what needs to be done. The attendant instructed me to fax in 2 specific forms. That was what I did this morning, fax in the forms.

Come this afternoon, my mom called me frantically and told me that our Astro service had been deactivated. So, I called Astro to check what was going on. The attendant told me that my account was deactivated to facilitate the requested ownership change process. Despite the fact that it was rather ridiculous to DEACTIVATE my account for a simple ownership change, I did not lash at the guy. Instead, I did the next most logical thing – I calmly asked how long is it going to take for them to reactivate back my account.

Me: “How long is this going to take? I’ve got a sick old woman at home dying of boredom…”

Attendant: “Usually 24 hours. But you need to provide me your fax number for me to verify your forms if they’re complete”

So I provided the fax number. He put me on hold for about a minute, and then came back with this…

Attendant: “I’m sorry sir, I checked the number you gave against our system but couldn’t find it. The fax must have failed to get through…”

Alright, take a short pause here to think… why was my account deactivated in the first place? Because I sent in a fax to request for an ownership change. That means, it couldn’t have been possible for them to disconnect my account if they had not gotten my fax, right?

Me: “This is impossible. You deactivated my account for an ownership change request, remember? How could you have done that if Astro did not receive my fax in the first place?”

He paused and then stuttered a reply,

Attendant: “Ermmm err, I checked the fax tray and your forms weren’t there…”

Me: “Of course they weren’t there. Someone must have retrieved the forms and processed my request – that’s why my account was deactivated! If it’s on the tray, I wouldn’t be calling you now. You should check with whoever that is handling the request! Not the tray!” [duh]

This is like calling up someone to tell him that you do not know his phone number.

Anyway, the guy eventually had to ask me to fax in another set of forms, on the condition that he’d reactivate my account right away without affecting my ownership change request. Another question beckons, if they could process the ownership change right away, why deactivate my account in the first place? Goddamn makahai.

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14 Comments to “stupidity redefined”

  1. Quinn says:

    Honestly Michael, I don’t think you’ll ever hear this sorta stupidity in Australia. Though they could be somewhat racist and annoying to a certain extent with their bloody Aussie slang, they certainly don’t insult your IQ that way!

  2. cLiu says:

    astro’s service…aiks…can’t wait if there is another satelite service company out to the market. Sien with monopoly business

  3. Bogan says:

    “I don’t think you’ll ever hear this sorta stupidity in Australia”, that is an oxymoron. Australia is very like Malaysia, stupidity is just as rampant.

  4. michaelooi says:

    quinn – Well, I thought being racist is much worse than being stupid… Give me stupidity anytime.

    cLiu – It’s like that in Malaysia. Everything is monopolized. Telekom, Astro, Tenaga, you name it. That’s why they can’t improve.

    Bogan – Yeah, that’s why they have John Howard. He was Bush’s bitch.

  5. Quinn says:

    It is a lil’ racist here especially if you’re in regional area but I think it’s the same in Malaysia, correct me if I’m wrong. But I really do quite like the way they handle cases like yours. They have a bunch of pretty good customer service dudes here.

    Australia is very like Malaysia, stupidity is just as rampant.
    I think it depends on which part of Aussie you’re from. I really don’t think Australia is very much like Malaysia, that’s just my opinion or perhaps I’ve yet to experience what Mr. Ooi experienced.

    p/s: No offence but Bogan is a slang we use in Aussie and probably NZ to describe lower-class background people.

  6. Bogan says:

    “Bogan is a slang we use in Aussie and probably NZ to describe lower-class background people”, Yes, I am aware of that. I disagree with the notion that dumb people are only restricted to certain parts of Australia, the people here are very much like people in Malaysia. If you haven’t realised, Australia and Malaysia share an abundant of attributes, namely monopoly of telecommunication services, government trying to censor the internet, politicians that spout garbage, harbouring extremist groups, the list goes on. The rose tinted glasses have to be taken off sometime or another, just be forewarned.

    @Mr Ooi
    Well, being Bush’s bitch is fine, but during his tenure, he has made higher education unaffordable. Cock-blocking attempts to gain education only results in more stupid people roaming the streets.

  7. feizal says:

    yo quinn..u guys mainly outsource to people in india and malaysia who fool u aussies with aussie accents. I know, cuz i was a part time tech support for aussies back then when i was studying.


  8. nicholas says:

    racism in malaysia is on a whole different level dude….


    Re: Customer Service in Australia. i’ve had people with the freakin mainland chinese accent taking my calls to bloody immigration. also had people whom i suspect are from india from their barely understandable accent-thick english taking my call to my ISP.

  9. michaelooi says:

    guys, I hope this ‘name calling’ thing will come to an end. I won’t mind if it’s done in good faith and taste (being a little sarcastic can be fun). But this is getting out of hand. (for the record guys, the post has nothing to do with racism.)

  10. Chester says:

    Reminded me of incompetent people at work, cant really stand their stupidity and ignorant. Most of the time it could blow our EQ away

  11. Elaine says:

    I only have one word to say about the CS in Astro. Sohai. Is that one or two word? Oh well…

  12. t0ts says:

    is it me or is there some weird reason you seem to keep getting all these kind of ppl “servicing” you?

  13. michaelooi says:

    Well, the shit works pretty much like the electrical polarity – the negatively charged electrons flow to the positive pole. I’m the positive pole (being smart). Those dunces are the electrons. *shrugs*

  14. woody says:

    Malaysia Boleh!

    I had the same problem with the technical support from “Screamyx”, they will ask you to go thru troubleshooting steps. I did it a few times until I got fed up because it hardly helped. Recently, this is my tactic. I did homework first before I called. I would swarm the online support with some real bombastic term (related to ADSL) , until he/she said, what was that ?

    Then I said, obviously now I know more than you, so please stop wasting my time and wanting me to go thru the trivial steps that ain’t gonna work, get your technical support to work the problem..NOW ! So after you have done your troubleshooting.. you call me again to confirm is ok..

    It works though..


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