August 3, 2009

say no to traffic jam

I don’t know if this is just me, but I think the recent street demo to call for the repeal of ISA is just so lame and uncalled for.

I know I may get a lot of flak for saying this but hey, this is just my opinion. If you think I’m wrong, well, you can fuck yourself with your opinion too. You know why I think it is so fucking lame? Think of it like stabbing yourself with a knife to quell a headache. The pain from the stab wound would overwhelm the headache and voila, no more headache. That’s how I see the whole fracas as. But sadly, some of these demonstrators are taking it as if they’re ‘sacrificing’ themselves like a martyr for a great cause, whilst they’ve achieved nothing but to create a nuisance that riled many.

If I were to be given the choice to prioritize the problems we have in the country, hell, I’d give ‘traffic jam’ a higher priority than having the ISA repealed. Can’t you see that this is so fucking senseless? Taking to the streets, halting the entire city, and endangering the safety of others (some morons even brought their kids to the demonstration) for something that’s not going to affect their life at all? Sure, there are elements of abuse in the judiciary/ISA system, but SO IS EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GOVERNMENT! We’ve seen the basic human rights getting violated in broad daylight like a cheap prostitute (stuffs that affect everyone directly), and yet these dickwads are worried about ISA?? You’ve got to be shitting me!

For me, taking to the streets = bad idea. It lends credence to your enemy to call you the ‘bad guy’. I think this is nothing but a cheap call for some attention and if that’s the case, there are certainly much better ways to achieve the same result without inconveniencing others. Now, not only the ISA stays, but we all have to contend with the bullshit expenses that the government’s going to come up next, which I’m sure a large portion of it is going to end up in the pocket of certain quarters i.e. the cost for spent tear gas canisters, riot gears, water by thousands of gallons, medical expenses for sprained FRU dicks, fuel claim for the black marias, etc – all bled from the taxes we paid.

If those moronic demonstrators had used a wee bit of their common sense, they would have saved the energy and used it to convince every damn person they know to VOTE OUT those whom they think are too incompetent to run the country. Not enough votes to oust them? Well too bad then, maybe your cause isn’t as popular as you thought it is. Try again next round. Just stay off the goddamn roads.

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15 Comments to “say no to traffic jam”

  1. moo_t says:

    I regret I didn’t join. The traffics f*ck up because of the bad planning : bad government policy again. In west, after Tianmen massacre, it has lead the bankrupt East Germany open the gate instead of gun down the people who protest, thus lead to reunion of Germany.

  2. ShaolinTiger says:

    I think the demonstration is fine, people should always have the right to march peacefully against something they disagree with.

    The problem is how the government handles it, the traffic wasn’t caused by the march it was caused by the idiot government and their roadblocks every 2km through-out KL.

    Somemore they weren’t even doing anything, just stand around chatting and glance at your car.

    They should manage the demos properly, funnel the traffic, make sure there’s no violence and disperse the crowd effectively (Without arresting 14 year olds, spraying water cannons and using tear gas).

  3. michaelooi says:

    I think the fault lies on both sides ler. I’ve seen a live demonstration before in US – the time when George Bush won the election and some pro-Al-Gore people took it to the streets. They had placards and shit, but they stayed in the sidewalk. Riot police were around, but no traffic jam etc.

    The demonstration on Friday was a total mess and leaves a bad taste.

  4. ah seng says:

    sure, just need the FRU to direct traffic instead of shooting their oversize ego, ‘water cannon’ at the ppl

  5. hax123 says:

    there is no sidewalk here in Malaysia, is there? we all know how small they are.
    besides, if the government handle this properly, they could’ve just closed a few road for a peaceful march (or probably even just a few lanes are enough). yes, they might still be traffic jam, but not as messy as last Saturday.

  6. michaelooi says:

    Why do people have to do it on the streets? Do it at some soccer field lah! There are literally hundreds of fields in KL alone… they can coordinate to hold demonstrations SIMULTANEOUSLY at EVERY GODDAMN PADANG in KL, they will not have enough water canons to shoot at everyone (that is, if they manage to get their trucks into a field…)

    See? Brains. That’s all it takes.

  7. wils0n says:

    If only the police allowed the people to WALK from one point to the other the whole process will probably end in half an hour or so. Everyone would be happy. Riot police should make sure the process goes on smoothly and ends quickly without trouble NOT creating more trouble!

  8. SPF88 says:

    don’t lose your head. :P

  9. bongkersz says:

    People do it on the streets for attention lah bro :) That’s the purpose of ‘street demonstration’ what? Traffic jams would not happen if the traffic police and the whole battalion of enforcement officers controlled the traffic instead of busting demonstrators asses. Just few roads from the starting place to end, how it would cause traffic jams if that was allowed and done properly?

    Demo on Saturday was in a mess because of unnecessary heavy handed actions against ‘meaningless’ demo. But yes, I agree with you on the kids part, parents should not expose their kids to danger especially after knowing very well how the govt would react to such demo.

  10. michaelooi says:

    Taking it to the streets and expect the authorities to play fair? I don’t think so. That’s the least I expect. I expect tear gas and truncheons in situations like that. This is not something new. And yet people still bitch the same thing over and over again each time they flock the streets to demonstrate.

    The massive traffic jam was caused by the demonstration itself. The authorities only made it worse. Period.

  11. Chrys says:

    I was in Nov-10 rally. PAS provided trained officers to ensure whoever attended the rally comply to non-violence rules and not obstructing traffic. We were told to walk on the sidewalk and they formed a line to ensure we do not block the traffic on the main road.

    What FRU did, they closed down stretches of roads and forced the demonstrators to retreat, till the point where everyone has to move to the street.

  12. Kayzy says:

    I’ll simply wait for the next general election, because I know the only obvious and guarantee-to-work way to tackle all this nonsense is my VOTE!

  13. vincent says:

    You know, I said the exact same thing when they first started all these stupid rallies a couple of years ago.

    I even said the same thing the BN people are saying now (yes, I thought of it all wayyy back then) – if you want to protest go find a stadium somewhere and yell your balls off.

    And you know what? That’s what they did. There have been loads of rallies in stadiums after the elections. The problem – poor attendance, low media coverage. It just proves that these publicity whores need to take to the streets to appear in the papers.

  14. woody says:

    I was in Seoul once, there was hugh demonstration near a Lotte mall, not far from the hotel I stayed. The riot police and demonstrator were rather well behaved. The police directed traffics (no tear gas) , and the demonstrators were singing and chanting.. keeping to the side, they even have their crowd control team.

    I used to read many stories of demonstration by Korean student in 80s & 90s, it was much worse back then, riots broke out from time to time. I guess the kids of those days grown up to be corporate management leaders that run major companies like Hyundai ,LG ,Samsung & many more well known international company today. Guess it was not that bad after all, perhaps is a good thing too.

    About jam, hmm, road block by police caused more jams. I had in Butterworth too, a few places, not just by police but JPJ also.. and that was real annoying.


  15. Malaysian says:

    I agree with you on your blog. If you think that the current government is not good, then vote them out in the next GE. No point doing street protest or demo, is wasting of time and nothing has change. I know we have the right to demo, but what I am trying to say here is, no matter how you protest and demo, our government will never listen to us.

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