July 16, 2009

sick perverts

My friends and I were leaving from an important event, and were in the same car. Bitten by exhaustion and fatigue, none of the guys was talking much. Thinking of lightening up the mood a little, I playfully remarked about a certain girl whom we saw at the event earlier…

“Man, that Jane sure has a huge pair of tits, don’t you guys think so? I can imagine them being so firm and bouncy…”

Just as I was about to vividly detail the various imaginable fun things I could do with Jane’s pair of well endowed funbags, I suddenly realized that I was getting this seriously disgusted stare from all the guys – like I was the sickest pervert on the planet.

A moment of silence ensued, with myself heavily processing what the fuck was going on. It was then dawned on me, that none of the guys knew the name of that big tittied girl we saw at the event (I know her though). And coincidentally, the name ‘Jane’ is also shared by another friend’s wife… who was ALSO at the event (and also, *cough*… well endowed *cough*).

So, it was a gross misunderstanding there. My friends thought I was slobbering on another friend’s wife! The disgusted stare was all about my reputation being put on the line there…

“NOOOOOOO YOU SICK BASTARDS! I was referring to the OTHER Jane… ” and I had to explain the whole thing to them… the right Jane, and the wrong Jane. Which Jane’s tits I was referring to. Fortunately, their exhaustion did not dampen their cognitive ability, and manage to get the facts straight, which they then laughed off like a bunch of sickest perverts on the planet.

What a fucking close call indeed. Who would have thought that a simple case of mistaken identity could nearly go terribly wrong like this?

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6 Comments to “sick perverts”

  1. ricky says:

    hehehe… reading this article and thinking back… wat a priceless moment….

  2. cheehan says:

    Good crisis management skill..

  3. Jialat! *shake head* (men & boobies) *shake head again*

  4. woody says:

    Haha !!!, :)

    A bit like an old joke I heard about trying to be too cool.
    This guy paid a visit to colleague new house . While starring through the photos, he decided to make some funny comments to lighten up things.
    He just picked out a old school photos to poke fun.

    Guest: Geez,, this bitch surely is hot, I bet you she will want it all night long …
    Host: Huh, which one ?
    Guest: That hot blond from the second left, last row.
    Host: Let me see, oh, that’s my Mom.
    Guest: …..


  5. michaelooi says:

    woody – Actually, I kinda had such situation before. I made a smut remark about a chick at my workplace? Turned out to be my friend’s (whom I was talking to…) girlfriend (now his wife). It was a major boner.

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