July 14, 2009

please fuck off

I was inching in the middle of a traffic congestion, when my phone rang…

some chap on the phone: “Good morning sir, this is Ahmad calling from Shittybank about your homeloan. Are you Mr. Ooi?”

Yes, I indeed have a homeloan account with Shittybank. Thinking that something must be wrong, I decided not to hang up yet…

Me: “Yes, I am. Anything?”

Ahmad: “This is a service call [something something something]”

That bracket something something was an assortment of unintelligible shit of his deep Malay accent and warp speed talking. I couldn’t understand a thing he said and was slightly annoyed…

Me: “What do you want?”

Ahmad: “Are you still living in Gotham City?”

Gotham City is the name of my apartment. Not the real name of course…

Me: “Yes. What’s wrong?”

Ahmad: “What’s your unit number?”

That was when I snapped. My mortgage bank calls me to ask where I live?? There’s only so much bullshit I’d take. So I yelled at that guy…

Me: “What is this all about??”

Ahmad: “Oh I just wanted to verify if your phone contact is still valid…”

Me: “Well, you’re speaking to me now aren’t you?? What do you think???”

Ahmad: “Ok sorry. Thank you for all the prompt payment, appreciate it. [bla bla bla]”

It appears that the dickwad called just to verify if my contact number registered in their books is still valid. And to do that, he had to ask where I live… (What the fuck??)

I wonder – what’s with verifying my contact if I have been prompt with my payment anyway?? Why bother?? Shouldn’t it be the other way round (badger me if I don’t pay)??

That’s what happens when you get idiots to run the customer service… It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly stupid some people can be…

If you’re one of such person, heed this – CALLING US ON OUR PRIVATE NUMBER WON’T ENHANCE YOUR BANKING SERVICE!!! (well, unless you’re calling to announce that the bank wants to fucking waive all the money I owe… otherwise, please fuck off)

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3 Comments to “please fuck off”

  1. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Ya I got one from a survey company doing the same thing, and I asked why would Macrohard want to do such a thing.

    The bugger asked me to go ask Macrohard myself. I told him to fuck himself in the ass.

  2. TigerShark says:

    Mic, seem like nowadays not only they called you up, they also sms to you as well. Normally I’ll just hang up after the make the intro or delete thoss !@$!smses but if the voice over the other side sound like a SYT then that’s a different story altogether. :):)

  3. DeePo says:

    i dun think they verify ur hp..this sounds so fishy…asking ur house no. some more…be careful with this…i think they are trying to rob ur house or something….

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