June 29, 2009

remembering MJ

Got this from CL’s site
Michael Jackson's dead

Damn…. I almost died laughing *wipes tears*

two fingers, one hole, many orgasms

two fingers, one hole, plenty of fun

Anyway, I’m not entirely sad with the whole thing though. To me, the talented Michael Jackson had already died many years ago. I was a fan up until his ‘Dangerous’ album and that was it. The stuff he churned were mostly craps thereafter (except “Stranger in Moscow”, which I think was one of his best modern songs).

No matter what people say how he was a victim of his immense success, I just couldn’t get myself to look at this freak, and never think ‘what a creepy fuck he is’… let alone to like him. If you were to ask me, I’d say he should have died way earlier, because the world would have remembered him as a legendary performer… instead of this pale looking androgynous cadaver with a permanently etched plastic face wearing a ridiculous wig. (see pic on the left, people. Do you want this thing to be on the same planet as you’re on… I mean, seriously?)

But I will definitely remember him, as the black soulful singer who was teeming with talents. A guy who could sing, dance and knew how to work the crowd like the back of his hands. A guy who looked like this:

Michael Jackson

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12 Comments to “remembering MJ”

  1. Jimmy Foo says:

    Hear hear…My sentiments exactly.

    I am just perplexed by the “OMYGOD! MJ IS GONE! SOB!” crowd. C’mon…spare me the drama; now that he’s dead, everyone’s a die hard fan???

    So bloody typical….

  2. EinsamSoldat says:

    Mike Jacko made and destroys himself literally. I prefer the Blackie Mike not the freako Mike. I have not even a nano pity for him.

  3. LynMay says:

    Finally..another person who agrees and posts about this… :D

  4. Arkane says:

    He might have his reasons for turning out the way he did. He might be emotionally disturbed or something but still, it’s not up to us to judge him.

    Yeah, I will only judge those hypocrites who proclaim themselves to be overnight Jacko fans and start being drama kings / queens. Get a life you losers !!!!!!

  5. michaelooi says:

    jimmy – Believe it or not, when they announced that he’s gonna perform 50 concerts at London, I already had a hunch that he’s not going to make it…

    EinsamSoldat – I think he still looked ok up to the ‘Bad’ era. I mean, the cosmetic surgery’s apparent, but it really made him look awesome. But things got pretty scary some time between ‘Bad’ and ‘Dangerous’…

    LynMay – Great minds think alike then.

    Arkane – I’m not really judging him. I was just saying, he looked bizarrely creepy and his later works weren’t that impressive. That’s just an honest opinion (just like what I think of Proton Savvy…)

  6. zewt says:

    I read a write up about how he wanted to die and how he was forced to do 50 concerts. I think he lived a very sad life. he was not a victim of success, he was a victim of his talent. and the saddest part, he was exploited to the fullest for that.

  7. michaelooi says:

    zewt – Well, I think that ‘forced to do the 50 concerts’ might be true… with the debt and all…

    SPF88 – Dude (or dudette), you better see a shrink…

  8. SPF88 says:

    I don’t need a shrink. I can be one myself. Ahaks! x)

  9. he jian says:

    惊悉摇滚天王Michael Jackson刚刚逝世,令全球粉丝悲痛万分。那是一个时代的结束,宛若上世纪猫王离世!不过值得庆幸的是Michael不像Myspace那样来大陆卖身(我这次仍然未指邓文迪);Jackson也不学Yahoo那样到内地做共匪的干儿子!——摘自《何健语录》欢迎转载,谢谢支持!

  10. yuki says:

    mj is die so me is very “shang xim”…..
    xi wang ta neng zai tian shang an xin ba ?
    wo yoong yuan shi ni de fen shi……….
    thank you

  11. Jane says:

    Actually, there’s a lot of misconception abt MJ. Such as why would he bleach his skin white? (bcos he got skin cancer/n some skin disease which leaves him with large white patches thus he bleached the other parts) and tht he was found not guilty for child molestation charges. also he was one of the biggest donater to at least 30 charity organizations. there are many good things abt others tht humans always overlook and only find fault of that person/

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