June 19, 2009

Regine’s paintings

My 3 year old daughter did a couple of paintings with water color paint the other day… and gave each of them a title (I’m not making this up). Now, how many of you people are self indulgent enough to give your own painting a title? *shakes head*

Here they are… in case you’re interested to buy them or something… (I hope these would fetch me millions someday…)

14 Colorful Clouds

14 Colorful Clouds

Burning House

Burning House

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16 Comments to “Regine’s paintings”

  1. kenwooi says:

    haha..adorable paintings! =D

  2. ShaolinTiger says:

    What kinda milk you feeding her, I aint never seen no clouds that colour haha.

  3. Kevin says:

    Burning house is inspired by Dad?

  4. michaelooi says:

    kenwooi – Great taste!

    ST – Soul-ful maa…

    Kevin – Maybe a grim premonition of things to come? I don’t know man

  5. tehpau says:

    Not bad. She has got potential. When she is able to sit down, go toilet herself, wear her own shoes, won’t cry for daddy or mommy, able to follow teacher’s instructions, then you can send her to art class ;) Tips from the teacher here.

  6. vincent says:

    Eh your kid is gonna be more evil than you, haha!

    Burning house!!!

  7. bongkersz says:

    She’s good!!

  8. wils0n says:

    Great imagination! Btw, it’s prolly more appropriate for Regine to paint using crayons instead of water colour. The colours are there for her to choose so she can express herself better. Did you mix the water colours for her?

  9. michaelooi says:

    tehpau – errr, she’s already able to perform all that you mentioned… but I ain’t sending her to art class because I think they are stup… never mind.

    vincent – Hopefully not dude… I was quite scary as a kid…

    bongkersz – I know! XD

    wils0n – She points, the mommy mix. Daddy’s usually busy watching movies…

  10. burning house… ?!?!

    she sees alot of house burning??

  11. moo_t says:

    Vibrant color. The fires are 3D. wow.
    Now, locally, where are going to find a really good art teacher that won’t kill her art sense ?

  12. Ann says:

    Not bad wor…macam belongs to those art where we look at it and think the kids can draw that too..

  13. michaelooi says:

    william – She’s imagining it herself dude…

    moo_t – Me. I’m going to teach her myself.

    Ann – Sarcasm appreciated.

  14. Jimmy Foo says:

    Haha…any chance of you putting it up in eBay? I like the Burning House

  15. tehpau says:

    Mind to share what kind of art class you are referring to as stupid?

  16. iamyuanwu says:

    Burning House? She really named it burning house?

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