June 17, 2009

wisdom removed

It is said that the wisdom teeth exist for 2 reasons.

1) as a retribution for all the sins you have committed in your life.
2) to pave a career path for dentists

It was a payback time for me yesterday – I went to have one of my wisdom teeth removed.

Before that trip to the dentist, I went around to ask if anyone have had their wisdom tooth removed before. You know, just to prepare for the worst. None of my friends had it, but one of them alleged that he knew someone who had. It’s very painful and a total nightmare – he said. The mouth’s going to swell up so bad, that I won’t be able to eat for two weeks!

“Omg, 2 weeks! Doesn’t that mean I’m gonna die? 2 weeks without food?”

Somehow, he didn’t give a thought about that and replied “I don’t know, that was what my friend told me…”

Anyway, I finally did it yesterday. So, did it hurt? Oh yeah. It was badass. But not as much as I thought it was going to be. That’s because I’m reasonably tough enough, and partly also because I was quite busy thinking if the dentist was the same Korean amateur porn model I saw on the internet many years ago (distraction mitigates pain).

The whole procedure took about an hour to complete. The dentist had to break up the wisdom tooth into several pieces and extract them in small fragments, because the thing was huge… and it was also growing ‘out horizontally’ instead of ‘up vertically’ from my jaw. I guess if it weren’t for the teeth blocking its path, the damn thing would have grown long enough to pierce through my lips like a fucking warthog. I later found out from the internet that this is a very rare condition called ‘Horizontal impaction‘, and it only occurs to about 3% of the people, those who are exceptionally bright and intelligent – I guess this is another bane that we smart people have to live with, besides being frustrated all the time *shrugs*.

But the worst did not happen on the electric chair though. It was when the anesthetic wore off. It was like someone had jammed a screwdriver into your gum. It swelled up quite bad on the first few hours post op, but gradually improved after sucking some ice cubes. Right now, it just feels like a bad case of mouth ulcer (that I have paid RM450 for…). Have to live on a soft diet for a couple more days.

Didn’t feel any less smarter though, probably because I have plenty of intelligence to spare…

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17 Comments to “wisdom removed”

  1. tehpau says:

    Hope you’re resting well. I did a wisdom tooth removal similar to yours few years back. Yup, it was bad and the dentist kept complaining my mouth is small.

    Last year I had another extraction. If the tooth grow correctly, normal extraction is straight forward and does not hurt. Got it removed because it was very close to the molar in front and chipped it when I floss regularly.

    I have one more left, another extraction and I’m done. I will advise everyone to remove wisdom tooth because they are bound to give problems later. The sooner you remove them the better.

  2. Tan Yee Hou says:

    “Omg, 2 weeks! Doesn’t that mean I’m gonna die? 2 weeks without food?”

    OMG YOU’RE GROWING YOUNGER!! Haahaa reminds me of those bimbo girly bloggers wtf.

  3. Arkane says:

    So the dentist / porn model lookalike is male or female ?

  4. bongkersz says:

    “I will advise everyone to remove wisdom tooth because they are bound to give problems later. ”

    The above comment, is it true?

    Ouch, from the descriptions especially the breaking it into pieces and the drillings.. sounds like a lot of pain.

  5. Rosse says:

    Had my two wisdom tooth removed before. First time i can’t remember how pain it was as it was longgg time ago t’was my first wisdom tooth. I had my 2nd extraction just a few months ago, tooth grows horizontally and it was giving me problem.There was pain after the anesthetic wore off but not that bad. Always take paracetamol when pain attacked lah, don’t gargle when the pain still there and don’t take very hot drinks and spicy foods.((Grins)) Hope u get better.

  6. michaelooi says:

    tehpau – Damn it, I still have 3 more to go…

    Yee Hou – Fuck lar, wait till your turn comes, ok? I bet you’d sound even worse…

    Arkane – What do you think man? (wtf)

    bongkersz – No dude, we’re removing our wisdom teeth for fun because we’re so sadistic like that…

    Rosse – Been sucking ice cubes for a day and a half now. Ice cube beats painkillers… anytime.

  7. moo_t says:

    The most painful part are the initial anaesthetic injection. My wisdom tooth extraction took 3 hours, 5 anaesthetic jab. I didn’t torture myself with sicko “heal faster without painkiller” advise. Hardly feel a pinch when finish all the painkiller course.

  8. pilocarpine says:

    wisdom removed.
    pain aplenty.
    life’s a bitch.

  9. Had both of my wisdom tooths removed in Sydney by surgery…

    After the dentist finish stitching me, he told I can have Mcdonalds… true enough… I had Big Mac though pain a bit…

    Nowadays removing by wisdom tooth by surgery is not that painful… they even use dissolvable threads, after surgery, so you don’t have to go back to remove it…

  10. tehpau says:

    michaelooi – It is kind of hard to take care of the teeth if there is limited space on your gums. Most of the time food gets trap there. Then it will start to rot. On and off the gums swell and we chinese people always say “heaty” but actually it is not. In my case, I have 2 upper teeth with no lower partners (1 was removed, 1 was missing), they grew longer. So it is best to remove both.

    william wilstroth – In US and AUS, surgery is quite common. Most people have their wisdom tooth removed in their teens. Some were removed with GA before they errupt when the wisdom teeth were detected with X-rays. Dissolvable threads are not widely used in Malaysia. My dentist did not use dissolvable thread, I had to go back for thread to be removed.

  11. MT says:

    Just remove your wisdom teeth. They serve no purpose and are a leftover of the evolution process… They cause more potential damage than anything. The worst is when they grow in a funny way, like Mike’s case, or when they fuse to the jaw-bone. That one will require some surgery. If not, its a matter of pulling it out like any other tooth.

  12. aleanor says:

    Oh my god! You had the exact same experience I did! The dentist injected my gums 7 freaking times and it didn’t seem to have any effect at all. And two pills I believe.

    Then came the chain saw like thing …

    Gosh for people with sensitive teeth it was mortifyingly painful! It wasn’t the cut in the gums, didn’t even feel that, it was breaking the freaking tooth into pieces that was absolute torture!

    At first I braved it by grabbing the handle of the seat tightly but it took so freaking long after a while I couldn’t tahan I was crying and screaming!! (that was years ago lah…)

    My tooth came out in 9 pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think the dentist was so stressed with my cries LOL). I distinctly remember him saying, don’t cry don’t cry it will be over soon. But in my heart I was going ^$@&%$#^&@ he was really lucky I didn’t kick him. The nurse was really useful. Stopped a lot of alkaline from going into my mouth.

    LOL. When I came out from the procedure (torture more like) all the other patients were gone… Even my dad who promised to be there for me …

  13. michaelooi says:

    moo_t – 3 hours! That’s like, removing a tusk! I feel you man.

    pilocarpine – Life’s a bitch for many reasons.

    william – No man, I have to go back there to have the stitches removed next week…

    tehpau – Yeah, I plan to have the other one removed in the next fiscal year (to claim Company X maa.)

    MT – They do serve some purpose, dude. Make them dentists richer lor.

    aleanor – Mine came out in no less than 10 pieces I think. The dentist had to break the shit up because it was coming out sideways.

  14. kenwooi says:

    i removed one of my wisdom tooth ago..
    coz it is hurting my lower gum.. haha..
    but mine took a few minutes.. =)

    i also extracted 4 other teeth for braces on that very same year.. haha =)

  15. Danielle says:

    sucking on ice cubes??? isn’t sucking going to make things worst (coz you’re preventing the blood from congealing or whatnot)
    anyway i just had my SECOND wisdom tooth extracted just this year… totally hate the experience both times. my first one was a horizontal impaction as well.. i think they took a saw to my tooth and i could feel little tooth bits (like sawdust) spattering my cheeks and jaw.. or maybe it was little fleshy bits argh
    how’s the tooth coming along?

  16. michaelooi says:

    Danielle – Still some swelling, but otherwise ok.

  17. j3ff says:

    my brother is going to have 4 of his removed. haha, i wanna see the amount of pain he will be in. he cant survive without food, wonder how he’s gonna get through the week

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