June 4, 2009

what’s that?

There is this senior engineer from our contractor company whom I loath. Let’s call him FatAss. FatAss knocked on my lab door yesterday. With him, was a rookie engineer under his care. I opened the lab door for them.

Me : “Yes FatAss, what do you want?”

FatAss : “Hi Michael. I was wondering if you can lend me your camera.”

He was pointing at our lab microscope when he was saying that. Confused, I clarified with him,

Me : “Excuse me? You said you wanted to borrow the camera?”

FatAss : “That’s right, the camera.” [points at microscope]

Imagine you instructing your maid to bring you a chair, and she brings you her personal butt plug instead. Yes, this is as bad as that. What more coming from a senior engineer.

Me : “That’s not a camera, FatAss.”

FatAss : “I’m sorry, my mistake. I didn’t mean the camera. I meant the magnifying glass.” [points at microscope again]

Me : “A magnifying glass?? WTF! That’s not a magnifying glass either!”

FatAss : [looking confused]

Me : “You mean, you don’t fucking know what that thing is called??”

FatAss : “A magnifying glass right?”

Ladies and gentlemen, a senior engineer, who wants to show a rookie how to use a microscope, but doesn’t know what a microscope is called.

Me : “You’re hopeless, FatAss. That is NOT a magnifying glass. That’s a microscope you stupid fuck.”

FatAss : [blushes] “Oh… thanks for the enlightenment”.

I hope he can differentiate between a ground squirrel and his own mother.

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10 Comments to “what’s that?”

  1. Danielle says:

    is he a chinese or a malay-ed guy?

  2. michaelooi says:

    Danielle – Chinese ed… could be uneducated… who knows (bought his degree at Lorong Haji Taib)

  3. Quinn says:

    Did you really say he’s hopeless? I;m surprised he’s not mad at you, haha!

  4. 2Damage says:

    hmmm.. I’m wondering who is that Sr.Eng.. Do I know him when I was in Company X?

    I am facing with more this type of eng/ Eng Manyger over in the CM factory over here. Pek chek!

  5. michaelooi says:

    quinn – Yes I did. It’s for real. I know I can be such a prick sometimes, but I can’t help it for cases like this. He fucking deserves it.

    2Damage – I think you do. He’s the fat fuck with a set of crossed eyes who used to work in your brother’s company for the memory commodity, and later hopped to another company. Tall guy. Talks too much. Thinks too little.

  6. SPF88 says:

    Bastard taunting you on a day you decided to be nice… for his own amusement. I’ll punch him for ya. HAHA!

  7. woody says:

    Around this FIZ , there are many folks with bombastic job title and yet do shitty job and know nuts. Many managers (those in power waiting to retire / die of heart attack) actually loves this kind of “All rounded” staff, and tend to promote them to fat paycheck, they are perceived to be our future leaders , no wonder we have no future.

  8. megabigBLUR says:

    Who the hell “borrows” a microscope? You can use someone else’s microscope, but you don’t “borrow” it and carry it around like it’s a handbag…great way to ruin a piece of delicate equipment. Unless that’s what he meant in the first place.

  9. michaelooi says:

    megabigblur – Aiyaa, you should know it better for a lab runner lar. Permission to use the thing… understandable loh…

  10. Steph says:

    hahahahaahahahah! omg you’re so mean.

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