June 1, 2009

the moment

Emily and I were at the playground with our 3 year old daughter the other day, and we saw a dog pooped a pile of nasty turd on the grass nearby (it was more like a diarrhea). Not long after that, a housewife came along with her maid and they were walking towards where the turd was.

Now, I’m sure most people would have warned the lady about the dog poo. But neither one of us did that. Instead, I watched the lady walking towards it and was secretly hoping that either her or her maid would step into that pile of mayhem. What more, I also caught Emily looking on the same way, also wearing the same smirk that I was wearing. We then turned to look at each other in a moment of silence, smiling. We were having the ‘moment’ there… you know, the ‘moment’… when 2 lovers unintentionally find that all the planes in the universe align perfectly on top of each other, the cosmic magnetic force is parallel with our ‘chi’ and our ‘chakra’ is having an erection. If this were to be in a movie, it would be the moment when the hero deep throats the heroine’s tongue. But our ‘moment’ there, was the vision of that housewife stepping on that pile of dog poo = funny.

I then broke the silence – “I was actually hoping that she’s gonna step into that pile of poop. It’s going to be so funny.” Emily then smiled back ever so lovingly at me, and tacitly told me with her expression, that she was hoping for the same thing too. And am I just glad. That’s why I chose her to be my wife. Had she chosen to tell the shapeshifter about the poo, it would have meant that we have a glitch in our compatibility – which can be dangerous in a relationship depending on how one looks at it.

Anyway, we both then looked on, and the lady missed the patch of shit by just a foot or so, much to our disappointment.

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  1. feizal says:

    Two thumbs up for the moment!

  2. michaelooi says:

    errrr, thanks?

  3. That’s so cruel…but funny. Thank god I dun live near u 2!!!!

  4. xes says:


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