May 27, 2009

goddamn porch hogger

It was raining heavily a couple days ago, and I had to get the car to fetch Emily and Regine at the apartment porch. Because they were still getting ready in the apartment, I had to wait for them at the parking lot. Then suddenly, a porcine Indian lady came along and shoved her car under the porch. She then got down and stood beside her vehicle, apparently, waiting for someone.

I thought she was going to be quick, so I did not confront her or anything. But she was still hogging the porch when Emily and Regine came out. Sensing something wrong, the Indian lady asked Emily

Indian lady : “Are you waiting for someone? You need me to move my vehicle?” [duh.]

Emily politely replied,
Emily : “Yes, my husband’s over there. I’d appreciate if you can move your car now”

Indian lady : “Now? You need me to move now?”

Emily : “Yes, please.”

Indian lady : “Are you sure? You want me to move now?”

Emily : “YES. NOW.”

And she kept asking ‘are you sure, are you sure, are you sure’. I don’t know if that Indian lady was really retarded, but it looked more like she was trying to buy time for her passenger to come out…

I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait any longer so I went to the porch myself with an umbrella. When I reached there, I remarked this to her,

Me : “You know lady, you shouldn’t have waited here. There are others that need to use the porch.”

She then retorted with a half assed excuse.

Indian lady : “I have a sick old lady to pick up!”

I noticed one thing about my Indian neighbors, every time they do something inconsiderate, they always would justify it with something to do with either a sick old lady or a sick old man. Nothing else (search my archive, blogged about them before). I bet if they were to be given a chance to rule North Korea, they’d launch an ICBM nuclear warhead to Pakistan with the excuse – “I am doing it at the behest of my old sick amma”. FUCK!!!

Me : “Whatever. Your old lady is not here yet. You could have waited somewhere else until she comes out, and let others use the porch.”

Indian lady : “You could have requested me to move my car, I would have done that.”

She smugly looked at me like she had just quoted something intelligent and was probably expecting an applause or something. But wasn’t that what Emily did before I came to talk to her? To ask her to fucking move her car? Anyway, I stopped talking to her after that, because I knew I couldn’t expect much to come out from someone as stupid as a box of poppadom. I then flippantly remarked something nasty about her in Hokkien and left the place with my family with the umbrella.

And yes, she was still standing there like a stump when we left. (I also saw another family had to brave through the pouring rain with an umbrella because of her inconsideration)

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17 Comments to “goddamn porch hogger”

  1. Arkane says:

    These people always think that the world owes them a living. I have a fucktard tenant living 2 floors downstairs who keep complaining to me that my aircond water is dripping on his roof. Yeah, so by the same token he should also blame God for pouring rain onto his fucking roof. Idiot!!

  2. cheehan says:

    I also notice there are many people who like to double-park in front of banks and cause traffic jam behind without giving a shit about it. Does this happen everywhere in Malaysia?

  3. wils0n says:

    This kinda people just honk-kau her. It’s a waste of time trying to reason with them. Senseless idiot hogging porches, stopping almost in front of the guard house to wait for somebody, stopping the car directly in front of the condominium entrance blocking the whole entrance, etc etc


  4. NoktahHitam says:

    Fuck man. So fucking inconsiderate. Wait in the car outside the porch. Once the old amma comes down, go fetch la. Simple things also cannot compute. Bodoh.

  5. TigerShark says:

    You should’ve been a nice neighbour then, as you’re leaving why don’t you just “air-horned” her! :)

  6. Smurfette says:

    Such fucktards should just die then proceed to burn and rot in hell. They dun bring any value whatsoever to the society apart from being despicable retards.

  7. michaelooi says:

    arkane – You mean his awning? Well, you can just drill a hole on his awning, so that the dripping water would pass through it without creating any noise. Problem solved!

    cheehan – Banks! You should have seen those in front of schools!

    wils0n / TigerShark – Honking at her in my apartment compound would be like, nuking an entire forest to kill a gopher… I did the next best thing – I reported the incident to the security guard, and let the guard do his work…

    NoktahHitam – Right on. That’s what an adequately educated and considerate folk would do. No need to compute.

    Smurfette – Well, maybe a little – to fertilize vegetation…

  8. LithiumMind says:

    Damn, that’s super inconsiderate. I would have gave her the middle finger… I mean a friendly gesture..

  9. rzmie says:

    The same thing happened at my apartment complex where people park at the apartment porch, park in front of my car, park at others parking lot, park in front of the entrance gate, jumping queue. These people shouldn’t get the driving license.

  10. MT says:

    Malaysians… And the best thing is, they carry their douchebaggery with them even overseas! You can almost sense that someone is a Malaysian driver just by observing how inconsiderate he or she is on the road.

    For the best example of mondo inconsiderate ma’fuckers, go to Bangsar, especially the post office road. There, the police got no balls to saman because dunno which latuk or tan-sli has his drebar waiting.

  11. michaelooi says:

    LithiumMind – Well, if my wife and kid weren’t around, I would have given her TWO middle fingers!

    rzmie – You’re being nice dude. People like them should fucking die!

    MT – I never liked Bangsar. That place depresses me… and never fails to give me an overwhelming feel of underachievement.

  12. dude says:

    yeah it would never came into their conscience that those oldmen and oldladies are their blood tied family..they have no qualm to conveniently use their old people, uncles, aunties, meenachi, poppadum, pandi, tambi, kunji, kandaraoli, vanthe sappe, their own children as their excuses…not trying to be racist here..but hell yeah a handful of them are serious retards..i rest my case man..just incase if u ask if i have gone thru shit with any of answer is a definate yes..

  13. Dude, this is so real la… You should hear the excuses they make when they can’t make a PC purchase. “Aiyoyo… my grandfather just died. Sorry, I cannot buy a PC now.” Seriously, we got this excuse before!

  14. idiots are everywhere…

    i got one at my apartment too…


  15. frankie says:

    Wait till you have a neighbour who would like to use cow’s urine and pour it surrounding his unit, which eventually has some spill over effect onto your unit. Best still the occupants themselves seems to belong to the batang kali group of families. Can’t complain and can’t do nothing.

  16. TiBuN says:

    Had a bad encounter 3 years back, same type of attitude

    -.-” Are we doomed?

  17. bongkersz says:

    It’s the same everywhere in Malaysia. Yes, especially in front of schools. I need to pass this one school on my way back from work, they freaking hog 2 and 1/2 lanes leaving just enough space for others to pass through the 3 lanes road. Every day. Where are the police, JPJ when we need them?

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