May 25, 2009

my ex-boss Rob

In conjunction of the World Hepatitis Day on 19th May, I am writing this post to commemorate my ex-boss Rob (if you can remember him, I used to blog about this motherfucker like, a lot), who recently died of liver cancer from a hepatitis infection. o_O

Alright, he’s actually still alive, no hepatitis or whatsoever. I made up the story to make it sound better. He is, in fact, enjoying his life right now. Doing nothing. Last I heard, after he went to China, he got promoted to a senior manager. With his new handsome paycheck, he splurged his money on women, patronized brothels and posh nightclubs to satisfy his everyday perversion (he was already a well known whore hound back in Penang). Soon it got out of control and eventually, he hooked up permanently with a barely pubescent China doll, divorced his wife, left his children with her and moved with the doll to Singapore to do something of even less significance, but with an even bigger paycheck.

That bastard is sure a lucky son of a bitch. He’s progressing exponentially by not doing anything (while screwing someone who’s young enough to be his daughter) – while people like me (and you) who toil under the hot office fluorescent lights working our ass off get stagnant in our career. Life is certainly fucking fair. (squeezes mouse hard)

I recently found a photo of him while browsing my HDD, and decided to post it up here, in case any of you wants to beat him up for good or something (or put a face to that ‘Rob’ name). He’s the one with his mouth wide open, without a hat and sparse curly hair.

If you do not know anything, pretend that you do. It works for me all the time. – Rob (he imparted this to my then senior, who told everyone about it)

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16 Comments to “my ex-boss Rob”

  1. MT says:

    Hmmmm…. From that picture, I can see that your ex-boss Rob is a really big cunt….

    Athankyou! :lol:

  2. Arkane says:

    Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to put a picture of a dick since he likes to screw around. Cunt implies that he likes to be screwed instead.

  3. Russell says:

    HAHA, What a great picture you have there. your ex boss sure is a lucky bastard. pity his wife and children.

  4. michaelooi says:

    MT – A cunt, a coot, a twat, a pussy… whatever you want to call him dude.

    Arkane – He’s more of a cunt than a dick. He’d whore around, but he never screwed us when he was the boss. That was because he lacked of the intelligence and aptitude.

    Russell – Yes he is. His life is like a box of fucking chocolates.

  5. xes says:

    I still remember the time when I made an “I Love Rob” link icon for you. wahaah

  6. Pah says:

    wahahahaah! you should warn readers of the photo wei.. so they don’t open at office.. gila terkejut man..

  7. michaelooi says:

    xes – Yeah man, I remember that. Had to design an icon pronto to cover that up.

    Pah – Eh, dulu I tiap-tiap hari kena tengok muka macam ni. Imagine… ‘gila terkejut’ is definitely an understatement.

  8. mott says:

    a labia with wheels.


  9. moo_t says:

    That explain why the world face all sort of crisis from time to time.

  10. Danielle says:

    ugh what’s with the pubes.. THOSE are disgusting

  11. michaelooi says:

    mott – Portable cunt.

    moo_t – Only part of it… there are many more.

    Danielle – Disgusting? Oh you have no idea what the guys would do to get a piece of those…

  12. chichicha says:

    fuck, fuck!!! wakakaaaaaa…..Michael, you are really fucking funny, I was so eager to know how your motherfucker ex-boss look like, but after clicking on the “Read the rest on this entry”, I fell off from chair, I can laugh till my pant drop!! A kinda chibai boss like him are all fucking around us, but who obsessively screws china cunt and dumped his poor kids is definitely deemed to be a classic pok-kai hum-kar-chan.

  13. feizal says:


  14. dsaint says:

    dS : *rotflolwmluita*

    dColls : dah gila ke? apsal ketawa? tgk?

    dS : *points at screen*

    dColls : *read read read, click!* lol until panties pun ternampak..

    u earned some new fans here man. grats.

  15. KittyCat says:

    Good one! LOL Poor wife and kids? I think they’re better off without him…

  16. Jase Lee says:

    Same shit happened here. One of my ex-manager got involved with a girl in Services causes an commotion that I think you might hear at your side. And then after breakup up with that girl, he went over to KL and worked as a fucking manager in HSBC and came back with a new 3-series BMW.

    I just wish he would just go bang another girl, found out she gave him AIDS and just die.

    It’s very unfortunate that these kinds of people lived for so long.

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