May 20, 2009

boiling point

A couple weeks ago, I received a call from my ISP on my cellphone while I was analyzing a very important report at work. It was a young guy on the line and asked me if I was at home,

Me : “I’m sorry, but I am at work now. Just like you, earning a living to pay bills. Anything?”

Bloke : “Oh nothing Mr. Ooi, just wanted to check your router’s serial number, which you purchased from us 3 years ago”

Me : “I’m not going to be at home just for that. Why don’t you send me an email instead, I’ll just check and mail you the serial number tonight?”

Bloke : “Ok Mr. Ooi, I will do that, thanks”

And he hung up. A few days went by, no email. Then a lady called me on my cellphone to ask for the same thing, again, when I was busy saving the world at work. Like what I told the previous guy, I told the lady that I’m at work and I don’t conveniently carry my router’s serial number everywhere I go.

Me : “A few days ago, a bloke called to ask for the same thing. I asked him to email me, but he didn’t.”

Lady : “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. I will send you an email right away.”

Then she hung up. Again, no email, no sms, nothing. Fast forward a week later, which was yesterday, ANOTHER MALAY LADY called me up to ask for the same thing – my router’s serial number, when I was busy troubleshooting some intricate engineering work with a couple of engineers. This time, I snapped.

Me : “This is the third time you imbeciles call me! I’m at work and I couldn’t possibly provide you the details under my router, don’t you understand??? That’s why I asked your colleagues to send me an email! Why can’t you people just do it already??? You would have gotten the stupid serial number had any of you sent me a goddamn email!!!!”

Lady#2 : “Sorry sir I didn’t know that somebody had called you earlier…”

Me : “YEAH, NEITHER DID ANY OF YOUR STUPID COLLEAGUES! For the record, I so want to send you the serial number right now, just so that you’ll stop bugging me! But I CAN’T! I’m AT WORK! Why is it so hard for you guys to send out an email???”

Lady#2 : “I’m really sorry about that, so should I send it to your work email?”

Me : “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SEND IT TO MY WORK EMAIL ADDRESS!!? I already told you I can’t check my router’s serial number at work!!! What is wrong with you!?”

Lady#2 : “Sorry, sorry, but what’s your home email address?”

Me : “You’re my ISP and you don’t know my email address??? Check your records lah!!!”

Lady#2 : “Ok, ok…… got it got it”

Me : “Can you send it now? Now??? Do it now! NOW!!!! And please don’t ever call me again!”

And I remember I screamed at her somewhere in the middle of the conversation. Forgot what I screamed but, it was nasty. I was like, channeling all my cumulative frustrations at her through the phone and I shut both my eyes when I did that – much to the engineers’ bewilderment. I could tell that the lady was at the verge of crying, but hell, I didn’t care back then. I just wanted to let out. If there were to be a dog nearby, I would have grabbed the damn animal and bit it to death. (It’s been some time since I was this mad).

Anyway, I received the email that very night… and those idiots finally got what they fucking wanted.

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11 Comments to “boiling point”

  1. feizal says:

    dude… not cool

  2. MT says:

    Dude, watch this …. It almost seems all ISP employees go to the same “stupid school.” I had the same shit from TIME. One day they decided to not continue their wireless service and they felt it was not necessary to tell their customers! AND… They have the nerve to send me a bill for the service! :|

    (Please delete my previous comment and sorry for the mess up!)

  3. michaelooi says:

    feizal – Of course ler, not cool. I was boiling! (hint: check title)

    MT – Some people are unbelievably stupid… goddamn! (the one in the clip takes the cake dude, thanks for sharing)

  4. Kevin says:

    Actually 90% of all customer service/service providers in this country is like that. They don’t give a shit and they are…dumb terminals…not connected to anyone else in their company. I once sent a complaint email to Digi about their poor customer care service, and guess what I get in reply… They ask me to refer to their customer care officers… I got nasty and reply on top of that mail explaining that it was a complaint and not an inquiry. The bimbo on the other end sent me another mail to divert me back to customer care once again. Its hopeless I tell you…

  5. J says:

    so garang *sweat

  6. michaelooi says:

    Kevin – This is called Tai Chi ler bro…

    J – Phordah!

    mott – Not sure which planet…

  7. tyra says:

    what about those sales ppl from Marcus Evan??? juz wont give up..calls after calls sheesshhh

  8. michaelooi says:

    errmm, Marcus Evan? Can eat aa? (never heard of Marcus Evan before eheehh, sorry)

  9. xes says:

    Dude, with the rate you’re going, you’re going to sound like Kanangambigai ( hahaha

  10. michaelooi says:

    Oh come on dude! You’re comparing me with that uncouth Indian lady? That hurts!

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