May 7, 2009

cut the poor little shit some slack

Emily : “That day when my colleague was sending her 5 year old daughter to tuition, she…”

Me : “Wait, did you just say your colleague sent her 5 year old daughter to attend a tuition class?”

Emily : “Yes”

And I went like ‘WTF???’. Yes people. 5 year old, tuition. Why would a 5 year old need to tuition for? I don’t know man. To prepare in advance for his/her STPM 13 years in advance perhaps. My take on this is – modern parents have became too paranoid to be rational nowadays.

When I was 5 years old, I didn’t give a shit about anything at all. I’d just play all day long, entertain my own mischievous ass and busy getting walloped by my mom. That’s pretty much about it. Tuition? What tuition?

And I’ve also heard from around that it’s a fad nowadays to send young children to some kind of center to train them how to do arithmetic at lightning speed. Or some flash card therapy that would make their IQ increase by 200% or something. I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. All these self-proclaimed ‘genius training centers’ have one thing in common – input $$$, output confused kid. But notwithstanding being expensive and redundant like fuck, people still flock to these centers to sign up their kids. (kiasu, as a lot of Singaporeans like to say…)

My take on all these is, they are nothing but a bunch of tactics to part your money from your wallet. The cold hard fact is – your child is not going to be any smarter by being able to read or do his maths faster. The point is to understand stuff, and get the correct answer. Nobody gives a fuck if he can solve some math equation with his sheer brain power. He’s still as useless if he couldn’t figure things out (talking about power, I bet no kid is able to beat the speed of a 100 bucks scientific calculator). So what’s the point? If you want to start something for your kid young anyway, why don’t you teach him/her plenty of common sense? Or proper manners (eg: not to eat so loud like a pig)? Those are definitely more useful than being able to ‘speed read’, or… ‘speed calculate’.

Another point to ponder: In the ancient times, people don’t have such classes to attend. But we managed to churn very bright individuals like Thomas Edison and countless of inventors who started the industrial revolution and changed the planet forever. But what do we have now? Bunch of tree hugging nincompoops, corrupted politicians, spams, conmen, terrorists, and motherfucking blue screens. And you still think we’re doing it better than our forefathers? Come on. So why don’t we let our kids enjoy their childhood happily? Just cut the poor little shit some slack.

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22 Comments to “cut the poor little shit some slack”

  1. Kevin says:

    Blue Screen?? Which “kind” of blue first?? The hot one or the one that you wish you could kill someone from Microsoft because you didn’t save?

  2. ShaolinTiger says:

    Yah, kids nowadays might be good at doing long division in their head but are completely fucking useless at anything useful.

    Why don’t parents teach em something useful like civic consciousness, manners and respect.

  3. mott says:

    *cough cough*

    Yea..apparently, the study done where classical music is supposed to enhance brain activity/memory, was applied to adults. Not babies. But, some crever company took this research and marketed it to parents. Smart hor… I sure wish I had stocks in that company.

    Oh..and that enhancement? Only lasted for 15 minutes. Heh..

  4. Christina says:

    I had horrendous experiences with tuition in Year 3 (1994, the only year I had tuition my whole life) – school then tuition, then school’s homework and tuition’s homework, plus caning from both places for not completing them well enough. Luckily my parents dared to do different and stopped all tuitions since then. I was able to choose what I wanted to learn (guitar etc.), being top 10 in the class and was overall a happier, more well rounded child then the rest. These days tuition in kindergarten age is just ridiculous!

  5. EinsamSoldat says:

    It is plain simple, most ppl hate what they are. I pity kids for their childhood is robbed off them due to parent’s “farsight”.

  6. michaelooi says:

    Kevin – You knew which one I was referring to… you dirty kanasai

    ST – Believe it or not dude, most Jay Chou wannabes nowadays don’t even fucking know how to change a flat tire (they probably know how to ‘speed read’ though)

    mott – Studying music is good. No doubt about that. But studying music to become intelligent is like smoking cigarettes to become a rock star. It’s totally a wacky idea.

    Christina – I had many tuition classes as a student before. But I attended them because I wanted to score some chicks… not because I wanted to study… heheh (I once saw my tuition teacher’s downblouse, big tits… I almost died of hormonal overdose)

    EinsamSoldat – I’m not sure if that’s the main reason, but I think it’s because they wanted the best of what their money can buy for their children…

  7. Christina says:

    Money well spent Michael, very well spent :D

  8. MT says:

    You can see those ads plastered all over the place la. “Tuition for primary 1 to form 5. All subjects. Guaranteed A’s in subjects!” or whatever… Its damn sad la…

    I know of many kids who go to school, come home for tuition, then piano classes/ swimming/ tennis, do homework, sleep and repeat the next day. On weekends its something else i.e. ballet, Kumon, etc. Damn fucking stupid la! Where’s playtime? Where’s running around like a possessed human in a playground? Where’s cycling and falling and then crying like a bitch because of a scraped knee?

    I pity kids nowadays… :|

  9. Nicevil says:

    1.Teach her break dance/sing/playviolin/parkour.
    2.Youtube it.

  10. t0ts says:

    that’s why you get so many adults at the workplace and ppl out there behaving like kids nowadays. 1st generation of the above tuition seeking generatioon has already “grown up”, and are now producing little ones of their own, and seems intent on raising version 2 of themselves senselessly.

    amazing how the human minds work, huh?

  11. michaelooi says:

    Christina – Well, my mom paid for it so, no sweat.

    MT – You cried like a bitch?

    Nicevil – Wow, I guess that’s a very intelligent plan. Is that what you’ve been planning for your kid?

    t0ts – Adults at workplace you said? After the Perak Assembly fracas? Come onnnn

  12. MT says:

    Well, if you were 5 and went flying off a bicycle after hitting the sidewalk and landed on your knees, you’d cry like a bitch too. :lol:

  13. dsaint says:

    hear hear! my exact sentiments mate. tuition at 5! what has the world become? Lil Saint will definitely be a rebel in this kiasu world.

  14. michaelooi says:

    MT – I didn’t fly off a bicycle at 5 (I only learnt how to ride at 7), but I fell from an escalator at 5 before, punctured my sheen. Blood everywhere and I could see my own bone. Did I cry? Nope (my mom was so freaked out – still wearing the escalator ‘teeth scar’ today)

    dsaint – My Regine already joined the rebel force ler… heheh.

  15. CHOW FC says:

    You know, in the future, these people will realise all the tuitions will not work but just to “Keep up with the Joneses”. So, in the end, evey baby born would have their brains (wetware) downloaded with all the knowledge with periodic release so they can start their competitive Life 25 years in advance.

    And yeah, by then, we’d have young know-it-alls in diapers.

  16. tehpau says:

    I don’t agree with tuition or whatever that is suppose to make kids smarter. There are many forms of learning and sad to say classroom learning is boring.

    Classes such as swimming, dancing, music and art is good because you’re giving kids a chance to develop their interests, be creative and have a healthy body.

  17. Ooops, I called it extra-curricular activities, not tuition. Things my parents were too poor to send me to.

    But no worries, kids nowadays very smart. If no fun, no go one…but yeah, some parents do tend to go overboard!

  18. Sammi says:

    yeah, i once had a needle pierce through my finger(pass through to the other end) when i was playing with the sewing machine when i was about 6 years old. blood was everywhere and my mother rush me to the emergency. i even thought it was pretty cute at the time, but now it give me a chills to relieve the experience.

    i don’t know why but being a kid then seems like so brave, was practically fearless, daring and bold at the time. being a kid we don’t fear life nor death, but now as we age, we are too scared to live and die too. to live want easy life (must have big house, car etc) and to die want painless death (heart attack etc). perhaps it’s just me. no offense folks.

    born a tiger, died a cat.

  19. michaelooi says:

    chowfc – You watch too much sci fi dude…

    tehpau – I root for music and arts. To me, these are the 2 essentials to groom thinkers and strategists.

    lil monster – Yeah, tuitions are expensive nowadays.

    Sammi – I read your sarcasm dude. If you didn’t like something I said, just keep it within yourself, alright? Don’t be such a prick.

  20. Sammi says:

    i am really talking about myself. i don’t understand why you have to relate it to yourself, like i am talking about you in a way or something. i am writing about myself in responds to what you said earlier, it was never meant to mean anyone by myself. period.

  21. shadarin says:

    yup. sad fact mate. i’ve been telling my wife time & again to cut the kids some slack and just do 1 class in the morning and forget the afternoon class right up to night recital class and tuition on weekends. let them have their fun,

    the kiddies goes out at dawn, comes back at dusk for dinner and off to recital and back by 9pm, then homework till 11. wtf. it’s great if i’m useless & wants kids to be seen & not heard, but it’s ridiculous to see them dead tired like factory workers.

    back then it’s 1pm home, at 2 i’m out all over the camp rampaging with my bmx till dusk, then dinner, tv, homework. still came out top of the class.

  22. SA says:

    Its the education system. i swear its the education system in Malaysia.

    I was told tuition is for, if you’re weak in class tuition helps boost because you get more time to learn and catch up with the smarter kids. bull. went to tuition class and the “smarter” kids were in there.

    there’s a difference between memorizing and understanding.

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