March 25, 2009


My 3 year old daughter said this to me when she was about to have her afternoon nap:

Regine : “Daddy, you whine lar…”

She was relentless in her request, I didn’t know why. Thinking that she just wanted to play, I submitted and whined like how she normally does it when she wants something really bad. That was when I saw the immediate change of expression on her face, from an innocent child into the stepmother bitch glower she learned from the Cinderella cartoon, and then said this

Regine : “MOMMY! DADDY WHINED! Can you spank him?” [pouts]

Yeah, she asked my wife to spank me because I ‘whined’. So, it was all a trickery for her to justify the reason to have me spanked and yelled at.

Regine : “YOU NAUGHTY BOY! GO AWAY! I don’t want to ‘friend’ you! You sleep outside and let cicak bite you!” [waving her fists and showing claws]

I then recalled that I had actually berated her the day before inside the car, when she whined for the chocolate milk Emily and I bought from the hypermart. I scolded her for being such a nuisance and might have even threatened to have her fed to the lizards (I can’t recall). So this was her way of getting back at me.

I don’t know if this is suppose to be healthy but, I have a feeling that I should start worrying about my welfare now…

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13 Comments to “trickery”

  1. woa… smart girl…! and she waited for the right time to taruh u…

  2. Miss Ant says:

    LOL. Believe it or not, my daughter is equally the same, having the memory of an elephant and she knows how to get back at those who’s in her black list. Maybe coz she is also 3 yo, and only ~2wks older than Regine.

  3. U know what they say, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’!!! Muahahaha!!!

  4. ShaolinTiger says:

    3 years old and she can already pwn you, you better watch out bro.

  5. Divya says:

    I visit your blog often, expecting to catch up on Regine stories, apart from the other interesting ones.
    About this post, very cute, I’m loving her. She sounds very smart. :)

  6. Russell says:

    i think you better discipline her now and show her who’s the daddy. If not she’s gonna be dangerous when she hits her teenage years.

  7. Sammi says:

    Russell is right. when she is young this kind of “play play might look innocent enough” but when she grows up, she will continue with this, not knowing that it is not a proper thing to do to her daddy. teach her right, and do it right from the early stage.

    You need to work with your wife on this one. When she bullies you, hoping to get support from her mother, your wife must support you instead and scold her. Do the same support for your wife when she bullies your wife. This is teach her that bullying her parents is not the kind of thing anyone should be doing.

    On the contrary, when she shows love to you or your wife, both parties must reward her, and more importantly for the other party to do it, not the one receiving the love. This shows an approval for what she is doing, and strengthen her reasons to love her parents.

    As for movies of bad influence, perhaps it’s time to drop them from her viewing list.

  8. michaelooi says:

    Appreciate the parenting advices (and trying to make me feel like a bad father) but seriously, I think you guys need to learn how to take the stuff I wrote here with a pinch of salt. If you totally do not get the context of the post above, nevermind.

  9. Feizal says:

    Whatever dude….I think she’s farkin awesome man!! I’d give her a high-five right now! : standby bookmark

  10. littleComma says:

    Hahahah .. her message is so clear to you. Don’t ever scold her unnecessarily ! :P Good luck, Mike.

  11. EinsamSoldat says:

    Here in advised from a 70 years old potty mouthed old fart

  12. Steph says:

    LOL spank you in the ass you mean? :P

  13. iamyuanwu says:

    Woah! She’s turning out to be… YOU!
    Talks like you, pouts like you, swears like you…. but it’s not you (only smaller).

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