March 21, 2009

self indulgence

For a good definition of ‘self-indulgence’, read the article below

Pakatan to hold auction under tree
IPOH: Five pieces broken off from the vandalised plaque in front of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat’s Democracy Tree will go on public auction tomorrow.

Anyone or their proxy can bid for the pieces which have been turned into decorative souvenirs complete with a picture of the plaque framed with gold lining. The starting bid is RM500 and the auction will begin at 11am under the shade of the tree.

“The reason we are doing this is to commemorate the historic sitting of the state assembly under the tree. This is the first public auction of its kind,” state DAP secretary Nga Kor Ming said yesterday.

He said money raised from the auction would go towards Pakatan’s legal fund and to replace the vandalised plaque.

I don’t know about you guys but, to me, it’s just a fucking tree. Why give so much attention to one stupid fucking tree. Had the Pakatan folks called the emergency meeting under a lamp post, would they erect a plague for that lamp post as well? And now they are looking for idiots to bilk for the broken plague pieces… what the fuck.

There’s only so much coolness they can bask from one alleged ‘historical’ moment (which was, far from being historical in my opinion. It was just a meeting. Nothing eventually came out of it. It was gutsy and commendable, but not ‘historical’). But when they do it like the tree’s some holy Jesus Christ relic, it’s not so cool anymore. It makes them look desperate, immature and downright stupid.

The economy is at its worst shape and unemployment is mounting. Instead of doing anything useful, our politicians are squabbling about one fucking tree. If I were to be a Perak resident, I’d walk up to those bunch of politicians and yell at them “Lay off the tree, get back to work already you fucks!”.

Here, a one finger salute to all our Malaysian politicians for being so useful :


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7 Comments to “self indulgence”

  1. MT says:

    Maybe they got a God complex after sitting under that tree? Maybe they remembered some past “glories” that happened from people and trees; Buddha and the Boddhi tree, Parameswara and the Melaka tree… Now its PKR and “that fucking tree”….


  2. Kah Chun says:

    And yet, these bunch of useless scums get elected as a state/district representatives every election term. Things are so wrong.

  3. sweewon says:

    Agree. PKR, after getting into fights with BN, is getting dumber and dumber. God bless Malaysia lorr, with all politicians like this.

  4. Stupid X Idiot says:

    There are some cultural stuff you all have to put in mind…Remember when our father,mother,aunty,grand-aunty….etc went praying at night and asking for 4D,5D,6D,7D numbers? I think the guys over Perak are doing the thing here. Maybe they asked for something from the tree and got it? I guess so…Back to the Egyptian age of tree worshiping, minus the auctions. Good luck on the 4D numbers too..

  5. Sammi says:

    If i say that i have the axe that George Washington use to chop down the apple tree? or if i have a piece of the wood from the cut. how much do you think it is worth today? if the boy didn’t become the first president of America, it will be just another axe in my collection. If opposition didn’t win the future election to become new govt, it will also be another piece of broken plate, i might want to consider throwing it away. But if they did win?

    perhaps the value won’t inflate immediately, but a piece of marble won’t rot even after a hundred years right?

  6. michaelooi says:

    That meeting under the tree was just an ordinary meeting lah, brother (or sister). But it will be an entirely different thing if an Anneh or a Cinapek were to be sworn in as the Prime Minister of Malaysia under that tree… that’s historical. Sell me the plague.

  7. MT says:

    Uhmmm Sammi, I don’t mean to be pedantic but… Firstly, ol Georgie boy chopped down a CHERRY tree and not an APPLE tree and secondly, that story is a myth. :)

    Yup… Those monkeys at PKR did it just to get some attention. Guess everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame or infamy… Whichever one they get doesn’t matter; as long as they appear in the mass media, they’re happy. :|

    So seriously, with the exception of a FEW people like Teresa Kok and Khalid, voting for the rest i.e. BN vs. PKR is like asking people to choose whether they want a beruk or a kera to represent them…

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