February 26, 2009

‘tak nak cakap omputih!’

It is an unmistakable fact now, that Malaysia makes the world’s most dumbass headlines. Check out the article below from TheStar today…


Teachers going mad teaching subjects in English
TAIPING: Some Malay teachers in Bagan Serai are “going mad” as they cannot handle teaching Mathematics and Science subjects in English, claimed a state assemblyman .

Dr Khalil Idham Lim Abdullah (Titi Serong) said the teachers themselves had to take English classes to improve their command of English.

While they are still grappling with the language, they are required to teach their students as well, said Khalil, who was chairman of the Perak Backbenchers Club in the former Pakatan Rakyat-led state government.

“The teachers themselves have a poor command of English. How do we expect them to teach their students?” he asked in his speech after a briefing on the subject at the state PAS headquarters in Jalan Air Kuning on Tuesday.

Some teachers, he said, “have simply gone crazy” because of this, likening the matter to the blind leading the blind. He claimed the minimum passing mark for both subjects were lowered to ensure that only a rosy picture was painted of the move.

Earlier, the gathering was told by Malaysian Translators Association president Associate Prof Abdullah Hassan that a big gathering is scheduled to be held in front of Istana Negara at 2pm on March 7 to protest against the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English.

Prof Abdullah said the argument that the usage of English would provide better job opportunities could only hold water if there were plenty of job openings.

Get this, guys – the teachers are ‘GOING MAD’ because they were asked to teach Science and Mathematics in English, simply because they claim to have a very poor command of that language. And to make the matter worse, these teachers (who have poor command in English) are also claiming themselves to be too fucking dumb to learn that language to cope. What the fuck.

I seriously do not understand why are they generating so much hoo-ha over this. Why can’t these delinquents just do it like part of their job requirements? Like all of us have to do to earn a living? These spoon fed buffoons are trying to blame the system for their own incompetency… and instead of taking the initiative to improve or learn, they’re picketing all over the place and bitching like they’ve been deprived of the rights to use their brain… (the kids learn how to be like that as well in the process, picket and bitch when you face any hurdle in life…)

That tells us a lot about our education system eh? (ministers looking like confused apes when asked a question in English in an interview, familiar?) And people are still wondering why our local education standards are comparable to those filth under a sewage tank…

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23 Comments to “‘tak nak cakap omputih!’”

  1. moo_t says:

    Michael, bare in mind that teacher are not all rounder. Remember, teacher is a professionality no different than yours. You don’t want the janitor to touch the electronic, as the teacher are not suppose to conduct math&science teaching in English. The most dumbass things here is not just about “quality” of the teacher, but the f*cking system. There is only one way to improve the language : conduct more class, train real professional teacher, not the other vice.

  2. michaelooi says:

    I totally disagree. I’m not asking the janitor to do the teaching, mind you. But if my boss were to require me to write my reports in BeeEm for the good of the company (or else, lose my job), I would be more than glad to do it, as long as training is provided.

    In this case, it is merely teaching in different language, same knowledge. I don’t see why it is so difficult for the teachers to buff up their English to achieve that. If they really can’t do it, teach lah… other subjects.

  3. Al says:

    You are right on Micheal .. if the teachers can’t do the job, they might as well get out the way and let someone else handle it. Imagine if they are not willing and able, how good can the students the pillars of the next generation get? Lots of unemployed professionals that can use a teaching job that have more paid time off (coinciding with the students holidays) than most CEOs.

  4. aleanor says:

    LOL i was contemplating this while reading it on the papers over lunch today as well.

    The knee jerk reaction was “wtf? thatz like such a loser mentality. Get your English qualification already!”.

    Then I was like “hmmm. Poor thing also hor, can we really expect all teachers (in Malaysia) to have a pre-requisite quality i.e. being able to communicate in English”. I mean like, not all teachers in Japan or Germany can bravely lecture their subjects in English right …

    Then I thought maybe having a “bridging” course would be more effective i.e. get all teachers trained before implementing such a radical move such as “mandatory to teach science and maths in english”, taking into consideration the “quantity” of english-speaking teachers. Did our education ministry over estimate the ability and dedication of our teachers? I mean .. to go crazy and all u know it must be such an “unlearnable” skill ^^ So. Teachers trying to teach when they themselves can’t seem to learn. @.@ I am sooooooo confused. ^^

    Or was the article based on a few bad fruits? ^^ Like politicians trying to gain some recognition / attention? kwa kwa kwa

  5. aleanor says:

    Gosh what english … excuse the alt-tab, alt-tab, alt-tab between writing the above comment kakaka

  6. Marcus says:

    And THAT is why I failed my maths class. My teacher never did appreciate my “creativity”. I would simply explain that I wanted to be a CEO someday.

  7. cLiu says:

    i think i understand what you mean. many ppls asked me what do i think about teaching math and science in english, english better or BM?

    But for me, it is not the matter of language, is the matter of the knowledge and situation.
    Like my case, primary school – chinese; secondary school – BM; university – english.

    If the situation need you to use that particular language no matter which language, then you will catch it up by yourself. somehow…

  8. michaelooi says:

    cLiu – I think it’s a matter of opinions. You have your point, but still, why reject the idea of learning the very language that the international community speak most?

    Think of knowledge as, bits of information in a computer. Every computer (the world community) has a USB port (English) to transfer data, but our computer (Malaysian), has only one 9-pin serial port (BeeEm). With that kind of cock block, even if you’re teeming with information, ada guna meh? Ada lor, share info with those that are compatible with 9-pin serial port only lor…

  9. wils0n says:

    Stupid lame excuse. Everyone in Malaysia is required to go to school. Two basic languages that we learn are English and Bahasa Malaysia. So after 15 years of education and training these so-called teachers are whining about teaching in English?! WTF have they been doing all these while? How the heck do they pass and become teachers? Wait, so are these “professionals” meant for teaching Pendidikan Jasmani only?

  10. Feizal says:

    Pathetic la..

    I know some old time retired teachers, and their command of the English language was near perfection. Education is not what it used to be. Teachers nowadays are not what they were before.

    Anyway, whatever it is, a struggle is a struggle, but deal with it la. Don’t fucking complain. Don’t fucking demonstrate. Fucking Learn (English), and Fucking Teach the kids.

    If I had the chance and time to attend classes to learn a new language, I will. Wait a minute, my customers are trying to teach me Hokkien, so I guess that will do la.. (I now use kannineh on a regular basis! woohoo!)

  11. MT says:

    I love my national language. I am proud to be able to speak it…

    Now having said that, I have to say that it is a pointless language the moment one steps out of Malaysia. No one else cares about it; heck, you go down to Singapore and 3 out of 4 people can’t speak it! What more when considering fields such as science.

    I ‘love’ it when people use Japan as a comparison. They say “Oh, if the Japs can do it, so can we!” The difference is that in Japan, you can get EVERYTHING in Japanese; from software to journals, publications, books, manuscripts, etc. Over here? Don’t hope of finding a good scientific journal in BM! Even the translations are bastardized! I was watching telly the other day and saw “paracut” as the translation for parachute! What happened to “payung terjun”?!

    Science is all about community. You read others’ work, review, publish your own findings, etc. Now if you can’t communicate with anyone else, what happens then?

  12. sweewon says:

    I have very mixed feelings with this post, coz me mom is a teacher (albeit retired already) and when they enforced the Maths-&-Sc-in-English thing, she told me it’d be difficult for her to conduct the class properly (learning at this age) if she’s still teaching. I’m not sure if the teachers “who have gone crazy” are like, 50 years old.. if they are, it can probably be understood.

    Anyway, I agree hands down with Michael’s reply to cLiu. I’m in Korea now and the fact that Koreans speak only ..KOREAN, makes me think like they’re freaking stupid. Although like what MT said abt Japan, yeah you get books, journals all in “your local language”, but when you get out of your country, you f*** up. Can die. Coz they can’t speak English to save their lives.

  13. michaelooi says:

    sweewon – I understand that it could be difficult for certain people at certain age. But it’s the reality of the harsh world. If you cannot cope with a job, then someone who can will sweep you aside and take it. Survival of the fittest.

  14. chicken Little says:

    What to do. Malaysian’s generally loves to bitch about problems instead of solving it. But at the end of the day it is the f**king ministry whom has been indecisive. There are so many education systems to learn from overseas…

  15. MT says:

    That may be the case in Korea and Japan, but you have to take something very important into consideration; the Japs have a WHOLE LOT to offer the world. They can survive just fine if they never leave their country. We will still have to run to them for many things. Therefore, they can be arrogant (for a lack of a better term) and stick to their own language. However, they still consider English as an important language and thus, English classes are compulsory in their schools. I have a Canadian friend who teaches English there and yes, he does say the same thing; their English is shite. BUT… They make a serious effort to learn that language.

    Over here however, there is a misplaced hatred towards English. An extremely stupid but prevalent reason is the sentiment that if we were to speak English, we would be going back to the colonialist mentality. Never mind of course the fact that our legal system, medical system, education system, infrastructure and many other things are all based on foreign influences; as long as we don’t speak English, we are fine! :|

    Another thing is these idiots don’t realize that we as a country have nothing special to offer the world! Whatever we have or produce, others in this region are doing better or for cheaper!

  16. sweewon says:

    Hahah oh well, I’m actually referring to the Koreans, not the Japanese coz I’ve never lived in Japan. Just to get out of topic a little bit here: One of the Koreans told me that although the Koreans learn English in school etc, most of them don’t even know they’re to say a simple “How are you” when they meet a foreigner!

    And all these while I’m actually proud that at least most Malaysians can speak (at least) a wee bit of English …this piece of news comes in …*buries face in hands*

  17. Danielle says:

    fuck this is unacceptable.. it’s such a shame to be called a malaysian omg
    and to think the papers would publish this (not like we havent had our fair share of stupid headliners)

  18. DCFL says:

    Hahaha… this is a shame and a bloody joke to our country, yet the journalist can report such case, the papers to publish it, sia sui to our teachers (beh pai seh) and education system (keong kan wan). I was in the case likely to cLIu… Chinese at primary, Malay at secondary, English at tertiary…. I suggest the poorly equiped teacher use Manglish first to teach (hahahaha), then upgrade to Singlish (LOL), by then he/she can perk it up to english, highest is when one add british accent to its flawless virtuos english speaking fluency. As for those Punda-mone and patchedevedias that give up before they can even try, go tiow longkang and die Lah! Dei babu, teri-ar? Vedeke porenge! Venga’ore!!!!

  19. lolmsia says:

    Are you really astonished over this Michael? that’s the way things are.. people who have been on crutches all their life will never bother to learn to walk by themselves. When these are taken away, they simply fall and whine and this holds true not only for teachers or the education system but almost every single aspect in Malaysia.

    I managed to glimpse somebody mentioning Japan. Thing is, Japan is the 2nd largest economy in the world and many people who are not Japanese choose to learn that language as it might benefit them if they happen to have dealings with any Japanese businesses or individuals. Malaysia unfortunately does not have that privilege but is obviously still oblivious and foolish enough to think that the world should conform to our needs because apparently we’re still not in a bad enough state as it is. Malaysia boleh indeed :)

  20. michaelooi says:

    lolmsia – I’d be astonished if I’m from another developed country. But the fact that I am from Malaysia myself and I still have yet to send my child to a school, my feeling can be best described as something between disgusted and embarrassed…

  21. TiBuN says:

    KNN, pay increase and benefit given so much lar (max raised at 40% at 2007), but one extra milestone in goal (teach in english) also cannot take it. Nowadays those factory staff have to absorb additional work load while maintaining a small increment (some even no or negative increment this year)… Talk about competitiveness wor

  22. John Doe says:

    makes me wonder where should I send my kids for education in future…
    even the bozos teaching during my time ain’t really good, so the capability of the teaching force now is really worrying.

  23. MT says:

    Nowadays, it doesn’t pay to be intelligent in school. My 11 year old niece, who I’d say is MUCH smarter than any of her teachers, got into trouble for correctly pointing out to her science teacher that horses have HAIR and not FUR. The teacher told her “Ohhh! Kau pandai sangat ye?! Kau nak jadi cikgu?! Kau ajar la kelas ni!” Ever since then, that fuckwit of a teacher has been picking on my niece…

    Education indeed… :|

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