January 21, 2009

PAS sucks

I do not know about you people but I think PAS sucks.

It’s totally not about the hudud law, nor was it about them being too gung-ho about their Islamic cause… but because I think they make us Malaysians look like complete morons whenever there is an international artiste about to perform in our country. This time, they plan to protest against the upcoming Rihanna concert, citing her sense of fashion being too provocative for our youth and – you’ve got to believe this – “result in an outflow of local currency to the United States, and in turn, cause loss to the country and suffering to the Palestinians”. What the fuck. Read this for details,


PAS plans to stop Rihanna concert
KUALA LUMPUR: PAS wants to stop R&B star Rihanna from performing here on Feb 13.

Its Federal Territory Youth chief Kamaruzaman Mohamad said inviting the Barbados-born singing sensation to Malaysia was “akin to insulting eastern culture, belittling local artistes, intentionally causing losses to the country’s economy and supporting Israel’s war policy, which is supported by America”.

The PAS wing said it also found the Grammy award winner to be unsuitable because she often performed suggestively and wore skimpy, sexy outfits.

Kamaruzaman said local concert sponsor Celcom should give priority to eastern cultures and local artistes.

He said Rihanna’s appearance here would result in an outflow of local currency to the United States, and in turn, cause loss to the country and suffering to the Palestinians.

He reasoned that the United States supplies arms to its ally Israel from contributions and taxes collected from Americans.

“Whether Rihanna realises it or not, we know that the taxes she has paid also contributed to the war in Gaza,” Kamaruzaman said.

He wants the permit issuers, including police and City Hall, to reject the organiser’s application.

The PAS wing would submit a protest note on the concert soon.

Rihanna, whose hits include Umbrella and Disturbia, is to perform here as part of her Good Girl Gone Bad tour.

At an event yesterday, Celcom chief executive officer Datuk Seri Shazalli Ramly said Celcom was just the concert sponsor.

“She (Rihanna) has agreed to follow the regulations,” he said, adding that the organiser, Pineapple Concerts, had already made arrangements with the singer and the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry was informed of her performance.

Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne said he did not think anyone should impose his or her own moral views on others, and that Rihanna should not be “deemed guilty by association”.

“I agree we should show displeasure against the United States but boycotting everything associated with America is difficult,” he added.

I just want to say this to those moronic PAS dickheads – hellooooo pakcik, we have enough porn on the internet lah… and we watch a lot of American flicks (so sue me). If you’re so concerned about the morality of our youth, why don’t you start by doing something useful, like shutting the fuck up and stop being such a disgrace to the nation?

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22 Comments to “PAS sucks”

  1. JL says:

    how do they know dat rihanna dressed in skimpy outfits if they themselves have not checked her out before???? hahaha… pot calling kettle black!!!

  2. tz says:

    how to be proud to be malaysian like that?

  3. anas says:

    foreign artists’ concert or not. the morality of our youth (and not so youth haha) are steadily provocated by what’s available on the internet and our local dvd entreprenuers. haha

  4. John Doe says:

    And heres their reply:
    “PETALING JAYA: PAS Youth believes that its call to ban concerts in the country will not affect the people‚Äôs support for the party, including that from the non-Malays.”

    I was ROFL when I read this…come on, how ignorant can they be?
    The last time the wanted a ban on i-dance competition because it creates social ills, but failed.

    Now they are trying to ban Rihanna concert by using Gaza as a reason…which is so lame.

    Pathetic…just pathetic…

  5. Kevin says:

    hahahhahahah Like usual, showing stupidity….nation wide….

  6. sweewon says:


  7. hermzz says:

    I guess, they also want to call for shutting michaelooi.net down over Gaza matter as well. And they also will self-proclaimed that this will not somehow affect the people’s support over PAS too.

    I guess, they should have stop using PC totally to show displease to US totally

  8. michaelooi says:

    hermzz – Well, they have every reason to (shut michaelooi.net). I work for the Americans, I use American branded computers… even my site’s hosted in America…

  9. Pah says:

    hmm as usual, PAS mencarik publisiti murahan. at times like these they say something.. just like when that awang hadi fella said “pak lah should stay to be PM”.. hahaha .. memang la sukakan pak lah jadik PM cos he tidur, PAS all bersuka ria.. heheheheh..

  10. Random Reader says:

    Whether Kamaruzaman realises it or not, we know that the taxes we all have paid (including his) have been channeled to someone’s annual holidays in the US and thus contributed to the war in Gaza…

  11. Feiz says:

    PAS is el-stupido.

    My neck hurt after reading the article cuz I was banging my head on the wall.

    These PAS people should be educated…oh guess what pak cik, Iron Maiden is having a concert in Dubai on February..

  12. D says:

    this is stupid… those PAS peeps shouldn’t be allowed to breed. They will only increase the amount of donkeys in the country. We have enough donkeys now to last a life time.

  13. MT says:

    I ‘love’ it la… Insulting Eastern culture? Aren’t PAS the assholes who banned the Eastern culture of wayang kulit because it was “not our culture”? Belittling local artistes? Local artistes are shit; a cat being raped by a dog sounds better than those kutu wannabe singers!

    I love my Coke, my Windows PC and my other American things and honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck about some [censored] and Shylocks dying somewhere in [censored] or whatever…

  14. michaelooi says:

    MT – Whooa dude, I have to censor your comment there a bit. I don’t give a flying fuck either, but I keep the opinion to myself (let’s not call them insensitive names, shall we?)

  15. another john doe says:

    exactly! why not begin to citizen arrest those ugly looking goth/hip hop wannabes instead of countlessly banning western concerts? is it because they are their own child they cannot do anything about??

  16. another john doe says:

    they just failed to become a parent a not worthy leader

  17. Mark says:

    Yes, ‘what the fuck?’ was EXACTLY what I had on my mind when I read this in The Star.

    Stupid, ignorant extremists that want to ban anything and EVERYTHING that they CLAIM with make people deviate from their faith, cause social ills and fund the attacks on Gaza. A lot of times I wonder if they are determined to make us regress back to the stone ages. I agree it’s indeed embarassing that foreign artistes frequently have to deal with this crap every time they wanna perform here.

    Pls don’t flatter them by calling them donkeys, coz obviously donkeys have a higher rate of intelligence.

  18. MT says:

    Mike: I know you have to la, otherwise YOU might get into trouble and I REALLY don’t want that to happen so… :) But yeah, that is exactly how I feel so for what its worth, it felt good to just type it out la.. :D

  19. Danielle says:

    OMG LOL this is so lame
    And I think Malaysia has had its fair share of stupid views

  20. Nomad says:

    Why not use their hudud law to round em mat rempits and give them death penalty. Since they are playing with death, let them die without affecting the lives of innocent ones. That would keep them busy.

  21. Banksie says:

    I live in the UK, heard abt the ban on radio today… but the DJ din take a piss abt the matter (surprise-surprise). Anyway, he said Rihanna shud probably keep her jumper on – at 32 degrees; she ll be boiling!

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