January 14, 2009

dick chick

I think I am attracting more dicks as I age. Either that, or the world that I am living in is so teeming with dicks, that it is literally impossible to not encounter them at all. Hell, even the chicks that I deal with every day are mostly dicks. And I encountered the worst one today at HSBC bank.

I was there with Emily to get her ATM card changed, because the darn thing failed on us. It wasn’t broken or damaged or anything. It just died out of mysterious causes. So we went to the bank to have it rectified, and was served by this sourpuss Malay chick. When we told her about the problematic ATM card, the dick chick immediately said – “Yeah I’ve looked through our records and it said our bank system was functional throughout. So it must be your card that has become defective.”

No shit sherlock, like I couldn’t tell. I was also pretty sure that she made up the whole thing because we were barely there for less than 10 seconds and she didn’t even budge an inch – she couldn’t have ‘checked’ on any records. Anyway, when I lamented how this was inconveniencing us, the dick chick replied,

“If you know how to take care of your cards, this wouldn’t have happened.”

She was actually sarcastically implying that it was my fault that the card was defective, and for that, I should be made to pay 8 bucks to have it replaced.

“Excuse me? You’re saying that the card became defective because ‘I did not know how to take care of my cards’? Now how did you arrive to that conclusion?”

She repeated the same shit like a broken record,

“I’ve looked through our records and it said our bank system was functional throughout. So it must be you do not know how to take care of your cards”

I was like, wow, her computer is not only capable of communicating with her telepathically, but is also capable of telling if their clients have been abusing the ATM cards! That’s like, in the league of the Oracle in The Matrix trilogy! Probably has a big wrinkled cheebye and bakes cookies when free as well.

I then confirmed again with her,

“So by checking your records and error codes, you can tell if I haven’t been taking a good care of my cards?”

She duly replied my query with an assuring ‘yes’. I then DOUBLE confirmed again with her,

“So it couldn’t have been the quality of the card itself that causes it to fail?”

“I checked the records. The list of error codes here tells me everything.” [shows me a stack of stapled A4 notes]

I was wondering if her Oracle super computer could tell her how fucking stupid she is. I was so tempted to ask her then – how the fuck do I actually ‘take good care’ of my cards? Cut their cuticles and trim their pubes? Goddamn. I did not ask her that of course, because I knew she was too much of a dick and had too little intelligence to even reason. So I went on with whatever plan she had, let her proceed to get us the replacement card and later went to the branch manager instead, to lodge a complaint against the bitch and eventually got the 8 bucks waiver for the stupid card.

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12 Comments to “dick chick”

  1. sweewon says:

    A friend once encountered the same type of rude dick chick in a bank too.
    He didn’t manage to lodge a complaint because by the time he said, “So I get it that your name is *looks at tag* XXXXX? Great.”

    It scared the shit out of her and she apologized on the spot.

  2. Jerry says:

    Had the same problem with MBB weeks ago. Called up their customer service and demanded the Branch Manager to call within the week.

    Damn… These banks must be sitting on their asses

  3. Lisa Lee says:

    Really super irritating if u ask me… Eouwwww

  4. Teress says:

    “I’ve looked through our records and it said our bank system was functional throughout. So it must be you do not know how to take care of your cards”
    —-Man, that’s one of the rudest responses I’ve ever encountered ever.

  5. michaelooi says:

    sweewon – It seems that there are a lot of such fucker chicks around in the professional service industry these days.

    Jerry – I think it’s the quality of the workforce here. Some people just aren’t meant to be working in banks.

    Lisa – Yeah, it wasn’t such a thrilling experience for me either.

    Teress – It wouldn’t have been that bad if she ACTUALLY looked through the record and told us that… But then, she had to do it her dumb way…

  6. Patrick Tang says:

    lol, remains me of little Britain. Watch these:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TYAQ0JWBzE&feature=related

  7. xes says:

    waahahah i would have walloped her on the spot!

  8. MT says:

    You did the right thing Mike… No point arguing with shit brained people like that because in their head, they are right no matter what and so its a waste of time.
    The problem with this WHOLE country is that people like that are found everywhere and in every job.

  9. J says:

    encountered the same situation at mbb and that blardi hell said exactly the same thing, that i never take care of my card properly.

  10. michaelooi says:

    Patrick – Thanks for the link, that is some funny shit there… hahah

  11. Kevin says:

    Well I did the opposite. I blamed it on the machine. My cards are usually(always in fact) broken right under the chip. I got mine changed twice :) I need to change it again soon when I have the time to go to the banks.

  12. psychzzz says:

    The next time the card refuses to work; try this – take an eraser and rub the square IC part of the card to clean it. Usually that’s where it fails. Don’t even bother with the counter staffs.

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