January 9, 2009


Company X hires the some of the strangest kinds of employees (except me of course). Just the other day, I saw a lady wore something so ghastly awful, that it almost gave me a fucking heart attack. She had this piece of fluorescent colored puffy ‘drouse’ (I don’t know if it was a really short dress, or a ridiculously long blouse, so I’m calling that thing a ‘drouse’) draping just over her caboose. Under there, she wore nothing, but only a pair of glossy LATEX tights. She also had this Cleopatra wannabe ancient Samurai helmet hairstyle, with a pair of big ass hoop earrings. Now if you’re wondering if that subject was hot, no she wasn’t. The subject actually looked like – as I have described about a person I know to a friend before – the female version of Quasimodo…

The time I spotted that tragic piece of horror, she was discussing – rather loudly – with her bunch of half witted equally misshapen friends about how she should have trimmed her fucking helmet hairstyle even more like a helmet (some technical jargons involved). I was so tempted to walk over and tell her that if an evil witch shaman from the ancient Mayan civilization were to live today, she would have chosen to wear the exact same garb like her’s. Brings the term ‘dress to kill’ to a whole new meaning.

I guess the lady was probably trying to look goth in that shit, in hope to obscure her advanced age from her colleagues or something. But little did she realize that her setup had the complete opposite effect, and some other unintended image wrecker as well…

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6 Comments to “uwekkk!”

  1. J says:

    perhaps that is what ppl called ‘fashion’ =P

  2. dy says:

    gypsies wannabe? fuck tht. she’ll ripped your head off before mating.

  3. michaelooi says:

    J – If that is fashion, then our national past time must be eating shit.

    dy – I hope this is not an insider joke or something but, buddy, you’ve mistaken a praying mantis for a fucking gypsy.

  4. Addicus Zed says:

    Wakakaka!!! I wish to see such lady in Company X so that i can cock stare her…

  5. MT says:

    I really don’t get it la… I’m really, really not being racist here but, why is it more often than not, we see so many Chinese women having that Cleopatra shit going on?! Cleopatra was an ugly Egyptian whore so why would one strive to look like her?!

  6. michaelooi says:

    Addicus Zed – I don’t really know if ‘cock stare’ means you dig her or not, but you better lay off the drug you’re taking dude.

    MT – Beats me.

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