January 8, 2009

stupid traffic lights

I was stucked at an intersection for 40 over minutes the other day. Rather unexpectedly, at a non-peak hour time. Why? Because of a set of stupid traffic lights. What it did, was it only allowed 10 – 12 seconds on the green, and would go red for over 2 minutes. Anyone with half a brain would have figured what that would do to the traffic – huge motherfucking backlogs. It was like pressing your thumb against the spout of a faucet with running water.

I wonder who was the retard that was commissioned to time that set of stupid traffic lights. The sad thing is, people like that retard seem to be prevalent in Malaysia nowadays, because I noticed that the set of traffic lights IS DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY ONE of its kind around. They’re all over the fucking place. There used to be one right outside my workplace that would go green for only 5 – 6 seconds, but would go red for eternity. And I remember encountering countless of such traffic lights in KL as well. Seriously, what is with these people…

And people wonder why we get traffic congestion every so often. I have an answer for that – some idiots did too much charity and some retards got lucky.

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10 Comments to “stupid traffic lights”

  1. LX says:


    I was in penang end of last year. Gosh I encountered one this retarded traffic light near Gurney Plaza. Cilaka, stupid idiot engineer to create this.

    Back in KL, to get to my house, I need to go through 4 traffic lights in 1 long straight stretch. (a bit curvy lar).

    If you pass by old klang road + jalan puchong, even worse, 10 traffic lights. Bastard.

  2. michaelooi says:

    There are 6 traffic lights in the first kilometer leading out of Company X… have to contend with that every day…

  3. EinsamSoldat says:

    traffic lights gives kick-back to the approver.. more traffic lights more $$$ :D

  4. anas says:

    the traffic light near my house would go green so briefly, only a maximum of 2 or maybe 3 cars being able to pass. it caused a massive backlog for a non-busy junction. lasted for a month, then they reprogram the light to stay green longer after complaints from the public. good thing “they” listen to the public :)

  5. Ant says:

    Traffic light is one thing, at least it’s programmed by some idiots. At least it’s a constant. Traffic police is NOT constant! Try experiencing the new ‘traffic flow’ at FTZ Phase 4, near Snake Temple and you will curse like no tomorrow. Traffic congestion at all directions except free flow for folks coming from Jalan Tengah! Folks there must pay lots of tax money than the rest of Penangites?

  6. michaelooi says:

    I think I have bitched about traffic policemen somewhere in this blog before. Yeah, they’re fucktards that are nothing more than being redundant. The traffic would definitely go smoother without them.

  7. MT says:

    For those who pass by Eastin hotel in KL everyday, here’s some news for you. During rush hour, the timing of the traffic lights are purposely shortened i.e. like what Mike has described, just so that you get stuck in a jam and become so pissed off that you end up taking the tolled road.

  8. JC says:

    The traffic light at Taman Sea secondary school there is terrible too. If you come from SS2, down the slope and turn right towards Taman Bahagia LRT station, only 2-3 cars can pass.

  9. aziq says:


    this guy’s been ripping your blogs as his “notes” in facebook.
    i know you probably don’t care, but i believe credit should be given where it’s due lah.

  10. michaelooi says:

    Thanks for the heads up Aziq. Please do me another favor – post a comment in his ‘notes’ and credit me. Thank you.

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