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October 21, 2008

the perils of blogging – friends finding out (3)

This is the continuation of the second part.

I actually didn’t lose my shit in the last reply. I was just fed up with Darth Apeshit trying to be emo and stuff, which in my opinion, was bordering the gay territory and being a drag. So I said what had to be said.

Anyway, I didn’t see any mail from him for the next 1 day, which I thought he probably had sulked enough or committed suicide. But he was very much alive. Check out his reply and the correspondence that followed after the jump…

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the perils of blogging – friends finding out (2)

This is the continuation of the first part.

My friend Darth Apeshit went really apeshit after reading Alvin’s flippant email reply. He immediately made 2 email replies, first one with everyone in copy, the second only to me.

Email transcripts after the jump.

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the perils of blogging – friends finding out (1)

I have been asked countless of times before by a lot of people – Have I ever been in trouble for writing so many things about the people I know in my blog?

Well, the answer is – Fuck yeah. Many times. Among the biggest one, was this incident when an oversea friend found out about my blog from his colleagues (apparently, my blog’s quite popular), only to realize that I had written many stories about him in my blog… and he went ballistic about it. He immediately sent an email to castigate me, and copied many other friends in the process, which kind of blew the matter out of proportion many times over. A war of emails ensued and our friendship was put to test right then.

I felt inclined to share the emails between the two of us, with all of you here, just so that you people get to experience what I experienced first hand – when a friend finds out about the things you wrote about him in your blog.

Because it’s hard for me to cram all the email transcripts into one single posting, I will break the shit up into several parts for convenience’s sake – and you guys can let me know your thoughts at the end of the series.

The emails are reproduced verbatim, except for the involved character’s name – which I’m going to replace with ‘Darth Apeshit’ to mask his true identity (but you guys can go ahead to figure out which are the corresponding entries I wrote about him… it’s quite easy, really). Also, please excuse our poor command of language, for we are uneducated and stuff. First part of the email transcripts after jump.

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October 16, 2008

airborne stunt gone wrong

One of the shocking headlines today [source]:

Rude shock for housewife
IPOH: Housewife Ng Lwe Mooi had a rude shock when a neighbour crashed her Proton Waja into her house in Taman Tasek Mewah here.

Ng, 59, said she was doing her household chores when she heard a loud bang at the front of her house at about 12.30pm.

“As I glanced out to check, I was shocked when I saw the car in my compound.

“From the sound of the crash, I thought a small plane had crash-landed outside my house,” she added.

The driver of the car was her neighbour who lives five doors away.

Moments after the accident, Ng said the driver was rushed to the hospital by her family members.

Another resident Nazri Japeranssah, 36, said the motorist was reversing from her house about 10m away.

“I was in the living room with my elder brother and I saw the car hitting my brother’s van and it continued moving towards Ng’s house about 20m away,” said Nazri.

“If it wasn’t for my brother’s van, the car could have crashed into my house,” he added.


But I was confused about a couple of things.

1) It was mentioned that the driver was a neighbor who lives 5 doors or 10 meters away from this poor housewife’s house. Then towards the end of the article, it was mentioned that the car actually hit someone’s van first, then headed towards poor housewife’s compound, this time, 20 meters away. So, does that mean the car actually traveled to another direction to hit the van first (approx. 10 meters away?), then traveled all the way back to plow into poor housewife’s compound?

2) The driver was actually reversing out from her house. But by assessing the damage from the picture (refer source page), it looks more like the driver was actually performing some airborne stunts with her car… or something like that (note: the driver had to be sent to the hospital). And even that was after hitting a van, which could have mitigated the impact. How did this whole thing happen then? I mean, seriously, only by reversing out from her lot? Was she reversing at the speed of like, 90 – 100kph?

This seriously has to go into a book of record somewhere.

Whatever the truth is, one thing is for sure… when you see a female entity reversing her car, RUN!

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October 14, 2008

engineer wanted

So now you know that Elliot’s leaving, and he’d have left a small void that needs to be filled. That’s why I’m telling you guys that Company X is hiring. And I’m extending this out here to those who wants an opportunity to work with great individuals like me… (woo hoo)

Now, if you’re not already turned off by the distasteful idea and is still reading this, good. You should check out the requirements for the job here…

– Diploma or Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineering.
– average IQ or above (eg. be able to differentiate between fish n’ chips and chicken chop)
– acceptable command of English (strong command of English will be an advantage)
– if you like or somehow look like Jay Chou, you will not be shortlisted even if you meet all the requirements (alright, I was just fucking with you guys. Jay Chou lovers are welcomed, of course)
– job’s for associate/junior engineer, we don’t really give a crap if you have experience. In fact, fresh grads are encouraged to apply. That’s because we plan to brainwash you into a working class zombie.
– Must be a Penang resident, or willing to be relocated to Penang… because Company X is in Penang you numbnut (to be exact, it’s at the mainland).

Job descriptions:
– working in the lab 9 hours a day, performing investigations on various electronic product failures.
– possibly underpaid (most likely average), no windows, cold air con.
– benefits: dental plan, insurance, car installment subsidy, all the standard crap
– benefits: opportunity to work with a multinational company and me (that’s the only awesome thing, really)
– benefits: you can ask for overtime if you’re running tight on moolah.
– no ugly chicks or gay dudes in the lab. In fact, there’s hardly anyone in the lab. Just you and tonnes of privacy (and work).
– independent job, nobody’s around to give you a hard time (except me when I’m in the foul mood. But usually I’m alright.)
– plenty of stuff to learn.
– good job security.

There. The difference between this job and those that you read from the hiring agency is – the one listed here is non-sugar coated and is down to earth frank. What you see above, is pretty much what you’re gonna get. So, if this is your cup of tea and you’re up to the challenge (hey, what’s life without a bit of challenge? don’t be a pussy), please have your resume sent to my email below:

I will then forward your resume to the hiring manager and have him send you the details for an interview if you meet the requirements (fyi, I’m not the one interviewing so, relax). The hiring window will open for only limited time so, you should make up your mind pronto.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, have him/her send in the resume as well.

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