December 6, 2008

encounter with kids that need serious tranquilizing

I had to yell at a bunch of kids at a KFC joint today.

It happened at the indoor playground area, when I was looking after Regine. It was all good at the playground until that bunch of obnoxious kids came and started to wreak havoc upon mankind. For the record here, the indoor playground was meant for kids under 10, but those kids that came were like 10 – 12 years old. There were 5 of them in a gang, brought over by this middle aged Chinese housewife in a revolting spaghetti string attire.

They came into the playground and played ‘chase’ – which I didn’t really mind at first, albeit I was a little bit annoyed with the screaming and all. But when they pushed my Regine and made her almost tip over a 4 feet high platform, I snapped (I managed to grab her in time). I mean, can you imagine that? Seeing a 10 year old imp push my 2 year old angel like nobody’s business? Man, I could have tossed that little shit half way across the restaurant. But of course I didn’t do that (I would if it isn’t a crime). Instead, I hissed at the bunch of kids in my best impression of a mean fucker – “HEY! If you guys want to play, play properly, ok??”

A harmless warning with a hint of violence in it. Simple enough for the kids to understand that if they don’t heed my warning, they’re going to have to see the doctor to have chicken bones removed from their rectum. They immediately toned down right after I issued the threat. The spaghetti string housewife was around when I did the hissing, and she didn’t like that a bit. I thought she’d come over to confront me, but she didn’t. She’s probably scared of me or something. Whatever.

But I happened to spot her glowering at me from outside the window pane when she left the premise with her bunch of devil spawns, with the kind of expression like I was a pedophile who almost got a piece off one of them. She then muttered something vulgar (while still glowering at me) and then did what it seemed like she was reassuring her kids that I was just another terrible man from out of town. Not wanting to be left out, I reciprocated her hostility by lip syncing the word ‘BITCH’ and ‘CHEEBYE‘ back at her, which riled her even more… and then she fucking disappeared.

I swear, had she confronted me verbally when she was in the restaurant, I would have taken the liberty to say something really mean to her (since I needed to de-stress very badly lately anyway…), like how she ought to sheath her tits with those black garbage plastic bags to match the sag contour, and how rustic people like her shouldn’t reproduce, lest she would make the human species look bad to the animals. There’s a popular Malay word to describe the kind of people she is – Kurang ajar. Neither she nor any of her kids attempted to apologize for shoving my Regine.

Maybe some of you might say that they’re just kids being kids, but hell, there was actually another group of kids of about the same age before the little devils came. In contrast to the devil kids, the earlier group knew how to be considerate and share, and waited for their turn to play. Most important thing was, they knew how to cut my Regine some slack knowing she’s little and all. They didn’t scream like they’ve lost their fucking mind. And they didn’t run around like the building’s on fire. That’s what I would deem a normal, well taught, regular kid is. And when the little devils came, the first group automatically left. (unfortunately, except my Regine because she’s too little to realize that the hot soup’s pouring over and I couldn’t make her leave).

All in all, it’s just fucking sad to have people like her living amongst us.

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12 Comments to “encounter with kids that need serious tranquilizing”

  1. MT says:

    You’re good in the sense that you stopped there mate… I would have gone postal on that bitch! Among other things, I would have told her that her kids are a waste of sperm and they are the reason why people consider abortions!

    Then again, many parents nowadays are a bunch of boneheads as well. Once when I was in a supermarket, there was this 3-4 year old kid who was crying his head off; it was obvious he was lost. Mom and I helped call a guard and we all tried finding his mother. Found her OUTSIDE the supermarket gossiping with a friend! Apparently, she didn’t leave him alone; she had left him under the supervision of her daughter… WHO WAS SEVEN!

    I told her she needed to do 2 things; get a head X-ray to see if she had a brain and to get spayed so she couldn’t breed anymore…

  2. You know… nowadays parents “chung” (spoil) their kids too much… kids nowadays are just too pampered…

    If my son did something like pushing down other kids… i will whack him too…

    Sometimes I am speechless at some parents bring their kids up…

    “Parents please whack your kids”… Russell Peters

  3. vincent says:

    walao eh! i think i might slap those kids~

  4. michaelooi says:

    It’s not really about the whacking. I couldn’t have cared any less whether the bitch whoop her kids’ asses. It’s the upbringing – which our society seems to lack these days.

  5. LX says:


    If I were you, I would have confronted the bitch if she do the same to me. I would even threaten her with a lawyer letter for “causing hurt with intention” / “chuk yi sheung hoi ta yan san tai” .. If she didn’t want to apologize n saying anything that is threatening, I would probably sue her again for threatening victim.

    If she say something bad, I would even give her another letter for defamation.

    hahaha .. sorry watch HKB drama too much ..

    but it fact it is very sad that our society was filled with these bunch of jerks.

  6. michaelooi says:

    yeah dude, you should lay off those Chinese dramas or whatever shit you’re taking now…

  7. ww says:

    i would have kara-teh them right there and then. esp that mom! she dunno how to teach their kids, and pushed the blame to others when her kids done wrong.

    should scold her kids diu~ nia ma……

  8. MT says:

    What for scold the kids? Wei, kids ah, when they are young, they are like blank pages la. Its up to the parents to fill those blank pages so that the rest of the book turns out to have some quality. In this case, the kids got perangai setan because the mother got shit for brains, like many other parents out there. To them, their children can do no wrong so the kids also grow up thinking they are free of all blame…

  9. michaelooi says:

    MT – If kids are like blank pages like you said, then wouldn’t that make scolding them akin to filling in those ‘pages’ with proper content (since the mother’s too dumbass to fill in anything at all)?

    I’d second the idea of scolding them. Tells them what’s right and wrong. But the blame definitely goes to their bitch mother. No shit.

  10. littleComma says:

    Mike, thank goodness you were able to catch Regine in time. I have seen some parents reading papers while their young children play around in playground. If this happens to their children, they will not be able to grab in time.

  11. MT says:

    You got a point there brudder, but we as outsiders scold them also no use. Its like making amendments on a book in pencil; the corrections can be erased. The printed words are permanent however. Similarly, if you scolded those kids, they may learn a good example of right and wrong but it will be shortlived; that dipshit mother of theirs has and will continue to condition them that there’s nothing wrong with their behaviour and that its okay to act like demon spawn…

  12. mott says:

    When that happens here, and trust me, it happens alot..the boys and I just pack up and leave. Sadly, I fear Aussie kids. They’re really big n mean, sometimes. Sigh..

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