December 4, 2008

dumbass government

So, how much money and resources would it collectively take (for the nation of Malaysia) if each of us were to fill in the stupid form and submit it to the EPF department, just to tell them to fucking leave our 11% contribution untouched? I did a crude calculation.

1) Calculation for cost of man hours to get the job done
– Per capita income in year 2007 is RM 22,345 (reference to an article in TheStar some time ago)
– We all work 9 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 52 weeks in a fiscal year – average per capita hourly income works to about RM9.55.
– Assuming it would take each person 30 minutes to print, read, fill in the particulars, discuss, commute, queue and submit the stupid form, that works to about RM 4.77 worth of manhours wasted for each form.
– That means, the whole country will be collectively wasting about RM 4.77 million for EVERY MILLION of members who do not want to have their contributions reduced. That’s enough money to fund the building repairs of several vernacular schools, or a lifetime’s beauty treatment for Pak Lah‘s pockmark ridden face.

2) Calculation for cost of materials to get the job done
– It is safe to assume that we’re going to use 1 sheet of A4 paper for 1 form.
– 1 ream of A4 paper has about 500 sheets.
– According to ‘Conserve A Tree‘ site, 1 ream of A4 paper of 500 sheets uses the wood content of about 6% of a regular sized tree.
– Ergo, 1 tree can produce about 17 reams of A4 paper, or 8500 sheets.
– That means, for every 1 million of disgruntled EPF members wanting to retain that 11% contribution to use 1 sheet of A4 paper for 1 form, we’d have to chop down about 118 trees to process them into paper. That’s 118 trees for every million of EPF forms. That’s about the size of a small forest dude.

3) Other shits in between
– The energy used to chop the trees, clear the forest, process the wood, pay the workers, transport the paper, etc.
– The moolah to pay those EPF officers to makan pagi, minum petang, overtime to process our forms.
– The amount of fossil fuel burned by thousands of vehicles going to EPF offices.
– The amount of electricity energy used to accommodate the crowd and to process the forms.
– The increment of probability that could skew the accident index in traffic.
– The amount of greenhouse gases released into the air from the vehicles traveling to EPF offices.
– etc etc etc

Yes, it’s like dumping truckloads after truckloads of money into a big ass incinerator labeled “HAA HAA YOU STUPID FUCK!”

Why can’t they just fucking let us have the 11% as default, and let those who wants the extra 3% of pocket money fill in the stupid form instead? Bunch of nincompoops and idiots.

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11 Comments to “dumbass government”

  1. LX says:


    Sabar itu separuh daripada iman. Beside, it is kind like a scam. I did some modest calculation at They are trying to rip more money from the rakyat by collecting more tax.

    Stupid government. Some of the rakyat also damn bloody stupid idiot asshole for voting them to become the government.

    By the way, the idiot government also got use a bit of brain, they allow group submission of name so that less paper needed but then or .. they only use bloody 1% of their brain again. The group form only allow to a maximum 15 names which means that if your company have 300 folks wanted to fill the form you still need to print 20 forms for it. Damn idiot .. What is the rational of this. Who is fxxxxxx bastard working in EPF? Damn idiot wan. .. balik kampung tanam jagung better lar.. oppps no.. not jagung .. tanam sayur, vege now very expensive.

  2. Chrys says:

    Doubt they are that stupid. They wanted this to be implemented, the deduction of EPF from 11% to 8%. Making these procedures harder for taxpayers to opt-out from this scheme is exactly what they want.

  3. Primrose says:

    Yeah, they allow group submission. My org has 300+ ppl and well…[shut my mouth]. They should just do it the other way round. But the trick is to make 8% a default in hope that ppl are just too lazy to sign the form to maintain 11%. Besides, it’s only for 2 years. Come to think of it, gomen also not totally idiots. They wanted to trick Malaysians. Trickster!

  4. michaelooi says:

    Well, the fact that all of us are figuring out stuff after stuff, just goes on to prove what a dumbass they’ve been. Or naive to think that we’re all that gullible and shit.

  5. desmond-t says:

    Our BolehLand memang BOLEH… the least productive and yet most troublesome!

  6. MT says:

    Its simple… How else to make money? After all:
    1. Some people need to buy their own BOEING as a private plane.
    2. People like the Bombermen’s families need to be paid off while the Bombermen take a holiday after ‘solving’ the issue of all-tan-who-ah…
    3. New buildings and beautification need to be added to Naboo… Ooops, I meant Putera-tak jaya..
    4. Some people who are on an extended 3 year paid holiday like that racist son of a diseased pig from uhmmm-no need to get their salary.

    And the list goes on and on…

    So? How else to make money?

  7. agtong says:

    i totally agree on this bit…

    “… Why can’t they just ******* let us have the 11% as default, and let those who wants the extra 3% of pocket money fill in the stupid form instead?…”

  8. Alice says:

    Well said….they are just pure stupid.

  9. bongkersz says:

    Dumbass government, get the person who suggested those wanting to keep 11% contributions to fill up the form impaled, shot, chopped into pieces and shot over and over again.

  10. littleComma says:

    troublesome troublesome troublesome … but that’s the whole idea. at the end of the year, by reducing the 3%, they will also pay a lesser interest amount.

  11. choo says:

    Why bother to fill up the form to maintain at 11%? Better to keep the money and invest yourself. The head of EPF’s investment committee is an idiot

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