December 2, 2008

chick vanity bucks

I have been frequenting this same hairdresser since I was 17. The lady was my late father’s friend, who was quite hot when I was introduced to her. But not anymore. That’s because time and gravity took that all away from her. She now looks like a bipedal camel wearing a wig, without the fur, of course.

Anyway, I like to patronize her outlet not because of her looks, but because
a) she hasn’t got much customers so, I don’t really have to wait (I’m always the only customer there for the past 14 years)
b) her place has got a big ass space for me to park my car (I’m very anal about parking)
c) she’s the nearest and cheapest hairdresser I can find who could give me a decent trim (she used to charge 3 bucks per haircut. Now, she charges 12 stinging bucks.)

But just the other day, when I went there as usual for my haircut, for the first time in many years, I was made to wait for my turn. Before me was this young chick (who must be in her early 20’s…), having some ‘stuff’ done to her hair halfway. I quoted ‘stuff’ because I don’t really know what were my hairdresser doing to her hair. The girl obviously wasn’t having a haircut because I didn’t see any scissor or trimmer involved. There were just sticks and heaps of hair gel and hairsprays. The chick also had a friend (who has a pair of hot legs) looking on, and they were retardedly giggling at short intervals.

From what I reckoned, the girl must be preparing her hair for her wedding/engagement banquet, or at least some important event. You know, those weird stuff girls do to their hair. Loops here, twirls there, glitters and sticks everywhere. All out for the kill. The hairdresser told me it’s going to take a while and apologized. I was ok with that since I was kind of having a great time watching legs there. So, I waited.

I must have waited for 15 over minutes before it was finally done. Great, I thought, because my amusement for legs was wearing thin. But it was not over yet. The bride was not happy with some of the twirls, so, the hairdresser had to apply more chemicals to make it look more pubic like (well, that was how it looked to me). After working the twirls for another 5 minutes, the hairdresser held up a few handheld mirrors as a gesture to the girl that the job’s done. Again, the girl didn’t like it, and this time, she let out an ‘oops’, and said ‘I think I have a right hair parting, but you did me a left!’ – and my poor hairdresser had to start all over again with the sticks and hair gel and hairsprays, just so that the bride could have her hair parting changed to the right side. (I was thinking, who gives a crap if it’s left or right hair parting?? and why didn’t she mention that earlier??)

And that was how I waited through for another 20 minutes before it was finally done (for real). I then saw the girl pay like 70 – 80 bucks for the job and left the premise without moving her head (like she was balancing a goddamn beehive on her head). Curious, I then asked my apologetic hairdresser, was the girl getting married or something? To my surprise, my hairdresser said nay, the girl was just attending her friend’s wedding dinner. I was like, ‘WTF????’

Believe it people. That girl spent more than 70 bucks at the hairdresser, for more than an hour, to get her hair done for a friend’s wedding dinner. That’s fucking crazy, don’t you think? It shudders me to think that the girl had to spend so frigging much for something probably of least importance to her anyway. For the record, that’s enough moolah for me to have at least 5 haircuts in the span of 3 years! (I only have my haircut every 4 – 6 months).

Now I know how that hairdresser manage to sustain her business for so many years without really having too much customers visiting… that’s because she has all along been earning ‘chick vanity bucks’, that transcends beyond inflation, recession and comprehension.

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20 Comments to “chick vanity bucks”

  1. MT says:

    Yesss… Reminds me of a friend who one day joined us at our weekend yum cha session and was acting strange; she was trying to get us to notice her new hairdo. We all agreed on one thing; her head looked like a wet raccoon. Then she told us how much she spent for the rebonding, coloring, perming, re-perming, rejoining and re-whatever-else.. RM400!

  2. aD says:

    She might be attending her ex-bf’s wedding.

  3. Calvin says:

    …pubic like… *LOL*

  4. EinsamSoldat says:

    things are more simpler back in the 1980s…

  5. J says:

    i also spend a lot on my hair whenever there’s a wedding function. after the function, wash my hair and then everything gone *poof* back to my normal straight hair.

  6. cLiu says:

    aiya…how much gal willing to spend on the hair…u guys don’t understand la…=P

  7. michaelooi says:

    MT – 400 bucks! That’s the price of 2 pieces of brand new tires!

    aD – To impress someone who has already seen every ugly side of them?

    EinsamSoldat – Says who?? 80’s has got to be the most ridiculous era. Thick shoulder pads, even thicker make ups, CFC laden hair sprays (shit fucking loads of them), Modern Talking… geez, you actually reminded me of something that I haven’t blogged about…

    J – So, what’s the ‘return of investment’? You get a good head or what?

    cLiu – That’s why we have beer. Whenever we ‘don’t understand’ something, we go out to drink with the boys. *wink*

  8. MT says:

    There! Cliu proved my point; they will say “You don’t understand la!” but if we were to say we’re spending 400 smackers on some Toyo T1R tyres, they’d say “What for? Sime tayar, Toyo all also same mah! Tyre only whaaat! What for spend so much?!” But if they colour their hair and we say “Same only mahh!” they’d say “Stupid! Before it was hazelnut! Now its chestnut! You’re so ignorant!”

    Well fuck that… Hazelnuts and chestnuts are food to me; not fucking hair colour!

  9. michaelooi says:

    400 bucks on ‘some’ Toyo T1R, you say? I don’t think Toyos are that cheap, right? But for 400 bucks, you can probably get a couple of Barum tires… or more than 8 rounds of balancing/alignment for your ride… or 5 jobs of water pump change… or a timing belt change package for some older Protons… or a complete makeover of car body dents… or a brand new really cool looking grille… or a box of imported premium tools… or a complete set of Meguiars 3-step car care products… or a dozen sets of portable hydraulic jacks… or one and a half units of auto transmission strainer… or a reconditioned air con compressor… or 2 dozen bottles of high grade ethylene glycol coolant… or a Royal Purple, with enough change for a quick blowjob… or 100 plates of char koay teow with extra prawns (if you know where to look)… [list goes on]

  10. MT says:

    Mike: Niiiiice… A fellow petrol-head… :) But yeah bro, T1R can be found for that cheap… Can get 2 pcs of 15 inch, with balancing + alignment n labour for under RM400. There’s a few shops in Klang with those prices. If you need anything for your car, I can help you get some good prices. Its the least I can do for you after those many hours of entertainment you provide us all with your blog. :D

  11. J says:

    nothing so far, haih. failed hor? even there’s no special function, some girls just love to change their hairstyles frequently. sekejap straight, sekejap curly, then black, then blonde. it’s so easy to earn their money. agree with cLiu, “you guys don’t understand laa” QFT, haha!

  12. ww says:

    its like that one lah. these kind of money is really easy to earn. if not, why do u see so many makeup brands around?

    skII or shiseido wont be earning big bucks if its not for the vanity nature of women. lol..

  13. michaelooi says:

    MT – I thought T1R is a performance tire? For less than 200 a piece plus balancing and alignment, that’s fucking cheap. My Pirelli P7 costs 300 a piece excluding balancing/alignment. And a P7 is not even a performance grade, and I got it during a promotion…

    J – When a person says ‘you guys don’t understand lar’, that means the person is feeling guilty and speechless at the same time…

    ww – Yeah man. And they still have the audacity to bitch whenever they see us buy a decently priced lens or two… which probably lasts a lifetime (with care) in contrast to their ‘one time only hair fix’. FFFfff!

  14. MT says:

    Mike: Well, there are places that don’t actually try and kill us when we buy stuff la… :) Of course my prices are including the ”friend friend” factor la… ;)

    Yes! Lenses! Thank God my gf understands the importance of them! Otherwise how to justify buying a 70-300mm IS USM or a 50mm f/1.4? Most other women friends said the same thing; “What for need too zoom in so much? If you want a bigger picture, go closer la!” :|

  15. michaelooi says:

    It has taken me 2 years to think about buying that budget lens – Tamron 17-50mm Di II… I still couldn’t get myself to buy it… let alone an IS USM lens…

    I guess I’m sticking to that kit lens till a full frame becomes affordable enough for me to change the camera altogether…

  16. Danielle says:

    “It shudders me to think that the girl had to spend so frigging much for something probably of least importance to her anyway”

    It will be a lasting impression if she takes pictures throughout the night (which I’m sure she will). Imagine the thousands of people and generations who will browse through the bride and groom’s photos in the photo album, and to say: hey this guest of yours looks better with a right side parting

  17. michaelooi says:

    you heard Obama’s ‘lipstick on a pig’ analogy?

  18. mars says:

    But …$70 for chick’s hair is not very expensive. The average cost for a haircut is $60.

    I thought men have to trim their hair every two months or so?

  19. naeboo says:

    400 bucks canot even buy ONE falken tyre what.

    i just spent 600rm on my hair without realising it. i just told them to do whatever i wanted then came payment, it’s 595 wtf.

    too much to spend on hair, man. but nvm.

  20. michaelooi says:

    400 bucks can’t buy many things yes, but it also CAN buy many things… that are not as redundant as getting your beehive hair done for ONE NIGHT… eg. a lifetime’s supply of thumbtacks…

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