November 27, 2008

proof that common sense is not common – 3

I was at this food court ordering yong tou foo. You know what is yong tou foo, right? You should. Anyway, after I have picked my choice of stuffed goodies, I got to the part when I was suppose to tell the guy my selection of soup – which was either the conventional one, or tomyam flavored. I wanted tomyam so, I told the guy –

“I would like the soup to be tomyam please.”

The young Malay chap who was manning the stall gave me this emotionless stare when I told him about my tomyam preference. He did not acknowledge, nor did he show any sign that he heard me so, I repeated my request –

“Errrmm hello? I want my soup to be tomyam flavored.”

Again, no response. I wasn’t very impressed but, I decided to cut him some slack you know, maybe he is a guy of few words or something. So, I thought I’d just wait and see what happens. And indeed, the guy prepared my soup without adding the tomyam stock in it, and my order came out wrong, just as I expected it would. I was pissed of course, because I never liked my yong tou foo plain. It’s either tomyam for me, or never. To compromise is totally out of the question. That was why I had to bitch to him –

“Haven’t I already told you a couple of times just now that I want the soup to be tomyam flavored??”

He looked at me like I was stupid or something, again, with no reaction or whatsoever. It was as if… he could not understand a word I said…

“Hey! Can you hear me?? I – WANT – TOMYAM [point point]. This is not tomyam.”

Then suddenly, an old Malay biddy materializes out of nowhere and started yelling at me –

“Mister, please calm down! We only add the tomyam stock into your soup later on!”

The fucking bitch was obviously trying to lie out of the mistake the young chap did. She then scooped a spoonful of raw tomyam stock (paste) into my soup and gave me a ‘See?’ expression. I wasn’t happy about that of course…

“Are you for real?? I thought you’re suppose to boil the soup with the stock! I’ve never seen anyone prepare tomyam like this!”

The bitch rudely replied, while the retard stood there still with that dead look on him –
“Well, that’s our way of preparing it.”

“What a bunch of bullshit. And then this guy, is he deaf or something??”

Then came the shocking truth –
“Yes, he is indeed a hearing impaired person. Please show some respect to people like him. If you want something, talk to me.”

She had me in the balls. I felt guilty as shit. I didn’t expect that guy to be a hearing impaired person. How would I know? He looked just like the many dickheads in the food court manning a counter. And there wasn’t any sign on him saying that he is a hearing impaired person and I should fucking forgive him even if he deliberately kills my dog. Fuck. I hate it when people exploit for advantage with someone else’s disabilities.

And who in their right mind would put a hearing impaired person to man a counter, and taking orders from customers? This is as ridiculous as putting a mute person to be a phone technical support, or a Down syndrome tard to drive a Formula 1 safety car. It just doesn’t make any fucking sense. That fucking bitch, she ought to be put to sleep for all these.

But I decided put the matter to rest, for I am always at the losing end simply because one of them is a disabled person. No matter what the argument is, the outcome will always be the same – that I will be seen as a scoundrel who fucking screamed at a disabled person because I do not like my tomyam, so what’s the point really? I apologized to the unscrupulous duo and left the stall to eat my odd tasting yong tou foo in raw tomyam stock, and swore to never patronize that stall ever again. Ptuiii!

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9 Comments to “proof that common sense is not common – 3”

  1. Dominic says:

    this is what should happen:

    bitch: Yes, he is indeed a hearing impaired person. Please show some respect to people like him. If you want something, talk to me.

    you: what?!?!?! you left him to man a counter alone?!! what kind of irresponsible act is that?!!

    bitch: i-

    you: what if someone was pissed off and was about to punch him? are you going to take responsibility?

    bitch: bu-

    you: i have never seen such a person before in my life. who would leave a handicapped person alone. you obviously have no heart and use him only for your selfish convenience.

    bitch: yo-

    you: and how was i going to talk to you in the first place if you are not around? and giving me raw products as well. what if i have food poisoning? you want to take responsibility for that too? you clearly lack the passion to do this kind of business. tsk~

    *you walk away before she gets to respond…

    p.s. no offense meant. this is meant to cheer you up really. your site is nice. me visits often =D

  2. michaelooi says:

    No offense taken and no offense dude, but that sounded so ‘not-me’ and emo, bordering gay. Seriously.

  3. wils0n says:

    reply the bitch, “if he’s deaf, he should have said so. u think i can SEE that he’s deaf?”

  4. Morpheus says:

    Is it at gurney plaza food court?

  5. J says:

    michael, do you mind how others judge you based on your blog?

  6. michaelooi says:

    wils0n – Right then, I didn’t even feel like continuing the bickering any further – because when it involves a disabled person, it would make you look really bad.

    Morpheus – No it was not. It happened at the mainland.

    J – No, not really. If I do, this blog wouldn’t have existed in the first place.

  7. A. says:

    Dude, it aint your fault man, it was just an honest mistake. Fact that you blogged about it shows that you admit your mistake. Takes a real man to do that.

  8. sweewon says:

    Anyway, I think it’s not completely your fault..not to side you simply because i’m visiting your blog (ahem!! hahah) but the guy should’ve AT LEAST signalled to you that he couldn’t hear.

    I think it was improper of him to stare at you and did not acknowledge.

  9. michaelooi says:

    eh, I didn’t say it’s my fault. It was that fucking bitch’s fault. I was feeling guilty because it is not my intention to yell at that hearing impaired kid, not because I think I am at fault. Kanasai lah you people.

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