November 25, 2008

the little samseng

I have always wanted my daughter to be someone tough and independent. You know, especially after seeing so many videos of schoolgirls getting walloped by bullies and stuff. If that were to happen to my Regine, I would hate to see her helplessly getting pummeled and not try to fight back.

That was why I originally thought of sending Regine to a self defense class (taekwondo) when she turns five. But not anymore. Why? Emily and I just received some feedback from her nursery principal a few days ago, that my Regine has been very ‘bossy’ at class. Well, maybe the principal wanted to sound less harsh, but I think the right word should be ‘tyrannical’. The principal’s description of her being ‘bossy’ pretty much includes :

– swatting other kids up for refusing to comply her ridiculous requests (eg. playing an imaginary piano)
– swatting other kids up for laughing at her
– swatting other kids up because she thinks they’re dimwitted
– swatting other kids up for no reasons at all

With that kind of feedback, I’m afraid that if I were to let her gain the dangerous knowledge of taekwondo, she’s going to be the perpetrator who makes the bully video, you get what I mean? Man I am just so frigging worried about my daughter now. And that conniving and manipulative little miscreant is smart enough to not behave like this at home, but she’d totally turn into a devil at the nursery! I don’t remember myself starting the menace THAT young! I only started beating up other kids when I was 8 or something… and my daughter’s only TWO AND A HALF! Sheesh…

Looks like I’m now going to have to worry about her beating up other kids instead of the other way round…

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  1. LX says:


    Gaining martial arts knowledge was not meant for us to kick other people butt. It was more towards self-defense and gaining confidence and be more discipline. Perhaps Regine is still too young to understand the “inner” knowledge of martial arts.

    But I guess you should not be surprised at all that your daughter act cause like father like daughter mah …. wuahhhahahaha …

    I myself was a victim of bully when I was in my boarding school years. I start picking up martial arts when I was in F2 to defend myself. And I did able to defend myself for the next 4 yrs. I can safely said, I can easily bring down 2 or 3 fella in 1 go but I did not. Cause I learn to be more self-discipline.

  2. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Dude its in the genes man!!

    My family’s pretty evil, though we never got to 62%. We’re somewhere along 7% actually.

  3. Atlasya says:

    Hey there, I’ve been secretly lurking on this blog ever since a friend recommended it to me, and I hope it’s okay if I give my two cents worth.

    I used to do Taekwondo, and I personally think that learning a martial art would teach your daughter (she’s damn cute btw) more restraint and discipline than it would encourage her to go around walloping other kids. I used to train with a couple of kids, and as far as I know, they turned out quite well behaved, because it was drilled into them that misusing their knowledge of martial arts would have dire consequences (you get told off and blacklisted and kicked out) and that it was bad.

    So if you can find a martial arts school that has emphasis on the “martial art” instead of just the “martial” bit, it could turn out to be a good experience for your daughter.

  4. michaelooi says:

    Well, thanks for the advice guys. Perhaps I was wrong about that ‘martial’ bit, maybe she would be more disciplined with martial arts… I would definitely reconsider that (letting her learn martial arts…)

    (but if it were to be me, I know, I would have whooped more asses with that martial arts knowledge. I used to be a very ill disciplined kid… the zen shit won’t be able to restraint me)

  5. EinsamSoldat says:

    Learn Yoga aka mind over matters, taekwando is just sport(taekwando is more harmless than football/soccer/rugby) not really discipline mind of young.

    Point to ponder, would adrenaline rush calms down the mind and heart ? ahaks :D

  6. MJ says:

    Either then Taekwondo, you could also look at Akido.

  7. michaelooi says:

    einsamsoldat – You mean, to become like Dhalsim? Yeah man. I could use her Yoga Fire breath to barbecue some chicken… that’s going to be convenient, thanks!

    MJ – Oh no, not Aikido please. Whenever I think of Aikido, I think of that loser Steven Seagull… Geez.

  8. sweewon says:

    She’s sooo beautiful! Who did the hair?
    Btw, I agree with the martial art discipline thing. It’s probably better for her. And LOL at her “bossyness”…! Didn’t they say fairy tales are not good for kids? =P

  9. Khim Foh says:

    Damn…I think my 2yr old son who be scared shit of Regine….I know I would…ha ha ha ha..

    Anyway, you shouldn’t worry too much about Regine, judging from the pics , I bet she’ll grow up just fine.

  10. LX says:


    should support bruce lee .. learn “Jeet Kun Do” or wing chun ..

  11. Chrys says:

    I became less violent after my self defense classes and tournaments. So, it could be good for Regine. Since martial arts include quite some self control techniques.

  12. jusoh says:

    go for muay thai!!! then can enter contender asia!!! muahahhaa!

  13. tyra says:

    Yoga definitely..the basic requirements for health, dance, ballet etc

  14. michaelooi says:

    Alright, this is getting weird… so I need to get my kid to learn yoga to keep her in check? I don’t know man, if yoga is so good, why haven’t we already make it compulsory at school?

  15. CHOW FC says:

    Well, I have two girls (four and two Y.O.) and the youngest starts the fights…….

    No, its not in the genes but I blame it on the powdered milk

  16. Kevin says:

    Yoga in schools?….Cannot lar….ban for muslims…lol….
    Kids will just be kids…I think at that age martial arts won’t help much.

  17. Nicevil says:

    The real question is, how did she learn how to ‘swat’ other kids !? YOU TAUGHT HER THAT, DIDN’T YOU !? :D

    Quit trying to act innocent by indulging yourself in a so-called dillemma of how worried you are about her, when you are actually sadistically smiling at the very thought of Regine beating the shit outtta other kids.

    NICE. :)

  18. Ex Bullied by Mike says:

    No please, noooooo !!! no martial arts for Regina ! She may do what you would do :p

    Teach her programming .. Assembly language as her first language .. that may calm her a bit ..

    useless thoughts

  19. michaelooi says:

    “Ex Bullied by Mike” – Come on, ‘Ex Bullied by Mike’? Regina? How original. Having heard that, you can best bet my ass that I won’t let her become a programmer (programmers are void of life dude… and they’re vulgar. And they fap to internet porn. They may seem calm to you but they’re all stormy inside, if you get what I mean)

  20. Calvin says:

    my bro used to swat other kids in kindie, the teacher had to ask him to go home…just dun let it get out of hand…

    she’s too cute to beat up other ppl btw~~

  21. bongkersz says:

    she’s probably just more active than other kids at her age.. haha!

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