November 19, 2008

proof that common sense is not common – 2

How do you make a glass of ‘teh tarik kurang manis’? You mix in less than usual amount of condensed milk into the tea – that’s how you make it. This is pretty basic stuff, right? Should be, unless you’re an imbecile.

That was exactly what I ordered the other day at a stall inside Company X cafeteria. A glass of ‘teh tarik’, with less sweetness i.e. ‘Teh tarik kurang manis’. But instead of mixing in less amount condensed milk, the Bangla who was preparing my beverage mixed in the usual amount of condensed milk into my tea – which was not what I wanted. Kurang manis, remember?

I thought he had forgotten about my ‘kurang manis’ request, so I thought of reminding him that. But before I was able to tell the guy anything, I saw the Bangla nimbly hovered the glass of teh tarik over the wash basin, poured one third of its content away, then topped the glass up with plain hot water, and – TADAAAA, there it is, my glass of ‘teh tarik kurang manis’.

I was totally dumbfucked and beyond words.

But then, he was not entirely wrong about my order. Technically, I still got my teh tarik with less sweetness, but with diluted tea inside. Goddamn! I didn’t see that coming. That could have been a great April fool prank. But on any other day, that has got to be the dumbest thing ever. That was like, having your head amputated to solve your acne problems. No more acne, because you don’t have a head.

I wanted to yell ‘kanineh!’ at him but, I wasn’t confident that he’d understand the message… so I just walked off and never fucking bought anything from that stall since.

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15 Comments to “proof that common sense is not common – 2”

  1. myles says:

    0_O. Theoretically, he was right! It was ‘kurang manis’ what! But, gosh.. pouring some of the tea away?what a WASTE?!! It sure doesnt sound brilliant.

  2. vincent says:

    wow, what a clever bangla…

  3. Pookyma says:

    Banglas understand the word pundek….use it on them…

  4. A. says:

    Wow, thats something. I once went to a KFC and had lunch there, since i was sharing some chicken with a friend i promptly ask for an extra fork. I said excuse me can i have a fork please? They block mending the cashier looked at me and confidently said would you like the sharp fork or the round fork, this got me curious. A round fork? How very interesting. I requested for the ever so mysterious fork and lo he handed me a spoon… Such a dumb fuck! He thought a spoon is called a round fork. My brain just died on the spot and the next thing i know i was back on my seat and i was struggling to eat my chicken with a spoon, i swear i blacked out for a moment trying to understand what just happened, and my legs did the walking for me on reflex. I think common sense in this case was replaced by sheer stupid logic…

  5. nicholas says:

    that is an effective, cost and time saving method to solve the problem. kudos to that bangla

  6. michaelooi says:

    myles – Hence the title…

    vincent / nicholas – If that Bangla is your role model, then what are you? Geez…

    Pookyma – Oh they do? Someone taught me ‘adi komakek judik’… which means fuck your mother or something. Haven’t really tried that…

    A. – Well, amusing story but, that guy probably do not know what to call a spoon in English… doesn’t mean he’s dumb… (but then, if that guy does not know English, shouldn’t he be placed inside the kitchen instead? The manager’s to blame then)

  7. A. says:

    Ahah true, by the way do you know what pookyma is ah?

  8. michaelooi says:

    A. – ‘Pooky’ or ‘Puki’, means vagina / vadge / cunt… originated from the Tagalog language. ‘Ma’ is universally known as mother. So, by combining both into a word (Pookyma / pukima / pukimak), it literally means ‘a mom who is a cunt’, or ‘a mom who has the characteristics of a cunt’. The word is colloquially used to refer someone who is absolutely contemptible or abominable.

    Eg of usage:
    “It was that pukimak who ran over my dog!”
    “Did you go out with that pukimak again!?”
    “My boss is such a pukimak for making me do this!”

    So, yes… I know what a pookyma is.

  9. calo says:

    you can start a vulgar dictionary for ppl lost of vulgarities…everyone will be more than willing to contribute

  10. lol says:

    Get this all the time..yeah..they are dumb fuck

  11. vincent says:

    haiyo~ forgot to put ” ” before n after clever… “clever” ma~

  12. A. says:

    Whoa… You sure know your cuss words. Awesome, i always thought it was a east malaysian swear word…

  13. ngce says:

    Make sure you don’t order ‘teh tarik tak mahu gula’. You’ll get hot water…only.

  14. naeboo says:

    it’s “ur mom’s cunt” not what u said

  15. michaelooi says:

    naeboo – “ur mom’s cunt” = mak puki, not pukimak. The ‘hukum DM’ only applies on BeeEm, this is not BeeEm ler…

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