November 14, 2008


I was having breakfast with a bunch of colleagues, and one of them asked me this :

Colleague : “Michael, let me ask you something. If there were to be a hot looking naked chick streaking past in front of you, how would you react to the situation?”

It didn’t take me more than a second to answer him,

Me : “Besides having a major hard on and slobbering all over? I’d probably go grab her tits and ass…”

I was exaggerating about the second part but, you get the idea…

Colleague : “Well, that’s what I’d do too. But not for Abe, apparently…”

Abe is another colleague of ours who is known to be an extreme idealist with a bloated sense of righteousness. That guy doesn’t drink (alcohol), meditates a gazillion times a week, reads religious texts and is a devout Buddhist – so it was said.

Colleague : “Do you know what was Abe’s response? He said he’d bury his face in his hands because he believes it is morally wrong to gaze at a woman’s naked body.”

I didn’t expect him to be this ‘lost’…

Me : “Morally wrong? What the fuck. If a girl doesn’t want you to see her naked, she’d be having some clothes on, right? Maybe he’s gotten too used to fapping in front of his monitor screen in private… or he’s just fucking with you…”

Guys (straight guys, that is…), as we have all known, are born to be pervs. Like, if we see a well endowed attractive girl bending down, we would hope to see a downblouse. And when we get to see down the girl’s blouse, we would in turn, hope to see her nipples pop out or something like that. It is pretty much like how the girls would go crazy with shoes and handbags. We’ve been like this since we humans got out of the caves.

Colleague : “No dude, I know Abe very well. He doesn’t fuck around with stuff like this. He was drop dead serious when he said that…”

Me : “Then that has got to be the most disturbing shit I’ve heard all year. Are you sure he’s not gay or something?”

Sorry, I can offer no logical explanation on why would any guy bury his face knowing that there is a hot naked chick right in front of him – probably with an intention of offering a head – other than being gay. That or, he’s just being eccentric for some reasons known only to himself – like maybe he had hurt himself pretty bad when he was a kid… or he’s into deeper kinky stuff that involves whips and colored candles…

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21 Comments to “eccentric”

  1. Kevin says:

    “We’ve been like this since we humans got out of the caves.”

    I think we’re design like that. Its a feature…

  2. xes says:

    Abe’s probably trying to avoid having a hard on and caught having a hard on in public..

  3. Vanity Fling says:

    Since u believe all guys are deep perv like you..then what’s so wrong with one that shines of high moral value? Or what? You think in Malaysia only got screw up farks nia izzit? Once a while comes along Mr.Nik Aziz also one k. Diu!

  4. vincent says:

    erm.. actually i think i might bury my face in my hands too…
    it’s because one of the ‘prinsip’ of buddhist mentioned that NO HAM SUP.
    that’s why i also no ham sup XD
    already 15 but still acting like a kid.
    brain not mature yet XD

  5. michaelooi says:

    kevin – The word’s ‘on-board’.

    xes – Well, that might be the case, if his weiner’s the size of a surf board.

    Vanity Fling – Tiu, Nik Aziz also a perv, ok? Else, he would’ve been single till old age…

    vincent – I have no comment other than this dude – ‘you’re missing a lot of fun’.

  6. Chrys says:

    If he’s really a righteous person and a Buddhist, he will be able to stare at the naked chic and not having a hard on. Since there should not be any lust in him anyway.

  7. cmos says:

    Awwww… come on Abe… be a man… this is a gift from the heavens… embrace it…

  8. michaelooi says:

    Chrys – Mind over matter eh? Well, I have to admit it’s kind of out-of-this-world hard but, it’s not an impossible feat yet… so, you’re right.

    cmos – I’d prefer to think that the girl has some hots for me rather than her being a gift from God, if you know what I’m saying…

  9. Vanity Fling says:

    Maleh..u serious Nik Aziz a blaady perv or not…? i nearly respected that guy for living in a pondok one k… Shitt…! One the other hand, dont u guys know some chicks DIG innocent-acting guy? That fella might be some legendary casanova bedding anyone from 8~81 yrs of age…that’s why he understand that certain girls like to be in control..specially on bed..and specially when she think that guy’s a green head fella lar..

  10. jusoh says:

    hey, my friend (a buddhist and previously was a monk!!!) said there is nothing wrong by looking at a hot/naked chick!!!

    you didn’t kacau the girl at all and so what is wrong with that?

    if your prev mind after that keeps on thinking about that naked girl then just,
    1. give your wife/gf a big present in bed (and your wife will happily receive it for sure), or
    2. if got no wife/gf then just tembak toilet’s wall lah (also there is nothing wrong with this…)

  11. MT says:

    Human beings were created to appreciate beautiful things so if there’s a hot person, by all means, look and appreciate. Don’t bullshit by saying “Oh, its wrong and its a sin of lust!” Fuck off la… Don’t be hypocritical!

    Reminds me of one stupid bastard in my uni who had the whole “holier than thou” shit going on but was actually a sick minded pervert. The fella got married because (quote)”Cannot tahan sex drive la! Need to get married so can legally have sex and so that its not a sin”… That was his ONLY reason to get married…. Naaaaaaaaaaabey!

  12. A. says:

    Um, what is lust anyway? A very strong sexual desire? What is sexual then? An act of reproduction? Desire? Wanting to have an act of reproduction? How is that bad? Sounds like basic instincts to me…. There are two types of people who can really really repress that instinct, man who have a very low testosterone count, or simply retards who have a genetic issue. Think of it as evolution, those who choose not to have sex die away and their genome dies with em….

  13. michaelooi says:

    Ermmm, for the record dude, lust is FAR from having the urge to reproduce. Lust is very much more deeper than that…

  14. EinsamSoldat says:

    Perhaps it is a self defense mechanism of Abe (after being rejected countless time), denying that he has wild fantasies to have wild romps with hot babes. Abe is charlatan and a perfect example of hypocrite hiding behind a religious mask.

  15. J says:

    abe is so cute *wub*

  16. Ty says:

    Guys are all perv but it’s your moral value (or religious value) that help you to control your lust and differenciate between what can be done and what can’t. But again, you can say there’s no right or wrong in this world. And if it is so, tell me what’s wrong with Abe? He has his own choice to deal with in a situation like that. What you seem ‘normal’ is only a ‘choice’ that chosen by the majority. Be fair dude.

  17. michaelooi says:

    Ty – I would advice you not to take things you read from my blog too seriously. In reality, Abe and us are still friends, while you’re pondering about morality issues in front of the computer. We’re just fucking around, dude. Don’t be so emo, smell some air. Relax. Geez… what is wrong with you people.

  18. naeboo says:

    how are whipes and coloured candles “kinky”???

  19. michaelooi says:

    iconic props that are often associated with sadomasochism acts, or even coprophagia…

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