November 5, 2008

proof that common sense is not common

I was in a meeting with a group of management folks discussing about… stuff. There was this Malay bloke in the meeting, who holds a manager post, highlighted that littering is fast becoming a serious problem in Company X and somebody has to do something about it (no shit Sherlock). He then went on to remark that he did some observation on the problem and noticed most of the trash are plastic bags…

See where this is going? Yes. The guy then proposed to have plastic bags banned, and have them all replaced with paper bags. No plastic bags in Company X therefore, no littering. Yes, believe it man. Hardly makes any sense, I know. Dumbest idea ever.

Of course I scoffed at him for proposing such a dumb ass idea – if the concern’s really about littering, then it shouldn’t have anything to do with whatever plastic fucking bags, but the shitty attitude of the people who litters. An inconsiderate schmuck do not choose what he litters. If a person’s a litter bug, he’d litter anything anywhere. The ways to stop him are through education, lobotomy or beat the crap out of him. You don’t ban his trash. That is just stupid.

Actually, there are thousands of reasons he can quote to have plastic bags banned like he wanted which wouldn’t have sounded so preposterous. Like, he could have said that banning plastic bags could save male jellyfishes from mistakenly humping plastic bags therefore jeopardizing their sex life, or saving the turtles from a potential choking hazard. But of all reasons… *sigh*

Maybe he’s the one that needed the education, lobotomy or getting the crap beaten out of.

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11 Comments to “proof that common sense is not common”

  1. Abner says:

    Um… the next thing u know he bans plastic bags and signs a contract with your company to “help” supply your company with grade A paper bags….. thats normally how they work i guess….

  2. moo_t says:

    Well, similar to the motorcycle ban. Yes, common sense are not common. In bolehland, these idiots are common.

  3. el nino says:

    Aiyah, if use paper bag means no need to clear the rubbish. Will automatically rot/disintegrate after something mah. He smart leh!

  4. michaelooi says:

    abner – Well, that might be the hidden agenda behind the proposal, hmmm…

    moo_t – If our country were to be administrated with common sense, we wouldn’t be paying so much for so little of everything now…

    el nino – Right… right… [people, see what I mean when I say ‘common sense is not common’?]

  5. nicholas says:

    y not propose the placement of more trash cans instead.

  6. cLiu says:

    wat logic and brain he used to think?

  7. michaelooi says:

    nicholas – The area has more than enough trash cans. The problem’s with the people dude. Our Company X Malay operators are notoriously known for their sleaziness and fucked up attitude.

    cLiu – I don’t know, maybe his pancreas?

  8. anas says:

    it’s not uncommon for these “bigshots” to have “awesome” ideas and views just to show that they actually have working brain cells. very common at my workplace. they become our butt of jokes. haha it’s actually very amusing to hear them talk in meetings, especially when it involves engineering work, which they know nuts. we all know, trying to look smart. lol

  9. MT says:

    Standard shit Malaysian attitude la… I know I’m generalizing but heck… Its almost always “I’m only one person maaaaah!” or “Got 10 million other people doing the same thing, you ask them to stop first!” or “There’s someone to clean it! Its their job!”

    We’ll NEVER change…. :|

  10. Rodney says:

    Ah.. I see you are slowly climbing your way to the management ranks huh..

  11. michaelooi says:

    Aren’t we all climbers?

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