October 31, 2008

loser amongst losers

Losers, they can be found everywhere. But to bump into a loser amongst losers, now that’s not something you see very often. I had the chance to encounter one on my way to work this morning. The loser of all losers. The degenerate of all degenerates.

But before I go on describing what happened, please take some time to peruse the picture below…

The loser I was talking about was driving the red car in the picture, a heavily modified old Proton Iswara (you know, with horse power increasing stickers, big menacing spoiler and all). I was driving the dark car. It was raining at that time, and the traffic’s terrible.

As you can see, that loser was trying to squeeze through the narrow space in between lanes, apparently, to shove into location ‘X’. His car was just about half an inch away from brushing my side mirror and I was shit pissed with what he was trying to pull there. I responded by blaring my ultra loud air horn in agitation, and had him stopped in the middle of his maneuver, right when his driver window was opposite my front passenger’s.

I suspected that he must have wanted to confront me or something, but then, he didn’t honk me back, nor did he wind down his window to wave his fist. I reckon that he couldn’t open his door either, because there was only barely a feet of space between us. So, he just stopped right there. Driver across my passenger’s. Probably was cursing at me, I don’t know, because the tint on his heavily modded junk was too fucking dark for me to see anything inside. But I could tell that there was some movement inside (something’s alive inside, what a surprise!)

About a few seconds later, the queue on my lane moved and I was ahead of him. I kept checking my rear view and side mirror if that fucker was going to get down from his car or something. That was when I saw the window of his rickety junk started to inch down, and then got jammed halfway (no surprise, people… with his car being a Proton and all). He had to squeeze out his skinny ass hand from that small opening of that jammed window to flip me a lame bird (dark skinned – likely a Malay chap), and then to stick it back in to maneuver his car into location ‘X’ (that was an exit lane, by the way. My lane’s to go straight)

So, what actually happened back there was probably like this –
– loser didn’t like me honking him and he stopped beside my car to confront me.
– he wanted to honk me back, but his horn was not working.
– he wanted to wind down his window to flip me a bird, but his window was not working either.
– and when his window finally worked, it got jammed halfway and it wouldn’t go back up.

That was why I think, he deservedly be called ‘the loser amongst losers’. The key take away message is – if you want to flip other people birds, make sure you got a working power window, especially when it is raining.

The time that I was accelerating away from that spot, his car window was still stuck open, and rain was still pouring into his car. That made my day.

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15 Comments to “loser amongst losers”

  1. LX says:


    I know how it feel to drive in Penang. Penangites are just …. hmmmm ..

    If you drive in KL, you probably see more road bully, idiot fucker, stupid, insane, jerk, bastard and so on.

    Basically Malaysian .. sucksss …

  2. myles says:

    wowwww. what a LOSER! retarded loser.

  3. michaelooi says:

    LX – I have to agree that a lot of Malaysian drivers are dicks.

    myles – I’m not sure if he’s retarded but his car definitely is.

    xes – Yeah man. Read that in the paper some time back. What a stupid chode. He got 14 years, right?

  4. bubbles says:

    It happened to me also just now while on the way back home. She (yes, the driver is a bitch!) swerved her car suddenly to my lane without giving any indicator and barely missed hitting my car by an inch. As i was honking her, she had the nerve to actually show me the middle finger. But, but, i thought i was the one who supposed to be mad…(curses!). What is it with loser and the middle finger ???

  5. Something like this happened to me once, a bus did a stint like that downtown KL and scraped my side mirror; the fucking bus eventually cracked the mirror into two pieces. I was so fucking tulan, all i could do was honk in the middle of the jam and take down the bus number plate. What did I do with the info? I called the Bus company made a ruckus and got hung up after the lady passed me around to fucking office. MCH! Cost me RM600 to replace my honda accord side mirror at the time – and I had to do it before my parents found out.

  6. feizal says:

    horse power increasing stickers <—- HAHAHAHA x 100

    dude it took me a while to finish reading the post cuz I just kept on laughing!

  7. KJ says:

    A lot of Penang drivers are dicks. Had a few encounter with them before, what a bunch of low life sore loser.

  8. michaelooi says:

    KJ – A lot of KL drivers are dicks too. Sore dicks. Had shitloads of encounter with them. But I wouldn’t go to stereotype them as ‘KL drivers’ as if KL is a very special place (it is in fact a big shithole). Most KL dwellers are from basically everywhere. Vice versa for Penang. (approximately 30% of my co-workers aren’t Penang natives, but are driving Penang registered vehicles, go figure).

    It is however, acceptable to me, if you say that Malaysian drivers are generally dicks. Yeah.

  9. MT says:

    Hahaha… Only Penang drivers are dicks?! Duuuuuuude… KL drivers are bigger assholes on the road la! Whole life in a hurry, have a ‘king of the road’ attitude, never signal, always confrontational, etc…

  10. LX says:


    I met with another dickhead yesterday.

    It was a bloody silver waja bearing Perak registration number. AET 3xx1. A chinese ah beng …

    First, why I said he is a bloody ED dickhead.

    1. He drove a waja but damn bloody ah beng, modified his car as if it is Mitsubishi Evo. Damn. It is damn fucking ugly. Waja is Waja, no matter what they changed, it won’t be Mitsubishi Evo.

    2. He tried to intimidate me by trailing me so close and almost kiss my big fat ass (my car lar, not really my big fat ass). How I wish that he kiss my ass so that I can get down my car with my steering locks in hands and smash his bloody dickhead to become roti canai + brain juices and feed him back. Bastard. beside I can claim his NCD and renew my car paint. I did make a sudden brake, and this lucky asshole manage to brake in time before hitting me. Sighh cannot claim his NCD + smashing his dickhead.

    3. He rammed his car, vroom vroom .. bloody hell, as what I said, Waja is still Waja, no matter how hard he vroom vroom .. he is still a dickhead and he is still within my sight .. right in front me .. my wife’s kancil also can caught up with him .. Loser ….

    4. He vroom vroom so hard, such a bloody idiot. Kicking the RPM so high will only burn more fuel. Incomplete combustion of fuel means wasting fuel. Wasting fuel means wasting money lar, hahah .. such a bloody dickhead loser. No wonder he damn broke still driving the bloody Waja a.k.a Mitsubishi Evo. His Waja is so torn off, throw to the recycle center also nobody wan.

    Loser of all loser.

  11. michaelooi says:

    LX – Trust me dude, if an accident happens, he will most likely be the one with a steering lock in hand, based on your description of him. It’s just not worth to mess with a lowlife like him – as I have learned.

    Just relax… you can always vandalize a heavily modded Waja the next time you see one parking near you. It might not be that Ah Beng’s car, but hey, if a person’s driving a heavily modded Waja, the likelihood is high that he’s just another asshole, right? Chill.

  12. LX says:


    the link that you provided above, if you notice, the word judgement is missing and “e” and become judgment .. hahahaha.. malaysia boleh …

  13. LX says:

    Bloody … you ask me to behave like those jerks that vandalize other ppl car .. hmm great idea .. i shall do that next time if i saw any heavily modified car . high chances that they are those bloody ah beng family.

    sorry ah beng out there .. don’t mean to insult you all .. but you all are still AH BENG ….

  14. michaelooi says:

    LX – Were you schooled in planet Jupiter? The spelling of judgment is without the ‘e’ ler… (xes is a lawyer btw, he’s got powder lah)

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