October 29, 2008

damn those Chinese dickwads

You know, I used to like biscuits a lot. Especially those milk biscuits. Soak them in a glass of hot chocolate or Milo, and then slurp the mush up like an alien sucking a human brain – it is something I’d put very near the feeling of ascending to heaven.

But not anymore.

I did exactly that the other day (dip a biscuit in Milo & slurp), but no heaven. Instead, I felt like I was begging to have both my kidneys be clogged with motherfucking stones so that I’d be that much nearer to hell. Yes, that’s right. This is about the fucking melamine scandal. Of what initially looked like a scandal that affects only the infant formula, has now ramified into a full scale world crisis.

Now, everything seems to have traces of melamine in it. Cereals, candies, creamer (I consume a lot of creamer, fuck), biscuits, anything dairy, or has connections with dairy products. Hell, some even rumored that it is dangerous to suck on a Chinese girl’s tits for fear of melamine. Thanks to those Chinese dickwads, now we have more things to worry about.

I wonder what else is going to be fake after this. The world is fast becoming a very scary place to live in. You don’t see bears feeding their cubs with plastic salmons, do you? But we humans do that to our own kind, just to get ahead in life. This is not natural. This is fucking insane!

I did not finish even the first biscuit that day. Had to pour my almost untouched glass of Milo into the drain and dumped the remaining 1.5 catties of melamine ridden biscuits away (yeah, those poor rats are going to get lots of kidney stones). I’ve never wasted so much food in my life… *sigh*

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7 Comments to “damn those Chinese dickwads”

  1. u-jean says:

    You can check whether some of the food you eat has passed the melamine test.


  2. hikazew says:

    i think all the Chinese pros in Geylang/ lorong kulit/ will run out of business…

    fulamak.. its so funny.. sucking on Chinese girl’s tits will get kidneys clogged :D

  3. MT says:

    And here’s the scary bit; the only reason we know about the whole melamine thing is because the products were ”unlucky” enough to be traced as the source of the health problems. Think about the rest of the stuff coming from China; there must be a reason why they can produce food/ agricultural produce/ pharmaceutical precursors/ etc for so cheap. Skip a few steps here, overlook a few cautions there and voila!

    Ignorance is sometimes really bliss… :|

  4. michaelooi says:

    u-jean – The thing is, the biscuits that I bought was from a small Chinese grocery stall, with no brands or whatsoever indication that they are from a safe source…

    hikazew – Yeah I know. Some people can be so cruel with inappropriate jokes. I mean, can you imagine how bad it is going to be for those Chinese girls when nobody wants to suck their tits? More kidney stones, less fun… gosh…

    MT – I remember not long ago some big toy company just had a recall for toy products containing leaded paint… This is not good. (a lot of our daily stuff are made in China! – pei yan tiu lor!)

  5. TiBuN says:

    You throw away your food because you suspect its melamine ladden or because it has been confirmed to be plagued with melamine?

  6. michaelooi says:

    TiBuN – I have no way to confirm if it’s either… so, I trashed them all away. (why take the risk for a few catties of biscuit’s worth?)

  7. blusher says:

    LOL! This means you have to start eating those posh expensive ‘Butter Cookies’ from England…no more Milk Biscuits for us. :-(

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