October 23, 2008


I think my daughter Regine may have inherited the 62% evil from me. Or possibly more. How do I know? There have been signs, which I initially chose to ignore. But now that the signs are getting more distinctive, I have every cause to get concerned about her.

The earliest sign was when my aunt bought her a doll when she was 1. It was a rather strange doll (to me), with big blue eyes and all. I don’t know if kids are suppose to find that thing cute but, my Regine was totally freaked out when she saw the doll. She’d cringe and cry whenever it was near her. She would get as far as possible from the doll, as if that thing was emitting hazardous radioactive rays. I didn’t think it was abnormal back then because that doll indeed looked quite creepy.

So, my mom bought her another doll, and that was like, a few months later. She was almost 2 then. The new doll didn’t have big blue eyes on it and was very much more pleasant looking. Again, like the first one, she was totally freaked out. That was when I started to feel uneasy.

“Aren’t little girls suppose to like dolls and stuff?” I asked Emily.

But my Regine is different. Instead of dolls, she is fond of feral creatures… like rubber lizards, spiders and dinosaurs (which, my mom originally bought with the intention to discipline her… you know, – ‘I’m gonna put this spider on your hair if you don’t eat your porridge now’)

But of course, that didn’t work. Those rubber creatures turn out to be her favorite, and she used it to her advantage, to scare my friends’ children when they came visiting. There was once, she even tried to grab a live lizard at a clinic and mind you, that thing was big. Any kid would have been scared shitless of that enormous lizard. But not my Regine. Had I not stopped her from grabbing it, that lizard would have gone to meet its maker already.

And then recently, after we played her the Disney animated film “Cinderella”, she went to Emily and said “Mommy, I want to be the stepmother…” Like, most – if not all – children would have wanted to be the beautiful lass (Cinderella), right? But my daughter thinks it is much cooler to be the evil stepmother…

“I want to be the stepmother!”
“Mommy! Come! I lock you in the room!”
“Daddy! Go stand at the corner!”

Anyone have any remedy for this? I’m beginning to freak out now…

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  1. TiBuN says:

    Awesome kid you got there! She might turn out to be a great engineer / entrepreneur in the future for dare to challenge the status quo type of people. Hohohoho
    Just make sure she knows her limit, pushing an owl is cool, but pushing a hyena out from a cliff…. its different :P

  2. cLiu says:

    wat the…wow….regine is cool!
    however, i wish she is not as evil as her father.

  3. LX says:


    I guess .. the remedy is PRAY. hahaha

    don’t worry lar … i’m sure you know how to bring up your daughter as a good person. I’m sure you won’t inherit your evil thoughts to her, would you?

    She is so adorable.

    FYI, my daughter don’t like toys or doll. She likes remote control, handphone, or anything that is not a toy.

  4. kent says:

    my son is 6 now and he started to look at boobies when he was like 3 or 4 – attracted to those magazine bikini babes! Once he even asked my mum “mah mah, how come yours tua tua liap and mine pi pi (“flat”)”.

  5. J says:

    like father like daughter, lol.

  6. K says:

    I guess a little evil at her age now is not a big problem. wait till she is older and she will grow out of this genetically inherited evilness. If she doesn’t by then, then only you start worrying, still too early now.

  7. Eunice says:

    She’s rock!! I would rather have my daughter be like Regine than those typical girlier gals. I’ll be damn worried if my gal wants to be Cinderella…

  8. feizal says:

    I don’t see anything wrong, she’s just too cool dude. You should be extremely proud!

  9. Wilson Choo says:

    hey, dun feel proud of her when she’s even more evil at 18 years old…. :-P
    But, would be scary that a lot of guys will be too innocent to be abused………
    Anyway, I believe importantly she should inherit the High IQ her father enjoys…

  10. Patrick says:

    Actually, considering her affection for animals, she might turn into this:


  11. sweewon says:

    She’s thinking out of the box!

  12. michaelooi says:

    wow, if my daughter’s Sheena, I’m gonna make her go to our parliament and take over Malaysia! (if you get my drift, people)

  13. She’s so adorable la, Michael.

    You’ll probably hate me for this but I’d go “Coochie coochie coooooo” and all that baby talk with her. To which, she will probably take it as a cue to bite my finger off lol.

  14. khimfoh says:

    Your daughter is so adorable and from the judging from pics, she isn’t afraid of anything.

  15. EinsamSoldat says:

    chip of the block :) I dun see it as evil but it is for the greater good.

  16. blusher says:

    No need to freak out yet, Micheal. She’s a cool kid. And one helluva brave girl :-)
    Let’s just say, she have guts. Let her experiment a little and we shall see. *winks*

  17. steph says:

    hey take a photo of ur whole family lar. i wanna see~ :P

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