October 22, 2008

the perils of blogging – friends finding out (5)

This is the continuation of the fourth part, and is the last.

So I threw him some insults in my last mail, because I didn’t feel like it was justified for him to simply say stupid things like I’m a lousy professional just because he didn’t like what he read in my blog. I was at the verge of asking him to just fuck off and leave me alone… but kept my shit together anyway… until I read his next reply:

from: Darth Apeshit
to: Michael Ooi
date: Sun, Jan 27, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

Yeah yeah …………

Very professional eh at insulting people. Point proven here and alway been your style of bickering at people.

I did not question your ability as an engineer so don’t question my profession.

One day you will learn your lesson the hard way.

The day will come soon when people did the same to you. I hope you won’t feel bitter and no hard feeling by then.

Please don’t bother to reply. Enough of arrogant you.

P.S. If I not wrong someone beside you is an accountant/auditor.

“One day you will learn your lesson the hard way” – It was rather ironic to hear that coming from a known habitual braggart who once distributed (literally!) hundreds of his hard earned money to the pub employees, just so that he could impress his friends that he’s the daddy with bling bling (yeah, fucking unbelievable, I know. Don’t look at me.). And that ‘P.S’ message in yellow was referring to my wife Emily, who used to be his accountancy course colleague (who also happened to graduate a few years ahead of him because he was very much… less competent). But I was pissed that he had to get my wife involved…

from: Michael Ooi
to: Darth Apeshit
date: Sun, Jan 27, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

Darth Apeshit,
See what I mean when I said you’re a real pussy? You go to the extend of insulting spouses when you debate. When I debate, I do it like a man. I don’t go your wife this or your girlfriend that. They’re innocent family members of ours, let’s not get them involved. It degrades your self esteem and makes you look really bad when you do that, Darth. (it was as if you’re not competent enough to defend yourself and got desperate…)

For the record, you’re the one who challenged my (our) professionalism first. Read it below. I have to requote this again – you’re such a hypocrite. And one that contradicts yourself over and over again, and yet, never has the cheek to admit it. (you either must be ignorant, or plain too confident about yourself to realize it – that’s why dude, you’re having troubles ‘fitting in’ – sorry, just being honest there)

And one last thing, allow me to correct your grammatical flaw (a big one) – ‘bicker’ is a term used to describe an act, as a noun, and as an INTRANSITIVE VERB (no object), example…

“our bickering”
“their bickering”
“plenty of bickering to spare”

not as a verb to be used with an object (TRANSITIVE). You don’t say it as “you bicker at me” or “I bicker at you”.

That’s just plain wrong. It shows how much you don’t understand half the shit you’re saying. (what I’m trying to say is, before you want to denounce or cut someone, make sure you have the right knowledge and tools).

Maybe it is good if you can just live up to the word you said about not needing any confrontation and just wanting some respect. Looking about the way you retorted my mails with caustic remarks and unintelligent sarcasm, that doesn’t seem quite to be the case. You’re confronting me all over and you’re making yourself look stupid by saying untrue things just so that you can hurt your friends.

But whatever.

This will be my last mail to you. Not gonna reply anymore. I felt really bad for making fun of you and it makes me feel like I have downgraded my intelligence for doing that.

I’ll just look forward for our rendezvous and whack that promised glass of beer – and hopefully, that’ll be the end of all misunderstandings between us (no more BICKERINGS).

nice day.

That was my last email to that pussy. And this is what pussy came up with after my last email,

from: Darth Apeshit
to: Michael Ooi
date: Tue, Jan 29, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

From all the emails, its no goodwill from your part while I have done mine.

I did not insults spouses or family members if you have read correctly. That is to remind you that someone beside you is an accountant/auditor. So think before you write. I am just quoting what you said.

I can be patient to debate on these without any name calling but you didn’t. This is enough to show what kind a person you are. So stop insulting me being a pussy.

Its seem that you are the one can take it yourself. You are the one can’t afford to lose. You fight for your interest while I am just fighting for my right.

There are some grammer error in the emails but no big deal. Sometimes error are being made and furthermore emails just an informal way of communicating.

Do you think I will let you have the chance to insults me again in front of others? After so many years, I had enough. This do not mean I am a pussy or coward but to avoid any further confrontation.

I admit that I do mind how friends look at me but I think you mind even more but you just to proud to admit it.

So he was just trying to remind me that my wife’s an accountant. What a fucking bullshit. As if I couldn’t tell. And then he said he was fighting for his ‘right’. It sounded as if he was being enslaved mentally and he’s plotting a national uprising for his low IQ kind.

I did not bother to reply after that of course.

A few months later, we finally get to meet up along with the rest of the members for a drink. I lived up to my promise to down a glass of beer for revealing his silly tales to the world (albeit anonymously) in my blog. But when I offered to clink his glass, Darth Apeshit gave me a cold shoulder and then stared at me (I could tell that he wanted to say something but somehow, he just stared. His brain must have ran out of resources after he did a little bit of thinking…)

I didn’t mind at all and thought of moving on, but another friend who witnessed that got really pissed and reflexed by smacking the table hard… spilling the beer and startling Darth Apeshit, and then that friend screamed at him loud to grow the fuck up. It was a sight to behold… but as we were all still reeling in from the unexpected turn of event, Darth Apeshit stormed out of the watering hole and disappeared (the funny thing was, he couldn’t just bolt out of the area because he had no transport. He was expecting someone from our group to fetch him home that night… talking about ‘taking advantage’… heheh)

So he was stuck, and was later found loitering around the area. Took another 2 friends to cajole him for a good 10 – 15 minutes, and he finally agreed to come back to the table like nothing happened (like he had a choice! LOL) and started drinking again. I never took a single swig of beer for the whole email shebang thing he raised, and got away with it. Somehow bizarre but, what an experience.

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26 Comments to “the perils of blogging – friends finding out (5)”

  1. VicTor says:

    by blogging all these email conversation, you are ready for another round of confrontation with him, ain’t you?

  2. Raymond Chan says:

    Weird, but I actually enjoyed reading this series of your experience. Cheers dude, and I’m really impressed by how you handled the whole thing.

  3. kroqjock says:

    no wonder you call him P***M******….

  4. Abner says:

    Um… i though you said he work overseas? Damn his english sucks balls.

  5. michaelooi says:

    Abner – What’s between Johor and the island opposite of it? Sea. Go figure…

  6. My goodness… your friend has some esteem issues that sprouted from childhood that’s why he so beh song with you eh? Some people do not get over their experiences in school and harbors it till adulthood. He is probably still hankering at some shit you said to him as kids too pff :P And these cinapek fellas are always really kiasu, if they’re competent ( or at least eloquent) nevermind…but…this is not the case, which makes for a very comical read. :P

  7. nicholas says:

    tl;dr at some parts

    but lols the last few paragraphs were hilarious

  8. waterjunk says:

    “the funny thing was, he couldn’t just bolt out of the area because he had no transport.”

    pure ownage lol

  9. wils0n says:

    2 things he did that concludes he’s a pussy and really made me felt disgusted with him:

    1. emailed everyone instead of confronting u directly
    2. got your wife involved in the 2nd last email

    y u want such a fren? there are 6 billion people in this world.

  10. TiBuN says:

    The amount of ENERGY you put in for this friendship…. really is something, normally people would just leave it and write off 1 friends off their birthday invite list. Seriously, after all this, he wouldn’t even be anywhere near your friends list right? Not even casual friends or acknowledging friends (the type u say hi and bye only)

    He is just not at the level of thinking with you, not to say he sux or u rocks, but sometimes the way conversation between people requires some form of understanding and expectation.

  11. Abner says:

    Ah ok, still his english sucks balls muhahaha. He had to wait outside for transport… couldn’t he like get a cab or something? Cheap bastard, or was he afraid he wouldn’t be able to tell the cab driver the directions to drop him of? That just shows how dumb he is.
    Oh and kudos and congrates on handling the issue professionally, i would have gone off with yo’mama jokes and annoy the hell out of him.

  12. CHOW FC says:

    Well, that is life and I used to have the same problems in Forums but after getting married, its like water off my back as now, I have to monst….er beautiful girls to look after. Heh.

  13. aleanor says:

    LOL For some reason this totally reminds me of a “communication” problem I had … Thank God it will be totally over this weekend. :P

  14. xes says:

    Reminds me of the time when I told my friend that you wrote something about her. wahahahah

  15. michaelooi says:

    xes – You mean aunty jetski right? omg that was so frigging long ago.

  16. xes says:

    Yes, Aunty Jetski. Damn long ago liao. Now she’s married with one kid already!

  17. iamyuanwu says:

    Hah hah! Reminds me of an episode with a best buddy of mine in Form6 class.
    The most ridiculous part was… we fell out over a ruler. 19 years old and fight over a ruler… WTF?!
    I declined to lend him my ruler as I was using it. He flipped and said the famous line: Ohhh, so this is what you call friend lah. And stormed off. 19 years old and fighting over a ruler… WTF?!

    Refused to speak to me for 2-3 years. Now thinking back, I think he was unhappy that I was spending more time trying to court a pretty classmate instead of doing homework with him… so he created the ‘ruler drama’.

  18. blusher says:

    OMG! This was as good as watching some drama series….I was so engrossed with the tales and Micheal, I must agree with you in many ways. I just didn’t know that guys could be as ‘sensitive’ as gals. As far as I know, guys just laugh over it and forget the whole thing. Your friend, Darth Apeshit is indeed mysteriously different from the normal league of male species.

  19. Kevin says:

    :s If it was me I’ll just probably reply

    F@#k off and die..

    in the first mail. Clean cut. Mike, you’re such a kind person you know….

  20. KJ says:

    seems like you don’t really treat him like a real friend in the first place, you won’t write about your wife or daughter like that. He has a reason to be angry, but no reason to react in the way he did.

  21. Wow, you got me captivated with your 5 episode drama. Lol.

    When you said “stupid things you guys did as kids” I was assuming that you did it like maybe 10 years ago, but primary school?! Goodness thats ancient times! If it was me, I would have forgotten everything. Lol.

    KJ is right, Darth had every right to get angry but his approach to the whole thing was just wrong. You did apologize. You did your part. Now he has to do his. Grow up.

  22. michaelooi says:

    I have since adopted a new policy after the incident, summarized in these 9 words –

    “I can’t be bothered. Just fuck off and die.”

  23. mott says:

    Wow..I had a HARD time just reading his mail.

    I really have no clue what he wrote. It’s a wonder how you managed to deciphered it all.

    But..writing about your wife was a low blow. You should let your wife read it….I’m sure she’ll smack his head real hard. What a TWAT!

  24. bongkersz says:

    It must be hard to understand what he wrote.

    My colleagues found out my blog the other day. My big mouth, we were talking about blogs and one of them asked me if I have one and I said yes, without revealing my blog name and identity. The guy went and googled my full name and found an entry where I mistakenly copy and paste from a forum announcement saying Mr Fulll Name won this contest, congratulation bla bla. The only entry with my full name in it. Now I am known as ‘The Blogger’ among them. I yet to diss any of my colleagues (yet), so I am lucky to be spared the same experience like yours.

    But, seriously.. he’s a pussy. What’s he trying to say by ‘That is to remind you that someone beside you is an accountant/auditor. So think before you write.’? LOL! Bringing your wife in the conversation, he’s just pathetic.

    Man, you are getting older (and less evil now.. huahahahahahhahahahahaha!)

  25. bongkersz says:

    Wait, you are not dissing your friends.. just relishing the memories.. stupid things we all did when we were young and horny :) By the way, I just read all the links.. WTF, the thing happened decades ago.. he’s still sore from it? Ugh! What a hard life to live.. clinging to the past.

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