October 22, 2008

the perils of blogging – friends finding out (4)

This is the continuation of the third part.

I actually was trying to pull his leg in my last reply, you know, as we always do amongst our group members. Perhaps I also did that as an experiment to check if he was still trying to fit in, if you can remember what he said in the first few posts. The bad news was, he didn’t take it quite well…

from: Darth Apeshit
to: Michael Ooi
date: Fri, Jan 25, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

Come on lah, you think I don’t know what “pissing yourself” means.

You definitely need to finish half a glass but not beer…….. We shall mix it……

Will you please try to catch up and get the facts right. The stupid things that I did is due to I trusted you as a friend and my naive. eg. you are the one who pointed the middle finger at Beng Hee and I was just “siong” him, you are the one propose we steal that stupid calculator. As for the “undies” things, you miss out quite a lots of details on the truth.

I hope you don’t need me to remind you the truth about origins and why I have to keep it which results my mum accidentally found out.

I think this should be a good reason to down another glass for keep this from the rest of them.

FYI, that ‘siong‘ up there is Hokkien for ‘stare’. If you do not understand the whole paragraph he wrote up there, well, he was basically trying to challenge the facts I have written in the articles about him. (which, you should have figured out which by now. If you don’t, mannn, just find the nearest toilet bowl, put your head into it, and flush). That was obviously an insult to my work, so I clarified:

from: Michael Ooi
to: Darth Apeshit
date: Fri, Jan 25, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

nope. i got my facts right.
– you stole maqbul’s calculator. It was a casio 8 digit green LED calculator that uses AA battery. I can remember it like it just happened yesterday. I already had a lot of trouble with mrs. teh, i wouldn’t ask for another trouble. besides, I never stole anything in my primary years before. It’s just not my ‘thing’
– the middle finger was flipped by you. I remember it happened right beside that apek selling cordial water stall, and beng hee was near the big ass gate. I saw it when I was looking back while running, you were wearing that smug when you flipped that finger dude.
– the underwear incident. It was true that it got discovered by your mom. I only speculated how it got discovered, but didn’t actually said that you purposely showed it to her. I lied to you about being my sister’s, because you definitely wouldn’t keep it if I said I found it by the roadside (sorry, I’ve been lying to you all these years). My sister already ran away when she was Standard Six (she’s 7 years my senior). We’re Standard 2 back then. So, that substantiated my claims that I’ve been lying to you (it couldn’t have been my sister’s, dude)

look dude, i may have dramatized the stories, but i always have ONE policy in my blog – I never tweak the facts. i.e. no bullshit in there (the bullshit ones are categorized separately under “Imagination” and
“Frolic”). I have hundreds of other stories I didn’t choose to blog because I can’t remember them well. Those that I can, I’ll write it as it happened. So, the incidents about our mischiefs, they’re all as I
can remember it clearly.

So far, I have narrated about Ricky’s door ramming event and Ayamas’ (unfortunately, that entry got lost when I migrated to the dot net server a couple years ago).

But not that it’s important. The most important thing, is that we live to tell those tales as successful professionals, and find humor in the things we do as kids.

anyway, we’ll catch up in penang. see you around

Damn, that is some statement, isn’t it? But it’s all true. My blog policy – 100% accurate facts. No melamine, no preservatives. In fact, in the earlier years when I started the blog, that caption up there didn’t read ‘62% evil’. It used to be ‘No added preservatives’ (and later changed to ‘Heavenly’s blog’ – named after my androgynous ICQ nick).

Back to Darth Apeshit, he tried to refute my claims, but he wasn’t sure… this is his next reply:

from: Darth Apeshit
to: Michael Ooi
date: Fri, Jan 26, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

I never said you stole the calculator and stop thinking you are always right. I said that you are the one “propose” we stole it.

the flipping of finger part, you flip at him at class that why he is chasing us.

as for the final one, thanks to you for lying to ask me keep it when I resist it at first. when i got into “dark” spot in my life, you blow it in your website when i keep quiet about it. thanks for being a “friend”.

After all these years of lie, you said you never tweak facts. Very funny. Oh, I’m sorry my mistake. This is not tweaking facts its just non full disclosure. Very success “profesional” eh…

Yeah, we should catch up and I will show you a friend like. moah..ha..ha……….

Note the 2 sentences highlighted in yellow above. The first is a challenge to my professionalism, which I think was low, and the second sentence in the last para is just plain disturbing. I don’t know what he meant by that but, I was hoping it wasn’t something gay.

And on the side note, I never flipped a bird to that Beng Hee. How to verify I was right? Beng Hee later beat Darth Apeshit up, not me. Had I flipped him a bird, I would have suffered similar fate. The other 2 were just him being stupid.

My reply (I was a little bit flipped this time with his poke on my professionalism)

from: Michael Ooi
to: Darth Apeshit
date: Fri, Jan 27, 2008
subject: Re: What “friends” are for?

Darth Apeshit
Your facts are flawed and I know it. But then, not that it’s important. At least not to me. The key thing is, I stuck to the fact and I blogged exactly how it happened.

I’m citing the word ‘professional’ as a good will to revive the relationship that I hope that will not be wasted due to some trivial misunderstanding. But the way you tried to irrelevantly prod on my
success as a professional just to try to stress my facts wrong, shows how much of a shallow person you are. (trust me, an engineer is in a completely different league from an auditor/accountant when it comes to professionalism)

And the way you didn’t seem to get to understand the art of semantics, makes it seem even more amusing when you attempted to counter the argument with single digit IQ retorts. Really.

Anyway, enough of the bickering. I stick to my point and I’ll leave it for you slowly digest what I’ve typed in the emails I’ve written to you.

you have a nice day, and like usual, no hard feelings.

No hard feelings indeed, just a little bit flipped.

to be continued…

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