September 29, 2008

Nissan Syphilis

I was walking to the car with my lunch members, when we came across a brand new Nissan Sylphy, located smack dab at the center of the building lobby. Knowing that one of my lunch members has difficulty to pronounce the car’s name (which he always mixes up with the name of a popular sexually transmitted disease – ‘syphilis’), I cheekily teased him by hollering across the corridor,

“Hey dude, SYPHILIS! HA HA!” [points at the car]

Apparently, I hollered too loud… loud enough to be heard by the Nissan salesperson who was behind a wall. I only realized his presence after walking past the wall, which I reacted by hastening my pace to hide the embarrassment… while trying hard to stifle myself from bursting into a cramp inducing laugh.

I sometimes do strange and embarrassing things that I myself cannot explain…

(In case any of you wondered what do I think of Nissan Sylphy – I think it’s a shit fucking ugly looking car. The interior’s decent though.)

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11 Comments to “Nissan Syphilis”

  1. LX says:


    Don’t be so mean. Yes, Nissan Slyphy might not be the best looking car in the market. But few things to consider:

    1. Value for money. Considering that RM 110 for a 2.0
    2. Fuel consumption. Good compare to Honda Civic 2.0 vTec
    3. Comfortable. Very spacious.

    1. Interior very uncle look.
    2. Less Power compare to Honda Civic 2.0 VTec

    My friend owned one, he recently bought it and we kept teasing him that “Aiyo, what an Uncle car”. But I have to tell you the car is very solid. Very comfortable. Very quiet when you are on the drive, can’t hear the tyre and wind sound. In fact, it is close to Toyota Camry 2.4 level. As I said, for that kind of money and quality, quite worthy actually.

  2. bongkersz says:

    Hahaha! We all do strange and embarassing thing sometimes.. Anyway, so many nicer names, WTF go and named this car Sylphy? Probably Sylvester Stallone is the car ambassador :D

  3. stephanie says:

    OMG haha! You’re funny.

  4. Russell says:

    Hey Michael, do you mind telling us, what car you drive? you said it was a Japanese car. I been trying to crack my brain to guess what car Lorraine is.

  5. kaikon says:

    What about Nissan Latio in hokkien and Nissan Bluebird in Mandarin ?

  6. michaelooi says:

    Russell – I never said it was a Japanese car. I said I USED TO OWN a Japanese car, but not anymore. I downgraded… to this. (see it for yourself)

  7. Russell says:

    haha, nice car though definitely better then honda city or proton.

  8. Bengbeng says:

    may u forever liv a life free from syphilis :)

    u expressed yrself well. it wasnt funny really but i got the idea after reading the post and I burst into laughter. another of life’s unintended episodes :)

  9. iamyuanwu says:

    You drive a Korean car? Really downgrade wei…

  10. michaelooi says:

    iamyuanwu – Well, what to do, life is like a roller coaster… and mine happens to be at the lowest point at the moment. I can only but dream of those German makes… (if I dump in adverts in this blog, I might just be able to realize that dream a few folds faster… but that ain’t going to happen)

  11. CHOW FC says:

    Yeah, I can’t even pronounce its name but called it syphillis anyway. Nissan has good cars but somehow, in some funny years, they will produce weird stuff.

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