September 18, 2008

I was Spocked

There is this girl at Company X. I don’t know her but, I keep finding myself checking her out every morning at the cafeteria. I don’t really know the reason why because she isn’t exactly hot, and she doesn’t have a pair of bouncy titties either (which are usually the main factors that pique my attention). For some strange reasons, I just like to look at her.

But something was very wrong with her this morning that kind of freaked me out. I was scooping up some food at the serving counter when it happened. She was at the other side of the counter and I didn’t quite notice anything at first but, after a while, I noticed that she actually had her eyebrow re-done. And it was FUCKING HIDEOUS. From what I managed to gather (while I was still reeling in from the shock), I suspected she had both her eyebrows shaved off and each of them hand drawn with a marker or something like that. And they were kind of slanted upwards towards the corner of each eye. Yeah, like Mr. Spock of that Star fucking Trek. (if you don’t know who Mr. Spock is, nevermind, just check out the photo below)

Mr.Spock doing the hippy peace sign

I was so distraught by her pair of crazy ass looking eyebrows that I almost had a stroke right there. I really don’t understand why she did her eyebrows like that. It’s not even attractive in the first place. It’s bordering between weird and spooky. If you think this is just me, let me prove it to you here. Just check out the following pictures of the hottest looking actresses of our time, and tell me if they looked more attractive with their eyebrows modified…

Kate Bosworth on the left. Tranny lookalike on the right.

Jessica Biel on the left. Tranny lookalike on the right.

Jessica Alba on the left. Tranny lookalike on the right.

Fucking crazy, isn’t it? With their eyebrows looking like Mr.Spock, they don’t seem to be that attractive anymore. They look more like drag queens more than anything else. As you can see girls, modifying your brows can be such a cockblocker if there’s a slight mistake, and I’d advice you to refrain from touching it unless you know what you’re doing. If you’re even a bit unsure, you should probably leave them alone.

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16 Comments to “I was Spocked”

  1. cLiu says:

    Hey, is not marker,ok?!
    Is eyebrow pencil. Gosh…markerrrrr?!

  2. ahmog says:

    are you kidding? They look as attractive as Lieutenant Saavik *wolf whistle*

    Still none can beat Jadzia Dax from Deep Space Nine.

    Ok, so I am a Trekkie who’s into humanoid alien babes. Like which Trekkie male doesn’t?

    Trekkie I am.

  3. michaelooi says:

    cLiu – Yeah whatever.

    ahmog – Humanoid alien babes eh? Apes are humanoid…

  4. anas says:

    and i bet we’ve all seen shapeshifters with drawn eyebrows. i prefer natural beauty, always.

  5. vincent says:

    I knew this girl once who had caterpillar like eyebrows. Thick and fat. Kinda like how a clown draws his eyebrows.

    In this case, I think she really used markers instead of the eyebrow pencil thingy.

  6. littleComma says:

    She probably noticed you checking her out .. *gulp* every morning. So, she has to do ‘something’ to turn you totally off, just to save herself. Well, with so many weird cases reported in the news everyday, one just have to be extra careful, huh?

    Better be Mr. Spock than sorry .. *haha*

  7. Ah J says:

    yer you’re so bad lah. everyone has their own preferences mah. maybe she thinks she looks hawt with her new brows leh lol

  8. michaelooi says:

    anas – I have seen shapeshifters with tattoo-ed eyebrows! And when they fade with age, they become greenish in color! ugggh

    vincent – Or a crayon…

    littleComma – Now I didn’t think of that. But isn’t that like, burning the whole house down to repel a rat?

    Ah J – She probably does. I’m just breaking the bad news here – that most people don’t find weird eyebrows hot.

  9. LynMay says:

    Maybe her boyfriend likes it that way… humans are funny species.. some even like their partners’ ‘ketiak’ smelling like nerve gas which most of us consider that a total turn off :D

  10. mott says:

    “leave it alone”? … and look like groucho marx?


  11. MC says:

    Are you exaggerating? no chick I know would ever draw their eyebrows that way,like you said only shape shifter aunties draws their eyebrows that way, maybe she’s a shape shifter in disguise *cringes* lol.

  12. michaelooi says:

    LynMay – Now that is a disturbing example.

    mott – Trust me, if you really look like Groucho Marx, altering your eyebrows won’t make you look any hotter…

    MC – She wouldn’t be called a ‘shapeshifter’ in that lean and chiseled bod. She’d be called a MILF – that is, if she’s of advanced age. But I have no idea how old she is. She looks 26, but I have a hunch she’s very much older than that.

  13. I don’t know why some women tattoo or draw their eyebrows to such an unnatural state. I can understand plucking and trimming because that’s part of grooming but then to tattoo or draw on eyebrows that do not conform to their natural brow’s arc is just gross.

    You know, my mom told me that some women actually tattoo or change the shape of their eyebrow due to the believe of some face fengshui crap. Sigh, the things people do.

  14. bongkersz says:

    I can accept plucking and trimming eyebrows if necessary but tattoo or draw on eyebrows just hideous.. Shapeshifters obsession with eyebrows, we never understand them.

  15. woof-woof says:

    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA….you’re soooo wicked and I’m totally loving it! :)

  16. stephanie says:

    marker? HAHAHAHAHAHAH! OMG you never failed to amuse me. Hahahahah!

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