August 25, 2008

everyone’s annoyed

Yesterday’s headline, the DPM is ANNOYED with the people… [source]

PEKAN: The Government may reconsider the fuel rebate system if people do not appreciate the initiatives taken by the Government to reduce their burden due to high petrol prices.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Government could channel the rebates into subsidies to reduce pump prices but this would not be fair to lower income groups.

“We do not want to resort to such measures because people driving big cars such as Bentley, Jaguar and BMW 7 series will also enjoy the subsidies,” he told reporters after visiting an education and career exhibition here yesterday.

He was asked to comment on grouses that the fuel price reduction was not enough.

An annoyed Najib said people tended to forget that they were getting the rebates.

“The rebate, if translated, will be equivalent to a subsidy of between 35 sen and 40 sen a litre. If the people do not appreciate the rebates, it is better for us not to give rebates in the future,” he said.

On whether the reduction in fuel price would result in lower food price, Najib said the Government hoped that the inflation trend would decrease.

He said further petrol price reductions would depend on the world fuel prices.

Well hell, I am annoyed too. No, I am not just annoyed. I am FUCKING annoyed.

I am annoyed that the government is so flip flop like that.
I am annoyed that I have to pay for exorbitant toll prices despite having paid so much for excise duties, taxes and whatever that comes in between.
I am annoyed that the government spent so much money on that redundant stupid ass space program.
I am annoyed that the government had to spend so much money to buy ‘kapal selams’ and ‘kapal perangs’ only to be parked somewhere maximizing its use… (we’re gonna fucking lose in any war anyway…)
I am annoyed about that bunch of racists who yelled at us Malaysian Chinese to go back to China…
I am annoyed with many many other things…

And most of all, I am FUCKING annoyed with what this guy had said –

If the people do not appreciate the rebates, it is better for us not to give rebates in the future

Instead of taking criticisms positively to strive for improvement, this guy bitched about how his delusional benevolence was under-appreciated by the public, and was threatening to reverse everything. How about that. Maybe he was not given enough commission for the job. Oh, I’ll be annoyed too. I hope one of his nincompoop ministers would say to him (like what they always say to us non-bumi’s…) – “Kalau you tak suka, janganlah kerja gomen…”.

Maybe we should help to grant his wish then. Let’s not trouble him for all the state/country matters anymore. Let’s not vote for him and his party the next GE.

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18 Comments to “everyone’s annoyed”

  1. mott says:


    1) They’re freaking out because they think they will lose that by-election at Permatang Putih.
    2) They’re trying to scare the non-malays into voting for them by throwing this crap around
    3) They’re 1) and 2).

    Fark me, and they call housewives, stupid. D-uh!

  2. ewelmay says:

    To Najis – “Kalau you tak suka, you pergilah jadi ambasaddor kat Mongolia…” :P

  3. anas says:

    whoa, is that a threat to the rakyat?

  4. Najib has the cheek to be “tulan”, i cannot believe it! :P As if UMNO’s popularity is soaring the sky, more like skimming on the froth at the corner of the sewer banks. The rakyat is pissed off at the current gov, rebate or not. As such this article will only further lower UMNO’s popularity rankings another notch.

    Stupid flers will never learn, would they? Still think they have the upper hand. Heh…

  5. michaelooi says:

    mott – They’re desperate. I heard from some colleagues who has relatives living in Permatang Pauh (fyi, Company X is just 5 – 10 minutes away from Permatang Pauh), the BN camps (shitloads of them) are giving away hundreds of ringgits to the public… they’re fishing for votes with moolah.

    ewelmay – Or become a shoe polisher in Russia…

    anas – I don’t know… depends on how you interpret the message. For me, I see it as a distressed call to remove him from power…

    expedited writer – How do you expect a bunch of idiots who did all the flip flop decision making to learn? They just don’t have the capacity. It’s like hoping for a pig to win a science award or something. It’s just not possible. To make things simple, just vote whoever that is on the opposite side of the Scale symbol…

  6. Je5sie says:

    I’m sooooo “scared”… zzz..

  7. Ah J says:

    i am very annoyed too. i’m not even entitled for the stupid rebate *furious*

  8. whatudu-berudu says:

    I was at Pekan for the stupid career expo, directive from DPM, just because it’s his hometown. Bad like h*ll, man! No crowd at all. I was like suffering only. They were giving out bottled water and on it, the label wrote: Undilah BN. I showed my melayu colleagues and they said “Bakar air ni”. *chuckle* So that was where he made his statement, huh? See his face also wanna vomit. Ptui!

  9. adRian says:

    the only rights we have is that one vote every 5 years.. vote wisely or live with whatever comes with the gomen that you voted for…

  10. michaelooi says:

    Je5sie – You should also feel ‘annoyed’, that’s the topic yo!

    Ah J – Let me guess, you’re underaged?

    whatudu-berudu – Well, don’t we all hate our bosses. But your’s has a class of its own… gotta admit that.

    adRian – The problem is, there are thousands and thousands of dimwits out there who look up on people like them as leaders! And these dimwits have no goals and no ambitions. They’d be happy enough if someone were to buy them a clothes hanger…

  11. Kumar says:

    Man, I would so love to liwat this tulan monkey with my car’s exhaust pipe..

  12. VicTor says:

    nah… his fear tactic ain’t gonna work on me. To be frank, if he really take over the baton from our Pak Lah, we can count our days to hell.

  13. zewt says:

    give face lah…. maybe he may not have such chance anymore… to be annoyed.

  14. ethan says:

    BN give money we take, but vote give PKR~! let najib become najis

  15. michaelooi says:

    Kumar – You’d have to have an exceptionally good driving skills dude. To reverse your car and position its exhaust into someone’s ass isn’t exactly a simple maneuver…

    VicTor – Not really. Just for a coupla years. After that, you can select whoever’s on the opposite side of the voting slip.

    zewt – Well, he can still be annoyed as a citizen, like all of us. ;-)

    ethan – That’s what happened in Permatang. That fat were-monkey lost almost every box there, despite giving away hundreds of thousands to fish for votes. BN hit a boner big this time.

  16. zewt says:

    who cares then?

  17. wils0n says:

    Najis and UMNO still haven’t learnt their lesson. Shit it’s not about the petrol. Lowering it by 15 20 cents now doesn’t change a thing. Nothing will come down. N who the hell he think he is to utter these words? So he’s publicly admitting that he’s doing anything that he fancies.

  18. w3s says:

    What to do? He is a stupid arsehole what? That’s just the way stupid arsehole speaks.. Anyway, these bunch of crooks will have their field days..

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