August 19, 2008


I was walking along the office corridor yesterday morning. A middle aged balding manager was walking from the opposite direction. After a couple feet past him, the guy said to me (from behind),

“Errrmmm excuse me, your fly’s open.”

I went like, oh, ok… and zipped it up (no big deal for me). But after a short distance away from him, a disturbing thought suddenly loomed over me and I started to feel very uneasy about the whole thing – how did he know if my fly’s open if he was not checking out my crotch? And why the fuck would he check my crotch out? I wouldn’t mind if a girl or a housewife does that. It probably wouldn’t have been so kooky. But a middle aged balding guy?


Now that I think of it, I’ve never actually saw any guy with his barn door wide open before. The reason’s simply because I never check out crotches of the same sex. I’d ogle at girls, their tits, asses and try to spot a cameltoe, yes – which is normal for a guy – but I’d never check out any part of a guy’s physique because that’s just so fucking gay. And the unfortunate incident was not even circumstantial. Not like I was climbing a ladder in front of him or something like that. He had to actually make it an effort to look down just to be able to see my crotch, and that’s just so fucking disturbing. To the very bone. This is so fucking wrong man…

If you guys disagree with me, pretty please, give me a good reason why I shouldn’t feel that way (or you blokes can tell me if you do check out other fellow blokes’ crotches… ewwh)

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23 Comments to “disturbed”

  1. LX says:


    You think too much lar. It is just so obvious if you are unzip. I don’t think he is staring at your crotches. I have a gay friend, I don’t think he pay too much attention at males crotches. Instead they focus on males muscular body, butt and hair. Unless you think you are darn sexy for those gay folks to stare at you. Gagagagaa.

    In fact, many times, I found it hard to tell the other party regardless male or female when they are unzip. Simply because if I tell them, they will feel very embarrassed and what would he/she think of me, PERVERT? Now you simply prove the second possibility.

    So, this middle aged balding guy is acting with courtesy, I would say.

    You should go and say thank you to him though. Perhaps, a pat on the shoulder, thanx mates.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well maybe it wasn’t intentional. Maybe there was something there that was flagging for attention lol…

  3. Ah J says:

    lol he’s just being nice. maybe he accidently saw it.

  4. michaelooi says:

    LX – Duuuuuuude, ugghh, I do not mean to be rude but, I feel compelled to tell you this – that your comment is very gay. Especially the ‘gagagagaga’ and that pat on the shoulder thing… ewwwh

    Kevin – There was once in my early primary, a friend saw a hole under my pants and asked me what was that thing hanging out of that hole. I told him “That’s my balls you dolt. What do you think it is?”, and continued to tuck it back into where it belonged. Good old times.

    Ah J – Well, if I ‘accidentally’ saw a girl having a downblouse exposure, am I a pervert, or just being nice? Ask the girls, people.

  5. ewelmay says:

    Hahahahaha.. you should be flattered :) You have a middle aged balding manager ‘observing’ you so closely.. hey.. even gays have taste you know :P

  6. peed says:

    i think it was the smell of something dead coming out from your pants that made him noticed unwillingly

  7. michaelooi says:

    ewelmay – That’s what’s so disturbing about the whole thing…

    peed – Wow, what a logic. I smell a genius at work here.

  8. Ah J says:

    michael, you prefer that uncle to keep his mouth shut instead of telling you that? but, if i were you hor, i’ll be thankful lor. later lagi malu if a female colleague tells me that.

  9. Jeebs says:

    hi Mike,

    I think a open fly may attract attention from all sexes due to the contrasting colour of your attire. Say, you wearing khaki pants while inside you are wearing black undies, the sudden flash of darkness at your apex may attract any attention. Just my dua sen.

  10. ewelmay says:

    Look on the bright side, at least all he did was just observe and inform you.. he could have helped zip it up for you, y’know :P

  11. YK says:

    Are you tall? Was he short? Maybe the height difference made it easier to spot an open fly.

    I think it’s more disturbing when a guy chooses the urinal next to yours when the rest of the toilet is empty. Extra points if they try to start a conversation.

  12. mott says:

    That wud mean I’m screwed then…coz once I walked around KLCC with my skirt tucked into my panties (back) for two hours, before a security guard told me why I shud be feeling a wee bit drafty…


  13. michaelooi says:

    Ah J – I don’t see what’s so embarrassing about letting a female see your underwear… unless you have an abnormally small package which could indeed be embarrassing…

    Jeebs – I was wearing a blue jeans dude, and my underwear was dark grey if I’m not mistaken. It was perfectly camouflaged… *cues in Twilight Zone music*

    ewelmay – You have a wild imagination, girl…

    YK – Oooh, I totally had that once at Company X. A guy stood next to my urinal and attempted to start a conversation… and he even gave me that creepy smile… I was so fucking scared man…

    mott – Errmmm, that would only mean that the security guard has been checking your ass. You should feel proud girl!

  14. tingtitlei says:

    hey at least this isnt as awkward as that time someone told me that theres a hole in my pants below my crotch.. how the fuck did he manage to spot it?

  15. mahagurusia says:

    dunno about you guys but my vision are (usually) at wide angle, I look at a big picture. So I guess I see most of the things infront of me. Nothing specific though but I do notice things. However, some people just look straight and nothing else as if there is no surrounding or anyone alive.

    my 2 cents worth

  16. Chrys says:

    Maybe you have a big tool that resulted the unzipped areas more noticeable from far. ;)

  17. xTr3me says:

    I think maybe that guy is gay. If not he won’t be checking out your crotch. Better watch out. Lol.

  18. michaelooi says:

    tingtitlei – Maybe the scenario’s similar, gay guys checking out straights.

    mahaguru – Errmm, we only go ‘wide angle’ when there are tits, cleavages, asses or cameltoes around ler…

    Chrys – OK ok I admit it, my tool’s big. But it wasn’t sticking out at that time so, I ruled out this possibility.

    xTr3me – What a coincidence, that was what I suspected too!

  19. LX says:


    Arggh .. come on .. why is it sound so gay. I darn straight ok. gagagagaga.

    Mike, pihlah .. you admit yours’ tool big, basket. Prove it. But never never show it to me. I dun wish to see lor :p

    Any girls replied to Mike’s question earlier, whether girls prefer us (the male) to tell them about unzipped thing.

  20. michaelooi says:

    LX – dude, I hope you’re not flirting with me because, 1) I’m not gay, 2) I’m not your type, or any guy’s… Sorry to disappoint you man…

  21. bluesky says:

    mic, maybe you wear RED underwear that day? obviously he can’t ignore noticing it.

  22. gnoe says:

    dude, maybe it’s the contrasting color of your underwear and pants that draws the attention

  23. Nicevil says:

    Michael… you had an erection and you didn’t realize it, because you’re so fucking horny all the time. Anyone could see it from a mile away, chill. It’s okay.

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