August 15, 2008

Edward Skading

I ‘stumbled’ into an interesting blog today. A blog by Edward Skading. Edward doesn’t blog about trivial everyday emo or how does it feel like to be a jerk (like most of us do). Edward blogs about what he believes in and what is he going to do about it. In this case, he discovered something in his can of condensed milk, and started to dig more and more cans of worms from the company that produced the milk, and totally flipped the company off.

Have to commend that guy for his resilience. I mean, I couldn’t even do half the things he did. Like, if I find a dead lizard inside my can of condensed milk, I’d just dump the can of milk, tell all my friends about it, and vouch not to buy anything from that company again. But not Edward.

His blog is about resilience and fighting for consumer rights. I find it rather honorable of him to do all these in a selfless manner and decided to share this with you all (trust me, this is very much a better read than some stupid skank’s blog writing about what she ate for the day and how she hated her big busted colleague who got more attention than she does…)

Here’s Edward’s blog URL in case you missed it –

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