August 13, 2008

UiTM – a big joke

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Wednesday August 13, 2008
UiTM slams MB’s proposal

SHAH ALAM: Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Vice-Chancellor Prof Datuk Seri Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah has hit out at Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s suggestion that the university open its doors to non-bumiputra students.

Prof Ibrahim said the call to have non-bumiputras allowed into the university was against the purpose of setting up the university.

“UiTM was set up to provide the bumiputras a chance to improve themselves by attaining tertiary education,” he told a press conference at the university here yesterday.

He was commenting on Khalid’s statement asking for UiTM to open 10% of its intake to the other races to raise the level of integration, competitiveness and the quality of graduates.

He said the power to decide on any changes to the intakes in UiTM was up to the government. Earlier about 5,000 UITM students held a peaceful demonstration in front of the state secretariat building where they also handed over a memorandum to a state government official objecting to the call by Khalid.

UiTM student body president Luqmannulhakim Mohamad Idris said the students wanted Khalid to retract the statement and apologise.

“We (the students) are very disturbed by the statement and we have planned our strategy on what to do if the Mentri Besar does not apologise and retract the statement,” he said.

Khalid, meanwhile said the proposal was done in the interests of both bumiputras and others.

Khalid said he was fully aware that he had no right to decide on the quota for non-Malays in UiTM.

These people were acting as if UiTM is as prestigious as Oxford or Harvard, and we non-bumis are trying to pillage their intelligence out from their asses… what a chode.

If anyone from UiTM is reading this – don’t worry about it guys. I’m not going to send my kid to UiTM. No fucking thanks. Not even if you pay me to send her there. Not in a million years. That’s because I don’t think I’m (we’re) that desperate, and I definitely would hate to see her turn into someone like you (and yeah, I will convince my non-bumi friends to stay the fuck away as well. You guys can have the whole place all to yourselves…)

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33 Comments to “UiTM – a big joke”

  1. LX says:


    I came from boarding school where 99% is bumi folks. If you want to count how many chinese or indian (non-bumi), your kid and my kid probably can easily count it out by either using 1 hand or maximum both hands. In this case, no need to use toes. Sometime, I can help to wonder, the what the hell the fucking government put me there for. FYI, I am top student in my school, gagagaga.

    I was marginalised, bullied and boycotted when I first join the school. God knows how a kid of 12 yrs gone through those tough time.

    As for those UiTM folks, there are basically the biggest loser and useless bunch of people. Cowards. Do not dare to face challenge. No balls.

    If we look back, probably the constitution is the one to be blame. Due to unfair terms & condition, it have been planted in their mind, that I DESERVE this and that. DAMN IT.

    I always told my wife, we need to work hard. I don’t wish to send my kids to local UNI simply because some of those useless bunch of people study there. Look at the case at UPM where the chinese student get bullied. Goodness. I don’t wish that my kids have to go through that kind of trauma.

    Don’t get me wrong that all local grads is bad. What I wish not to see is, my kids get into racial tension while in college. Goodness. I watch those video about UPM student over youtube. Gosh, I bet my little girl won’t be able to stand it.

  2. General says:

    Malaysia! I am happy that UiTM has rejected Khalid’s proposal. I was so afraid that the future non-bumi students would have to put up to all the God knows attitude of the UiTM folks should they decided to accept non-bumi students.

    Disclaimer: We are not racists. The term “Non-Bumiputra” is widely used in our state and federal documents particularly on those related to business loans/Job/Mega Project applications. Our goverment has been practising racisms even before most us were born.

  3. VicTor says:

    Let them continue living in their own dream. They are just a bunch of hooligans. They even dare to challenge the government by threatening that they will do something if the MB does not apologize.

  4. moo_t says:

    It looks like a cult,sounds like a cult , is it a cult body?

  5. bubbles says:

    The act of these students protesting just goes to show how weak they are in competing with other races. It is a big joke indeed coz they are the one at the losing end. If they don’t open their door, they will be forever ‘katak di bawah tempurung’. Wait till they come out to the working world, see who they will be competing with then.

    Hey LX, i think i came from the same boarding school as you (although i’m from the much older batch). I was the only chinese girl there then and yes, i was subjected to the same torment. Guess their thinking never changed, huh?

  6. michaelooi says:

    LX – Well, glad to know that you made it alright. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. A blessing in disguise. Maybe they’re being such a pain because they know you’d make a fool out of them, and indeed you did… (the top student thing speaks for itself)

    general – You know, the best thing would be, UiTM accepts the proposal, and then NONE of the non-bumi’s would enroll… that’ll be awesome.

    VicTor – That goes on to show how insecure they must have felt when that Khalid guy suggested the idea. Those fuckers had to resort to threats because they know, if you throw a bunch of elites into their amateur institution, they’re gonna look REAL BAD. It makes perfect sense the way they reacted.

    moo_t – Nah. A cult welcomes anyone who wants to join their cause because they’re smart enough to know – that growth can only be a good thing. These UiTM degenerates are still too far from being a cult. They’re just parochial lame asses who are delusional about their imaginary status.

    bubbles – They look like toads alright. Check out the picture in the paper today… ahaks.

  7. anas says:

    stupid bunch of people. afraid of competetion huh? then let them be, they will never improve with that kind of thinking and attitude. i took my degree in Uni Malaya together with chinese and indian students, did i improve? hell yeah. got a decent job and financial stability now.

  8. LX says:


    Yes agree with you. How good if they accepts the proposal after this protests and non of the non-bumi enrolled eventhough being offered any course.

    Hey bubbles, are you in the group that under Puan Lee Voon Ting?

  9. Marcus says:

    Honestly, I’m disappointed. I think if they want to have a serious discussion, they have to first prove that they know what they are talking about. And Sir, respectfully, at this task, they have failed. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to watch them shit in their panties about this UiTM thing, only to have the whole thing disputed. You know, it’s really nice that they are having a nice open public shit eating contest like this.

    Typically, these “peoples” occupy positions of large influence (or they believe they have influence, at least) and they pontificate their opinions that show they don’t have any idea how anything works. So what’s the answer? I say fuck ‘em all.

  10. wils0n says:

    Damn! Y would Khalid want non-bumis to enter UITM? Can’t he let those (UITM nincompoops) kind of people be kept there undisturbed eternally? Rubbish (UITM nitwits) are meant to be in rubbish bins. Gold (us of cause) are meant to be in banks. Please don’t put gold into rubbish bins.

  11. zezzy says:

    HI all….
    hot hot sensitive issue????
    uitm for non bumi????
    i have my 2 centz on this matter….
    you guyz are very welcome to read it here

  12. sweewon says:

    “demonstration, apologise, disturbed, hit out, ticked off (in nst online)”. they are either over-reacting or incapable to the extreme. or both. sick.

  13. Neo says:

    Cool Michael, those Jabronis can go and fcuk themselves crazy for all I care

  14. Eric says:

    LX & Bubles, u guy talking about some Sekolah Sains? I’m from the Selangor one. Those were some lost years there, though I made a few good friends. I first learnt about racism, bigotry & whatnot from the ‘Bumi’ teachers there.

  15. gregenz says:

    Best yet, they are demanding an apology? if not they have “planned their strategy on what to do if the Mentri Besar does not apologise and retract the statement”

    this is coming from students from a uni…so..what would they do? march down the MB’s office naked? what the fuck do they learn in that shithole they call uni? no wonder the people i usually meet (whom are uitm grads) are mostly arrogant. hey ..a big fuck guys aint shit.

  16. michaelooi says:

    anas – These ‘stupid bunch of people’ think they’re smart and we all non-bumis want to be like them (pffft…), that’s the problem.

    LX – So, my blog has become a gathering for lost old friends of sorts? Can I charge you a fee for that?

    Marcus – Well, it’s hip nowadays to have public demonstrations. Since they’ve got nothing to picket about, I guess they decided to make one to honor their stupidity instead…

    wils0n – I wouldn’t go too far to call myself ‘gold’ but, I understand your point there…

    zezzy – I’m cool with people pimping their blogs and stuff but, please do it properly. I had to edit your post man.

    sweewon – That place (UiTM) is a breeding ground for racial discrimination – as you can see from the statements in that news article for yourself. Now, we non-bumis should be feeling disturbed to hear all those words coming from our young bumis… It makes me wonder what have they been learning inside that shithole. How to hate other races? Geez… what a sad bunch of people.

    Neo – Yeah, that’s what I wanted to convey. We should let them losers be confined and quarantined in that place all by themselves… We non-bumis are more happening and do not need their non value-added sympathy.

    Eric – My sympathy. Did the teachers rape you? (kidding)

    gregenz – The Vice-Chancellor said UiTM was erected to “provide the bumiputras a chance to improve themselves by attaining tertiary education”. Hidden message: Bumiputras are being marginalized in all other unis. If I’m the Vice-Chancellor from another uni with a mix of bumis and non-bumis, I’d definitely be offended and respond a “FUCK YOU” message.
    I say, why don’t they set up 500 unis with only 10 bumiputra students in each of them… then they’ll get 500 unis with top 10 bumiputras students! Hahhah

  17. anas says:

    mike – yeah. sadly true. some people just have big heads. a big shame. sad to see the students behaving like that. not a smart move. good luck to them facing the real world. i myself as a malay do not want to be associated with people like that. sheeshh…

  18. whatudu-berudu says:

    As you know, I work in gomen, right? Aitelyu…in meetings with the industry (ICT industry, that is – big companies lah), they all say they don’t want to hire UiTM grads, man. In fact, they are not employable. Psst. Low quality larrr. Some more they claim their students have the lowest unemployments werrr.. Work in McD lah!!

  19. I can see the reason why Khalid wanted to open UiTM to other races. It is the first step, and a good step, in integrating the races and eradicating one of racist special privileges. What bugs me most is that the students in UiTM did a protest against the proposal, albeit a peaceful one – what these kids saying?

    It sounds like, “Don’t take away our crutches and special privileges” and they are just kids. Close minded, dependent government tit suckers. I say fuck ‘em, let them have UiTM and let the narrow minded and crutch humpers stay in one place. Darwin’s law of survival will deal with them eventually. It is always the case with these useless fuckers who think they *deserve* the special privileges. Sickening.

  20. Danielle says:

    so it’s ok for UiTM students to have a “peaceful” demonstration huh?
    whatever la. i think khalid was right to say if non-bumis were admitted there will be more competition.

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  22. michaelooi says:

    anas – As long as you’re not in UiTM now, you’re that much better than them already. What a relief, right?

    berudu – Wow, what a revelation. I didn’t think they could that fucking bad.

    expedited writer – If you can read it in another context, it was as if they’re asking to be treated like retards… You know, feed them, give them jobs, show them sympathy and shit? I bet the real retards would despise this kind of attitude…

    danielle – I think that Khalid guy made the proposal with good intentions. That’s why he could become the CEO of some registered company, instead of working inside some McDonald’s outlet. That’s the difference between him, and that bunch of losers picketing that day…

    edward – [edited] I’ll see what I can do (that’s because this is a private blog and I don’t really give a shit about anything… but I’ll see what I can do to increase your traffic).

  23. LX says:

    Mike ..

    Arghh come on, “kong chin, sat kam cheng”. You should be proud, that your blog indeed serve a good cause .. gagagaga.

  24. mott says:

    Hahhah..they can keep their UiTMs and their top Bumi students! In fact, all bumi companies should ONLY hire Bumi grads. Oh..just don’t blame the non-bumis for their downfall, we didn’t do anything!

    I like this concept of having 500 unis and top 10 bumi students!!! Being top in a lousy school, is so much damn easier than being top in a good school! DAMN! I should’ve been a bumi!


  25. tohff7 says:

    Well, that’s the problem with the government. The whole SBP , MRSM or even UiTM is not helping but ruining those Bumis.

    @LX, bubbles, Eric. Sounds like bad luck for your boarding school. At least mine wasn’t that bad, except for some moron seniors. Mine is in Melaka.

    Anyway, SBP have a quota like 5% or 10% for non-Bumi as far as i know. They give offer to non-Bumi for the purpose of filling that quota only.

  26. TiBuN says:

    So susah for what, go study UTAR or TARC lah, all the non-bumis are there making campfire and having fun. But mind you, got passing quota and some are bound to FAIL. CGPA above 3.5 is rare (btw, did you know most of the grads in UiTM had CGPA > 3.5?)

  27. azlin says:

    I’d rather my son works after SPM then sending him to UiTM, or any university that openly states that it only opens its door to a specific race.

    Imagine how these kids are going to survive when they start working

  28. adRian says:

    let uitm be closed within their own ignorance..

    it is appalling students of tertiary education behaving like this, instead of accepting challenges to advance their thirst for knowledge, they only thirst for free handouts.

    This is what the government wants, a bunch of no use, over egoistic, reliant on government, “educated” nincompoops.

    I will vividly remember how “good” these students are…
    When I was in 1st semester in Singapore Polytechnic, we competed in ITM Shah Alam’s bridge building competition.. the entries from advance-diploma students didn’t come close to my bridge! Actually our entries took the top 3 spots, however, over a closed door deliberation, the 3rd spot was given to a ITM entry. Pathetic…

  29. feiz says:

    I ain’t sending my kids there.. useless university..

    My dad told me of a time when he interviewed a 4.0 CGPA UITM graduate, and the girl didn’t know how to converse in english..a total disaster…plural and singular arrangement ain’t in her system, Pronunciation all wrong etc etc…


  30. pigeater-sowhat? says:

    Malays..what a bunch of losers..

    their men are pathetic ‘rempit’ and ‘rapist’

    and their women are just sluts and whores…how the hell this kind of race can exist in this world?

    Malays are just pigs…uitm is just a pig farm…who want to go to Uitm anyway?..UTAR is better..high quality and free from politics and racism..

  31. public says:

    UTAR free from politics? where’d u get that idea? c’me on! i was from UTAR, and yes, UTAR is nice n not totally racist or biased, but they had a lot of inside ”politickings”, just unknown to outsiders. n fyi, the Lecturers at UTAR are ORDERED to be lenient when marking diploma students’ exams.

    UiTM- wtf???!!! let that stupid uni be wat it is, no one’s interested anyways. I’m haf chinese-haf east m’sian bumi, and i also hate UiTM, n i even tell my relatives who qualified cuz they are Bumis, never study there. UiTM is a joke!

    yeah, ok i know my entry is WAY too late, but i just need to voice out my 2 cents!

  32. ROY says:

    UITM student is No.1 only because they are the only participant. How sad?
    I wonder what will make them see that.

  33. REU says:

    It seems that these Malays are always protected by the laws in this government which always contrastes bumi’s to have the upper hand compared to other races. They dont exprience hard times like we do. Thats why when they pursue their further studies in countries abroad, they end up being dish washers or toilet scrubbers.

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