July 17, 2008

violated in the ass

I don’t understand – why would someone report that he was ‘sodomized’, instead of being ‘raped’? I mean, you don’t just simply open up your bunghole to let any Dick or Harry access it, right? It’s not easy to have access to someone’s ass. Even most chicks won’t consent anal sex, what more a straight guy?

And I’m sure we all have our pants on all the time, save for only times when we want to take a dump/bath, to have sex or perhaps, get ready to be fucked in the ass by some homesexual stud. It’s not like it can happen easily just like that. It takes a lot to be able to access someone’s ass. But this chap who made a police report against Anwar for ‘sodomizing’ him… made it sound like it was as easy as seeing someone flipping him a bird. I don’t recall reading anything about Anwar forcing on him, or rough-handled him to submission, etc etc. That chap just alleged he was ‘sodomized’. Something’s not right here. It’s definitely just a part of a bigger agenda.

My take on this is, 4 possible scenarios that I can think of:
1) Anwar and this Saiful guy are gay lovers. They fuck each other occasionally. But things went wrong between them which involves Anwar wanting Saiful harmed. Fearing for his life, this Saiful went to the police station and claimed he was violated in the ass by Anwar. — possible, but unlikely. Even if Anwar’s really gay, he probably wouldn’t choose to have sex with another guy at times like this – when he’s flying high in his life and this close to become the next PM of Malaysia.

2) It’s a ploy by Anwar’s political adversaries to undermine his popularity and position. Somebody paid Saiful a handsome amount of moolah – a couple millions? that’s a lot for a dropout – and have him drag Anwar into the legal quagmire, which would be enough to prevent him from becoming the next PM by September. — likelihood high. I mean, if you’re powerful, rich and influential, and some guy is out to take that away from you, what would you do? Like an alpha male baboon, you’d do anything to prevent that from happening. ANYTHING. I’d do that if my stakes are that fucking high. We’re talking about the access to millions here friends. I’d just need to pay a high school dropout to do exactly the same thing Saiful did, to bolster up my position. (furthermore, this Saiful guy did meet a few government officials prior getting violated in the ass… as alleged. Fishy…)

3) The whole thing’s a show. Saiful and Anwar are on the same side, and they’re making this whole thing up to make it look like it is #2 above, thus, making the Barang Naik government even more unpopular. Rubbing salt into their ailing wounds, or something like that. — a bit far fetched and Hollywoodish, but somewhat possible. Anwar’s been pummeled like a shitfuck 10 years ago. Now he has a chance to take on the behemoth Barang Naik government, he’d make sure they fall hard and probably would do anything to make sure they stay the fuck down forever.

4) The aliens are behind this. — None of this makes sense. It has to be the aliens. No shit.

If you have your own theory on what is happening, feel free to share.

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15 Comments to “violated in the ass”

  1. LX says:


    I particular like the starting of your statement below. It is simply awesome.

    I don’t understand – why would someone report that he was ’sodomized’, instead of being ‘raped’? I mean, you don’t just simply open up your bunghole to let any Dick or Harry to access it, right? It’s not easy to have access to someone’s ass. Even most chicks won’t consent anal sex, what more a straight guy?

    With this “Even most chicks won’t consent anal sex, what more a straight guy?”, it is damn true. I guess this Saiful guy watched too much of hardcore porno kot.

  2. LX says:

    to add on

    a young strong man (20 something) against a 60+ old man. So easy for Saiful to let his anal open up for Anwar meh.

    This allegation is full of mystery. It is simply not convincing.

  3. ShaolinTiger says:

    The truth is out there..

  4. Mark says:

    LOL, nice one. I think #2 is the most likely but if it was #3…that’d be cool as hell to see Barang Naik (nice one btw) people take the plunge for how they fucked up Anwar before this!

    #1 and #4 have the same likelihood, can safely say none.

  5. vincent says:

    I don’t have theories about the reasons like you, but I sure as hell know who the ultimate winner is.

    If Anwar is found guilty and thrown in jail, AAB just got rid of a major thorn in his ass.

    If Anwar is found innocent, AAB will then shoot down all Anwar’s points about the police force being corrupt and influenced by the government. He will be able to say that his government is transparent and all that, and Anwar would have to agree with that.

    Only one clear winner here.

  6. MT says:

    I like when the flers wanted to do a DNA test. Okay so fine, we get a sample from DSAI… Then? Compare his DNA to what? A swab from that whore marrying, ass licking, dumbass school dropout’s asshole ah?! This is really damn fucking stupid man… The international scene is laughing their heads off at us!

    But thank god our “rap superstar” minister is now an ex-minister. If not, the international media scene would have to hear another “freestylin” rap… :lol:

  7. katsmew says:

    Scenario 5) Its a conspiracy. Barang Naik No. 2 said he doesn’t know Mr. Saiful who likes to take off his “daifu”..then later Barang Naik No. 2 said Daifu oops Saiful came to his house to seek his advice… then there is this Mr. PI’s 1st SD where Barang Naik No. 2 was allerged to have said that C4ed Model likes anal sex…meaning Barang Naik No. 2 likes backside.
    So Barang Naik No. 2 and Saiful Daifu are actually lovers….Saiful Daifu being the feminine partner sacrifies himself so mai take off his Daifu and goyang goyang in front of Anwar. Then accused kena brokebacked by Anwar.

  8. michaelooi says:

    LX – Now that I think of it, yeah. How would an old man with back problem have the strength to overpower a young high school dropout and sodomized him? Hmmm

    ST – X-files is showing soon eh?

    Mark – I think it was an all-out drastic measure to smear shit on Anwar… no doubt. It’ll make us hate them (Barang Naik) even more…

    vincent – Well, I have to agree with that. That AAB just need to sleep through the whole thing, and he’ll be fine.

    MT – Yeah. If only they watch CSI. DNA analysis is for corpses, where the cum stays static in the victim. Saiful on the other hand, would have probably digested or shat Anwar’s cum out by the time he lodged that police report (that is, if Anwar actually ejaculated into his rectum).

    katsmew – Hmmm, that is some complex shit that you came up with… but still possible nevertheless, ahaks! (anything’s possible – hell it could even be Bala’s Rottweilers that are behind this…)

  9. MorpheusX says:

    When i first heard the news.. first thought that came to mind was…

    So unimaginative .. the people from the forth floor all no more new ideas is it??

    Say la he rape some innocent girl or he is the one that mastermind to steal the C4 or something like that..

    BTW i read today that the “space tourist” is going to be a DATO.. i dont understand the logic?

    Datuk Nicol David – World beater and reigning no 1 deserve it and works hard to remain no 1

    Mr. Everest Climber – Worked hard to reach the summit get Crap

    Dato Space Tourist – Wasted 400 mil and played top in space just sat his ass on the rocket!!

    When i become a Datuk(Grandfather).. i will be ashamed to be associated with same title as a Top spinning Tourist… Blah

    Where is the Logic?? Pls help us dear God!!

  10. Zer0 says:

    Haha my thoughts exactly. It’s bloody scenario number 2!.

  11. Nicevil says:

    No no no no no things aren’t that simple !!

    This is actually a secret ploy by the Secret FAGS Organization in Malaysia to sue the discriminating policies of Malaysia against GAYS, as well as bringing up other human rights issues and racist discriminatory policies and change the whole goverment from the inside.

    The plan has been going on for decades, and Anwar finally had the guts to complete it.

  12. michaelooi says:

    morpheus – Well, they’ve granted so many nincompoops Datukship (look at some of the beruk politicians, gawwwwd), what more a tourist? biasa lah…

    Zer0 – Yeah, I think it’s number 2 too.

    Nicevil – Dude, are you on drugs? or are you just not right in the head?

  13. azlin says:

    and this is the country that our kids will grow up in… i shudder the thought of my son asking me “mama, whats liwat” luckily, he cannot read yet and dont really understand the news.

  14. bongkersz says:

    it has to be the aliens. x-files is showing soon, too bad they already completed the movie, if not i am sure this case is the most mind boggling alien case for them to solve. you go scully and mulder!

  15. B.H. says:

    Ang Lee should make a movie out of this. It would be called “Analize This”.

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