May 28, 2008

the ape’s leaving

Mojo Jojo lumbered into the lab today and announced overtly that he had tendered his resignation. The news garnered very little reaction from the team, until I asked him about it…

“So, Mojo Jojo… when is your last day here?”

He suddenly lit up like a dog hearing its owner’s whistle. He would have wagged his tail if he had one.

“I will be here until end of July”, he said… rather smugly.

“What the fuck?? End of July?? Why so long??”

He immediately stopped wagging his virtual tail and sulked as if he had learned that his owner is about to spay/neuter his ass…

“Hey, what do you mean by ‘why so long’? Am I really that detestable to you?”

“Yeah. Haven’t you figure that out already?”

“Man, I told the boss that you’ve been my best mentor… looks like I’ve made a mistake…”

“Yes you apparently have.”

“I understand that all the scoldings you gave me were for my own good, but…”

“So, you want some scoldings now? It’s for your own good… Just say it man. Just say it.”

He didn’t stay to say another word, but skedaddled into his shithole to get out of my view.

Call me cruel but, I see his departure as a bliss. Getting rid of him is the best thing that can ever happen to our workgroup. For the team, it means less humiliating episode on the world stage. For me, it means less moronic boner trails to clean up. It’s a good thing. But perhaps the best thing of all, is this guy chose to end this by his own will, saving himself some grace and respect. It would have been ugly if he were to be terminated by the company. Not bad for someone with the intelligence of a toolbox.

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7 Comments to “the ape’s leaving”

  1. feizal says:

    aiyah..mike…extra kejam la you this time round..

  2. MJ says:

    90% Evil?

  3. seremban engineer says:

    OH NO………..
    No more weird story about this clown anymore ;(

  4. 2damage says:

    Any idea where he goes?

  5. tyra says:


    Out of topic..i left d ATM machine without taking my $200. Some kind soul (reminds me of yr Emily) return it 2 d bank. I rushed to d bank(HSBC) after 30 mins 2 file a report & was shocked to get it back..Im blessed :)

  6. michaelooi says:

    feizal / MJ – If only you people could understand…

    seremban engineer – You’ve underestimated Company X…

    2damage – No idea man. That fella refuse to tell…

    tyra – You’re real lucky, girl. And that guy (or girl) must be retard, though noble…

  7. moot-lei says:

    oh. no more hilarious stories about mojo jojo. gonna miss that.

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