May 8, 2008

“Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead” (2007)

what is it about?
A robbery goes wrong for 2 brothers, and everything else follow suit from thereon.

the plot?
2 brothers, in dire need of money, plots a plan to rob their parents’ jewelery store. It is suppose to be perfect. The elder brother, who is the original mastermind, has to delegate the job to the junior (Ethan Hawke) due to some unforeseen circumstances. But the junior being a chicken shit he is, gets a friend to help him out. Come robbery day, everything go wrong. The friend is killed and shoots their mom in the stick up. Plenty of dramas ensue, with one event leading to another, and the flick would pan back and forth the storyline revolving around the robbery event…

– the staggered way of revealing the plot. It was like a story being told in point form. Kinda liked it that way.
– plenty of Marisa Tomei nude scenes. Her role’s redundant yes, but why should I complaint if she’s showing us her hot perky tits?
– the believable acting from each and every cast in the flick (well, except Marisa Tomei… I doubt anyone’s giving a shit about her acting…)

– the scene of Phillip Seymour Hoffman porking Marisa Tomei doggy style burned a painful image in my brain. It’s like watching a bestiality porn, you know? Marisa Tomei having sex with an albino hippo? Fuck. It’s tragic. (I’m pretty sure this must be a request from Phillip Seymour Hoffman himself, the scene’s like totally unnecessary…)
– nobody did Marisa justice by grabbing her beautiful tits (what the fuckkkk!??)
– the ending’s a bit of a disappointment.

– Marisa won’t show us her beaver.
– Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies in the end.

The flick’s worth a watch. I’d give it a 7/10 with Marisa’s bare naked ass thrown in…

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