May 6, 2008

‘the moment’

Regine did something dumb today and I was sharing the story with Emily,

Me: “When you were taking your bath just now, Regine took a dinosaur and bit a part of its peel off…”

Emily: [gives me this weird look]

Me: “Her expression instantly changed, into something like this [shows idiotic face]… ha ha ha, it was so funny. You know how bitter these dinosaur peels can be, right? That was just so silly of her.. ahaa haa hakss”

Emily: [gives me this even weirder look, that was when I realize why]

Me: “Oh my god, did I just say ‘dinosaur’ peel??”

Emily: [nods…]

Me: “Shittt! What is wrong with me?? I actually wanted to say ‘orange peel’ goddamn it!”

I had ‘the moment’ there. You know ‘the moment’? ‘The moment’ is the moment you discover that you have been unconsciously acting like a retard, and to realize that there is nothing you can do to redeem that lost self esteem. (but I was nevertheless… felt thankful, that this didn’t actually happen on our first date or something like that…)

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11 Comments to “‘the moment’”

  1. souplad says:

    Freudian slip?? = 0

  2. michaelooi says:

    either that, or my brain is damaged.

  3. rzmie says:

    or you are too stress at work?

  4. nicholas says:

    too much barney

  5. Je5sie says:

    it’s ok. my mom does it all the time.

    mom: girl, go make detergent to drink.
    me: ??!!
    mom: what? good to drink it before bedtime.
    me: you mean make milo right?
    mom: oh sorry sorry.. go make milo!

    maybe she’s thinking bout the laundry while talking to me.
    maybe you’re thinking bout Jurrasic Park that time..

  6. jusoh says:

    not enough sex?

  7. michaelooi says:

    Je5sie – You’re comparing me to your mom… O_o’

  8. bongkersz says:

    getting old. one of the symptoms. :P

  9. Buaya69 says:

    bwahahaha! proof that mike’s been watching too much Barney purple dinosaur :P

  10. sam says:

    And I was reading it, wondering what on earth a dinosaur peel was. The outer plastic layer of the a dinosaur plastic toy or something… :lol:

  11. 100 says:

    yea, same brain wave as sam. I was imagining some purple chunk were bitten off…

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