April 29, 2008

tommy thumb

My Regine already started singing when she was about 18 months (she’s going to be 2 in June). But most of the time, we couldn’t get what she sang because they were mostly bits and parts of random songs that happened to come across her mind at that time. But things changed about a few weeks back, when we started to hear her singing proper songs (though incomplete).

Last Sunday, I had the rare opportunity to record that down. When I heard her repeating the same song inside her room after taking her bath, I immediately whipped out my phone and said to her “Regine, daddy’s going to count to three… and once I finish counting, can you sing to daddy’s phone?”, and she did exactly just that.

Following is the recording in MP3 format — to download, right click on the link and select ‘Save Link As’ if you’re using FireFox, or ‘Save Target As…’ if you’re using IE.

File – Recording.mp3 (192 KB)

She was actually singing –
Tommy Thumb, Tommy Thumb,
Where Are you?
Here I am, Here I am,
How do you do.

And frankly speaking, she is already a better singer than some of my monotonous friends… and daddy is so frigging proud of her…

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12 Comments to “tommy thumb”

  1. mh says:

    lol shes cute. but please nvr send her to any stupid singing competitions like 8tv superstar or astro talent quest. those are 1 way ticket to chinese lala ah beng. raise her properly!

  2. michaelooi says:

    Thanks for appreciating.

    And oh, I won’t send her to any talent contest. I am raising this kid to become a gynecologist…

  3. Plastron says:

    Damn cute…does she take after her dad or mom when it comes to singing? :P

  4. tz says:


  5. littleComma says:

    omg … that’s what lil’ ivan sings at home too ! thanks for the lyrics cos I’ve been searching hi n low for it to sing along.. :)

  6. Ernest Lee says:

    That`s cute. It`s also like that with my little girl who is 3 months older than yours.

    Have a great time . This is the best years of our lives with our little girls.



  7. moot-lei says:

    aww how cute! ..can’t wait to get one of my own ahaks!

  8. That’s so precious. :)

  9. sweewon says:

    Wish I can watch her sing! Heheh..

  10. blusher says:

    Regine’s voice is super cute!!! And I would say that she has a good ear with the tunes, especially the part when she sang “How do you DO!” whereby she ends it with a higher pitch. So like professional *grins*

  11. sasha says:

    she’s good. My son is 25 months but still cannot sing hahhaha

  12. kibikibi says:

    Oh my.. she sounds so CUTE!!! Kawaiiii!!!!!!!! You’re one lucky dad. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I can’t stop myself from commenting…awww

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