April 28, 2008

red glaring object

I had a nightmare last night. A real scary one.

Here is how it goes :
I am behind my boss in a queue, at the Company X security checkpoint. We are in the line to have our body scanned with a handheld metal detector by the security guard.

When it comes to my boss’ turn, he is made to empty his pocket and then goes up on an elevated platform. With his hands outstretched, the security guard scans him with a handheld metal detector. It is all good until the guard runs the handheld metal detector through my boss’ chest, which the thing starts to beep like crazy. Thinking that it must be some leftover coins in his pocket, the guard then asks my boss to empty his pocket thoroughly and then run it through one more time. BEEEEEEEP! (if you can remember, this is kinda similar to what my friend Keith had encountered before)

That is when the security guard suspects something amiss and orders my boss to strip. I immediately can see my boss’ face turn red, like he foresees something embarrassing is about to happen. I then go “Oh fucking great. Now my boss’ a klepto. This is going to fucking mar my reputation man.” You know, things like that happen in Company X, people of high stature stealing computer parts for their own gratification.

With a miserable look, my boss then remove his shirt… and out pops this glaringly red object from his bare chest – it’s a red colored lacy bra! My boss is a fucking closet crossdresser!! The rest of us in the line fall down like dominoes (or like the bunch of Orcs in Lord of The Rings when Sauron lost his finger/ring) after being stabbed in the eyes by that revolting sight… and then I wake up, panting on my own bed.

This has got to be the scariest shit I have ever dreamed of.

People say, the things you do during the day make up what you dream at night. But I couldn’t remember what I did on Sunday that could have made me dream of my boss being a closet crossdresser… damn!

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7 Comments to “red glaring object”

  1. mike says:

    hmm… this probably meant that you had gone shopping on that Sunday. Cheers.

  2. Pookyma says:

    Damn…it sure is scary…ur boss being a closet crossdresser!!

  3. Arkane says:

    No shit Mike, are you making this up ?

    If I were to dream about my boss, it would be something like me shoving his dick head into a meat grinder and watching the pulverized bits coming through the exit chute all messed up and bloody. yeah bebeh….

  4. TiBuN says:

    I think you are just having ‘lingerie fetish’

  5. michaelooi says:

    mike – No I didn’t. I was at home the whole Sunday.

    pookyma – No shit.

    Arkane – Man, I think your’s is sicker. I’m not in any way dreaming myself manhandling a dick into any meat grinder. I only handle tits and cooters.

    TiBuN – I hope so. But of all people, my bosss??? Ugh.

  6. Nicevil says:


  7. tyra says:

    err..when was d last time E has one on?

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